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   Undertoad  Friday Mar 19 10:07 AM

Mar 19, 2010: Dog skydiver

Weeeeeeeeeee!!!1! What we have here is a Austrian Special Forces dog, jumping in Norway with NATO troops in a training exercise.

Fido there apparently doesn't mind, either. Although that tuck formation should include putting the tail under. The article claims they haven't the perception to realize they're jumping 10,000 feet up. I dunno about that. I have to imagine the human's jumpsuit is covered in urine... mine would be, regardless of whether I had a dog attached.

The dogs are apparently trained to attack anyone with a weapon, although they don't say how "friendly fire" is avoided in that case.

The dog breed is Belgian Shepherd... s/he apparently enjoys being strapped to a human. I would like to carry my dog around this way, except that she's 12 pounds and would only influence foreign fighters to stop shooting for a second and look at the cute puppy. That might be useful though.



Tick  Friday Mar 19 11:28 AM

Finally there's a use for my SJ-131x folding tactical pooper scooper with laser sights. I'll be rich!

I note that the muzzle goes on *before* you force the pooch out of the plane. Someone learned a lesson during freefall

rditlkustoleit  Friday Mar 19 12:27 PM

I say a gross of Scooby Snacks laced with ExLax and a regiment of these "chute dogs" and we can end this war quick.

Kind of puts a new spin on "Dogs of War"

If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?!

Shawnee123  Friday Mar 19 12:27 PM

I'd like to try that with one of my cats. Shredded Cold Shaw!

classicman  Friday Mar 19 12:42 PM

oh yeh - that dog looks thrilled - not.

Lets try it without the cage on the poor thing.

Cloud  Friday Mar 19 01:04 PM

The article claims they haven't the perception to realize they're jumping 10,000 feet up. I dunno about that.
um, yeah, -- me neither.

glatt  Friday Mar 19 01:48 PM

Even if they don't realize they are that far up, once they get to around 1000 feet or so, they are going to start freaking out once they see the details on the ground begin to emerge. And it will only get worse the closer to the ground they get.

monster  Friday Mar 19 02:42 PM

Originally Posted by classicman View Post

Lets try it without the parachute on the poor thing.

spudcon  Friday Mar 19 04:30 PM

What, no recipes for airborn dogs?

monster  Friday Mar 19 05:36 PM

Dog pancake, no recipe required, although a little sugar and lemon might help

nil_orally  Friday Mar 19 08:09 PM

Notice they do not really care about these dogs. They have taken pains to ensure the men cannot be identified, but the face of the dog is clearly visible. This leaves it vulnerable to attack simply walking down the street when on leave, minding its own business and sniffing that of others.

Cloud  Friday Mar 19 09:40 PM

"trained to attack anyone with a weapon"? jumping out of airplanes? can you say crazy?

No wonder it's muzzled. And, stands to reason it'd be crazy anyway . . . skydivers are. At least the ones I've met are all bugfuck crazy.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Mar 19 11:13 PM

It's muzzled to protect it on the landing. The American Special Forces, who developed this technique, fit their dogs with oxygen masks for high altitude jumps.

ZenGum  Saturday Mar 20 08:43 AM

I've heard that once, during the Vietnam War, US forces attempted to deliver an elephant by parachute. It was not successful. The knees couldn't stand it.

Well, that's what I heard. I'm too lazy to even google it.

cabbagepulley  Saturday Mar 20 09:31 AM

Great Scott! It's raining cats Austrian Special Forces and dogs!

Hillrick  Sunday Mar 21 02:50 PM

I'm thinking this dog is liking it. This must be the ultimate head out the window, wind up your nose experience he could ever have!

Elspode  Tuesday Mar 23 09:35 PM

I think the dog is muzzled to keep it from biting the shit out of the guy who jumped out of an airplane with it.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Mar 24 05:33 AM

No no, Elspode, that's cats you're thinking of.

classicman  Wednesday Mar 24 08:47 AM

I'm with Els ... and rightly so that guy deserves it.

onetrack  Wednesday Mar 24 10:14 AM

I'll wager that muzzle is to prevent dog vomit streaming all over the skydiver, at 200kmh. There's nothing like dog vomit plastered all over your face, to make you forget to pull the ripcord .....

spudcon  Thursday Mar 25 07:52 AM

I hate it when that happens

Happy Monkey  Thursday Mar 25 11:23 AM

I'm guessing the muzzle is to protect the tongue.

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