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   Undertoad  Tuesday May 18 12:20 PM

May 18, 2010: New record burger

The Cellar IotD always notices record burgers, and here is the new record burger that totally outdoes all previous. Denny's Beer Barrel, you've been put on notice.

This effort, run in Toronto by Canuck celebrity griller Ted Reader, resulted in a 590 pound burger which eclipses the previous record by more than double. It required a custom grill, a crew of ten, and raised $8500 for charity.

Too many onions for me personally... they await the official notice from the Guinness folks.


classicman  Tuesday May 18 12:24 PM

I'd love to see them flip that thing! Can you imagine the spatula?

HungLikeJesus  Tuesday May 18 01:22 PM

Yes, but that's 590 Canadian lbs.

Sheldonrs  Tuesday May 18 01:43 PM

I said I wanted it rare!!! Make me a new one!!!

Derek  Tuesday May 18 02:29 PM


I live in Toronto! There is a tomato shortage when you go to a fast food places there's signs up saying you cant have any . Looks like they can't either!

jinx  Tuesday May 18 02:31 PM

Big food is gross.

glatt  Tuesday May 18 02:34 PM

So is food that comes in a bucket.

rditlkustoleit  Tuesday May 18 03:38 PM

Doctors without Borders, those who help rebuild homes in Louisiana and schools in Africa... Suckers!

Building a giant burger is a true testament to what we can accomplish when working together

Let's see, cost of meat, condiments, custom stove, labor, time, etc, I'll bet came close to the amount raised for "charity".

Adding insult to injury, I'll bet this 590lbs of meat ends up in the garbage.

Trilby  Tuesday May 18 04:02 PM

where are all the outraged europeans?

Shawnee123  Tuesday May 18 04:04 PM

I won't be impressed until they garnish it with a tomato, an onion, and some lettuce that is in scale with the burger.

Gravdigr  Tuesday May 18 05:07 PM

For whatever reason, anytime I see giant food like this (which I used to think was cool, now, not so much), this joke runs through my head:

Didja hear about the Ethiopian who fell into the alligator pit?

He ate three of them before they could get him out.

And what the hell do you do with this giant-ass burger now? I don't think you can slice it up into White Castles and pass 'em out too easily. And think what it must've cost! As I said, I used to dig stuff like this, but it seems like a lot of time, effort, and money for not a whole lot of return.

glatt  Tuesday May 18 05:52 PM

feed it to the pigs, and then eat the bacon.

Nikolai  Tuesday May 18 08:12 PM

Too much absinthe right now makes the burger appleal too much both in an edible and sexual way

kerosene  Tuesday May 18 11:06 PM

Yeah, but I hear it makes the heart grow fonder.

GunMaster357  Wednesday May 19 03:58 AM

I suppose that to eat that thing, you'll have to use a chainsaw as knife.

European, I am. Outraged ? Not really. At least this is for a charity. But I am curious, who got to eat that big burger ? If it's really a charity, I hope some homeless people had a feast.

SPUCK  Wednesday May 19 07:00 AM

That thing really looks disgusting.

lupin..the..3rd  Wednesday May 19 09:33 AM

Anytime someone makes a thing which has no remarkable qualities whatsoever, aside from being larger than any previous one, it just seems so desperate and pathetic.

It's like Hey, I'm not clever enough to improve it, so I just made it BIGGER!!

limey  Wednesday May 19 09:58 AM

Originally Posted by Nikolai View Post
Too much absinthe right now makes the burger appleal too much both in an edible and sexual way
So it's just me that thinks this is a little odd ?

Pete Zicato  Wednesday May 19 11:21 AM

Originally Posted by GunMaster357 View Post
If it's really a charity, I hope some homeless people had a feast.
I suspect that's not really a good idea. I bet the inside of that thing never got hot enough to kill germs etc.

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 19 11:41 AM

More dead hobos, then!

jinx  Wednesday May 19 11:58 AM

Hobos have developed germ resistance thru a steady diet of Dumpster Divin's tm. They'll be fine...

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 19 12:02 PM

Hobos are a hardy lot!

Nirvana  Wednesday May 19 12:10 PM

I am just thinking about the heartburn those yummy sweet onions would give me . . .

spudcon  Wednesday May 19 12:36 PM

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
I live in Toronto! There is a tomato shortage when you go to a fast food places there's signs up saying you cant have any . Looks like they can't either!
The first pic shows lots of tomatoes. We get the same signs about tomatoes here in NY, but that will go away shortly when everyone grows too many, and they bring the excess to work, and to friends/relatives houses.

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 19 12:38 PM

Wait a dadburn minute. What the heck are you doing talking about tomatoes, spud? Are you saying to beware of tomatoes too?

spudcon  Wednesday May 19 06:53 PM

Nah, just stating that tomatoes have been in short supply lately. There hasn't been a shortage of potatoes since the English caused the Irish potato famine. The potatoes have been retaliating against humans ever since. Now potato bugs have joined the conspiracy!

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 19 07:18 PM

Oh my gawd what is that thing? I could only watch a few seconds before I almost threw up, and the sound was off. That ain't like no potato bug I ever saw.

SPUCK  Thursday May 20 05:51 AM

Yeah that's just a standard potato bug. I believe they are also called Jerusalem Beetles.

There I was, a 4 year old, riding down a Massachusetts road in the back of my family's Buick when something came in the window and landed in my hair. I reached up to grab it only to discover I was holding one of those things in my fingers... My big brother was barely able to keep me from jumping out of the moving vehicle.

Shawnee123  Thursday May 20 08:12 AM

I thought potato bugs were just like little beetles.

These things exist? They're like mini camel spiders. Yuck!

Maybe we don't have them, I've never seen one. Thank FSM.

spudcon  Thursday May 20 11:13 AM

It's a whole other scary universe where spuds come from.

jinx  Thursday May 20 11:16 AM

First time I ever saw a potato bug it was coming after me at a campfire I was sitting at alone. We were in a canyon in NM and Jim and gone off to help some friends get to their tent (they had to cross a river in the pitch black and were scared).
I screamed like a woman and killed it with fire. It was awful.

lumberjim  Thursday May 20 11:26 AM

they're like some nightmarish combination of a cricket, a fire ant and a wasp. blech.

Undertoad  Thursday May 20 11:55 AM

lumberjim  Thursday May 20 11:58 AM

Shawnee123  Thursday May 20 11:59 AM


spudcon  Thursday May 20 11:45 PM

Potato bugs are the reason God created combat boots!

SPUCK  Friday May 21 06:24 AM

They really are kinda sweet bugs.. They look a little bewildered and comical with the white rings around their bodies. They really don't want any part of us.

Now earwigs? They succck!

Shawnee123  Friday May 21 08:00 AM

Don't even get me started on those nasty little earwigs.

TheDaVinciChode  Sunday May 23 06:07 AM

That burger looks delicious... I love how the meat is slightly charred on the outside... much like a well-cooked BBQ Burger. I bet it eats well.

Now, to figure a way of getting 590lbs of burger into my mouth, then my stomach, without it destroying my 180lbs body... Hm...

spudcon  Sunday May 23 08:19 AM

How about eating the 590 lb potato bug?

TheDaVinciChode  Sunday May 23 08:28 AM

Sounds crunchy. I'm eating pasta salad, right now, and there are chunks of cucumber in it. I shall pretend that they're potato bugs.

AmanStokes  Wednesday Nov 26 01:10 AM

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