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   xoxoxoBruce  Friday Jun 11 12:08 AM

June 11, 2010: Good Kitty

Jamu like to be massaged and tickled, but likes "This little piggy" the best.

If anyone else tried to play This Little Piggy with a fullygrown lion, they'd be in danger of going wee wee wee all the way to casualty.
But Alex Larenty, 40, from Chipping Norton, is a fearless and highly skilled animal handler at The Lion Park near Johannesburg and is in complete control of this situation.
The beast having its paw tickled is nine-year-old Jamu (weight 550lb). 'He loves it - it's his favourite game,' said Mr Larenty, a 50-year-old Briton who moved to Africa from Oxfordshire.
Remember, 550 lbs, so adjust your recipes accordingly.


squirell nutkin  Friday Jun 11 01:55 AM

delirious lion

Kolbenfresser  Friday Jun 11 04:19 AM

Fearless, highly skilled, in complete control.
It sounds more like stupid, low skilled and complete bullshit.
And by the way: Where is the Jamus dick?

spudcon  Friday Jun 11 07:41 AM

Jamus has his dick where his toes are.

Trilby  Friday Jun 11 08:24 AM

Originally Posted by squirell nutkin View Post
delirious lion

I don't see his wee-wee, but I DO see what looks like a tiny, fuzzy lion nut.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....lion nuts.....

ToastyOhs  Friday Jun 11 08:48 AM

Rohypnol: So you can get freaky with a lion

Sheldonrs  Friday Jun 11 09:21 AM

"This Little Piggy", the other white meat.

dmg1969  Friday Jun 11 12:39 PM

I seem to remember someone else who played around with wild animals...

Trilby  Friday Jun 11 12:49 PM

^^^ if I said that wasn't funny, I'd be "lion" !

jinx  Friday Jun 11 12:51 PM

I've played 'this little piggy' with a 6lb cat and come away wounded - this guy is a jackass.
Complete control. Uh huh.

Sheldonrs  Friday Jun 11 01:40 PM

It doesn't take much to go from tender lion to tender loin.

BigV  Friday Jun 11 02:04 PM

Adjust accordingly... riiiight. There's **NO WAY** that dude is 550 lbs. I don't think tartare even qualifies as a "recipe", chop (chomp?) and eat.

squirell nutkin  Friday Jun 11 02:25 PM

Originally Posted by dmg1969 View Post
I seem to remember someone else who played around with wild animals...

Wow, they did a pretty good job on his face.

Pete Zicato  Friday Jun 11 04:07 PM

I dunno. I think he looks animatronic.

mrputter  Friday Jun 11 05:40 PM

Originally Posted by Pete Zicato View Post
think he looks animatronic.
Yup! Just like it never happened!

monster  Friday Jun 11 09:47 PM

They lied, he died -that's his embalmed corpse.

Lion Burgers

you will need:

Industrial forester's wood chipper
dead goat
unleashed hungry lion
Burger press
lots of time.

Turn chipper on, throw goat into chipper. wait a few seconds. make burgers

bluecuracao  Saturday Jun 12 05:29 AM

The lioness behind them is thinking, "I can't believe I used to be into that weirdo toe freak."

eastepp  Thursday Dec 23 08:14 PM

So Alex Larenty, 40, is a 50-year-old Briton...

jimhelm  Thursday Dec 23 08:56 PM

Originally Posted by eastepp View Post
So Alex Larenty, 40, is a 50-year-old Briton...
It took the author a REALLY long time to write that article, OK?

jimhelm  Thursday Dec 23 08:56 PM

oh.. and holy lurker, batman.

jimhelm  Thursday Dec 23 08:57 PM

I've just equaled your post count

Clodfobble  Thursday Dec 23 10:27 PM

He's consistent, too. Roughly one post every 2 years. See ya in 2012, eastepp!

Glinda  Saturday Dec 25 11:58 AM

Pish posh. Lions are easy. Look at me with this killer cat (taken a few weeks ago)...

See? Nothin' to it.

Trilby  Saturday Dec 25 05:21 PM


Shawnee123  Saturday Dec 25 11:57 PM

Glinda, I am completely jealous. And you look awesome!

Glinda  Sunday Dec 26 11:10 AM

Thank you!

I hate having my picture taken (usually stand in the back behind something large), but I couldn't resist that cute little kitty, and the pics we took with him turned out great.

You can't even see how gigantic my pot-belly is!

Griff  Sunday Dec 26 11:12 AM

That is too cute Glinda! Did you take him home?

Glinda  Sunday Dec 26 11:25 AM

I SO wanted to! I've got plenty of land here, but I think that little cutie will be better off with people properly trained to raise him. The pic was taken at Cabo san Lucas a few weeks ago when I was on vacation.

There's a booth along the beach tourist area run by a group called Wild Cabos. They're trying to raise funds to build a reservation area to preserve animals that are in danger of extinction, and to provide a place for wild animals that people tried to raise at home (and then found out how crazy that idea was once the critter got too large to manage).

They charge $20 and you get a nice 5 x 7" pic (and you can take as many pics as you want with your own camera). I suppose it could have been a scam - I don't know - but I simply could not pass up an opportunity to play with a lion cub. I mean, how often do you get a chance like that?

Sundae  Monday Dec 27 06:31 AM

O h Glinda - I can't believe how smiley that lion is!
Then again... he's sat in your lap, what's not to smile about.

I know what you mean about worrying it's a scam, but as long as the little chaps looked happy and healthy I think you have to take some things on trust.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 29 08:49 AM

That kitty looks stoned.
Scam or not, you certainly got your $20 worth.

Glinda  Wednesday Dec 29 08:10 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
That kitty looks stoned.
Scam or not, you certainly got your $20 worth.
Prolly wasn't as stoned as I was (we'd just eaten lunch, which included BIIIG margaritas)!

I completely agree, it was well worth the cost. There've been exactly ZERO opportunities for me in the past to cuddle a fat-bellied lion cub, and I don't expect there will be any more in the future, so yeah, I definitely got the best of that deal!

But you can bet, if I ever get back to Cabo, I'm going to stop by their booth again and play with whatever little critter they've got there. Ooooh yeah.

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