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   xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jan 10 12:45 AM

Jan 10, 2011: Meat Ants

The last couple years the weather seems to have become more intense for some areas.
Record highs and lows, blizzard, tornado, and flood... oh yes, the floods.
We've seen heart wrenching photos of people, and critters, clawing their way higher and higher, fleeing the flood waters.

These are Australian Meat Ants...

For some reason, I'm having trouble summoning a lot of empathy here.

SPUCK  Monday Jan 10 06:10 AM

OK everyone, in Indiana Jone's voice:
Meat Ants.. Why'd it have to be Meat Ants. I hate Meat Ants.

I suppose that's a kangaroo torso they're partying on?

ZenGum  Monday Jan 10 06:27 AM

Speaking of which, Ali, are you about? <taps Ali's computer monitor from the inside>

ETA: Hmmm. Not seen since 20/12/2010 (in that format 'cause she's an Aussie ).
Lives in the general Brisbane area. You know, the one that's had over 400 mm of rain in the last week.

I think they have a boat. Good.

HungLikeJesus  Monday Jan 10 06:40 AM

Did you just call Ali a which?

skysidhe  Monday Jan 10 10:03 AM

I like ants to meet the bottom of my shoe.

monster  Monday Jan 10 10:39 AM

Did someone say meat?

Shawnee123  Monday Jan 10 10:49 AM

Meat ants
Meat ants
Meat ants meat ants meat ants meat ants meat ants

(sung to the tune of The Pink Panther.)

monster  Monday Jan 10 01:39 PM

Meat Ants is an anagram of Met Satan

jus' sayin'

Gravdigr  Monday Jan 10 02:30 PM

And mat stane. And ants at me.

Shawnee123  Monday Jan 10 02:59 PM

Et M'Santa

monster  Monday Jan 10 03:19 PM

Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
And mat stane. And ants at me.
right. you used a generator for that?

ok, why is nobody appreciating lady gaga'a meat ant dress? I took at least two minutes on that!

Shawnee123  Monday Jan 10 03:20 PM

'Cause Lady Gaga gives me the creeparonis, and I never actually saw her meat dress so I didn't know you'd changed it.

"We've secretly replaced Lady Gaga's meat dress with a meat ANT dress. Let's see if she notices."

glatt  Monday Jan 10 03:56 PM

You crack you up.

Me too.

Gravdigr  Monday Jan 10 05:14 PM

"That's strange, Lady Gaga never has a second cup of meat dress at home."

Gravdigr  Monday Jan 10 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by monster View Post used a generator for that?
I'm lazy. Wanna fight about it?

monster  Monday Jan 10 10:29 PM

sure. lose....

Gravdigr  Tuesday Jan 11 03:42 AM

OK. I'll take your word for it.

ZenGum  Thursday Jan 13 05:03 AM

Just using this as a "Queensland flood pictures" thread.

Attachment 30665

I'm not sure if this is a rescue or grocery shopping.

SPUCK  Thursday Jan 13 06:45 AM


I'd guess a roo can't swim worth a crap.

casimendocina  Thursday Jan 13 07:02 AM

Heard from Ali today. They're ok.

Griff  Thursday Jan 13 07:07 AM

I'm glad to hear they're ok.

How come NPR reporters don't say Brisbane with an Aussie accent?

casimendocina  Thursday Jan 13 07:09 AM

Originally Posted by ZenGum View Post
Just using this as a "Queensland flood pictures" thread.

Attachment 30665

I'm not sure if this is a rescue or grocery shopping.
Seems a bit cruel to carry it live through the water if it's shopping.

ZenGum  Thursday Jan 13 07:25 AM

True, but you can use her pouch to carry home the groceries.

Gravdigr  Thursday Jan 13 04:19 PM

plthijinx  Thursday Jan 13 05:21 PM

ants that size give me the creeps. along with roaches too.

i like the pouch idea, only you wouldn't want to put your beer in there. get it all warm n stuff....

casimendocina  Saturday Jan 15 01:08 AM

Originally Posted by plthijinx View Post
i like the pouch idea, only you wouldn't want to put your beer in there. get it all warm n stuff....

On the positive side, if you were planning to make a cake where the recipe involved soft, but not melted butter, you could save yourself a lot of time by using the kangaroo's pouch as a shopping bag.

Sundae  Saturday Jan 15 05:51 AM

Please don't talk about cakes right now, it's a sensitive subject.

casimendocina  Tuesday Feb 1 05:17 AM

profuse belated apologies

SPUCK  Tuesday Feb 1 05:54 AM

That takes the...never mind.

footfootfoot  Tuesday Feb 1 08:22 AM

Someone left the Roo out in the rain...

wolf  Tuesday Feb 1 10:55 AM

I don't think I can take it, because it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again ...

Aliantha  Tuesday Feb 1 08:29 PM

Those meat ants are nasty suckers. They'll clean up a carcass in next to no time.

Where's the mortein?

footfootfoot  Tuesday Feb 1 09:31 PM

I remember seeing a PBS show when I was a kid about a kind of ant that lived in Africa, I think, that built a large circle of hills and if any living creature come into the center of the circle it would be devoured before it could escape. That included horses, according to the narrator.

I haven't been able to find out if that is true. I seem to think it was on "The Ascent of Man" program, but I'm not certain.

I think it is this ant:

The ants march through the forests in groups of millions, eating anything that moves and severely impacting the local environment (even elephants run from them). The term "killer ant" usually applies to this species simply because of the magnitude of the colony sizes (over 20 million individuals). When in large transit, the ants travel in long columns on the forest floor, with the stronger class of ants on opposite sides flanking in ready position - jaws ready. They are so strong in fact, that you can tear the ant in two after it bit into your skin and its jaw will still be locked in position. In East Africa, emergency situations call for using the actual jaws of the Siafu ants as 'stitches', sealing off open wounds.

The reason why this species is so deadly is the fact that the ants are virtually unstoppable as they move together in full force. Anything that gets in the way is eaten to the bone - no exceptions. The columns are easy to avoid but sometimes they come across human homes, in which case the potential to kill becomes greater.

Clodfobble  Tuesday Feb 1 11:51 PM

There was a MacGyver episode about ants like that once.

Oh look, the Interwebs has a MacGyver wiki. I knew it would.

casimendocina  Wednesday Feb 2 07:09 AM

Originally Posted by SPUCK View Post
That takes the...never mind.

Your reply here?

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