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   xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Feb 23 12:41 AM

Feb 23, 2010: Human Car

Or should I say Human Powered Car... the greenies wet dream.

A bi-motion transmission converts oscillatory motion (rowing action) into rotational motion, turning the wheels fast enough to allow the HumanCar and a determined crew to keep up with urban traffic. To steer, occupants lean left or right, motorcycle-style, which actuates the steering mechanism and turns the front wheels. Greenwood is currently accepting pre-orders on the production model, which will be priced somewhere between $5,000 and $17,000. Eat your Wheaties, commuters: This is really a muscle car.

Power: human
Top Speed: 30 mph cruising / 50+ mph downhill (est.)

Good grief, this will do wonders for traffic.



lumberjim  Tuesday Feb 23 01:14 AM

wowie zowie!

Trilby  Tuesday Feb 23 04:55 AM


SPUCK  Tuesday Feb 23 06:27 AM

Now picture that going up the steepest hill in your town. Think how hard it is to pedal up that hill on your bike using the strongest muscles you have(legs). Now toss in another 200 lbs of car.


Hillrick  Tuesday Feb 23 08:43 AM

Whaah!?!? Where's my jet pack and flying car!!???!!
Plus if it turns by leaning, what happens if you try to sneak one off and wind up in a ditch?

lupin..the..3rd  Tuesday Feb 23 09:19 AM

$17,000? That can buy you a LOT of cab rides. Or even a nice used car. Sorry wacky inventors, keep at it!

Cloud  Tuesday Feb 23 09:45 AM

Where's Fred Flintstone when you need him?

Tick  Tuesday Feb 23 11:16 AM

It's going to be great in a Wisconsin winter, or a rain storm anywhere.
Back to the drawing board guys.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Feb 23 11:56 AM

I dunno, if an enclosure were added, the operators might warm it up faster than an engine could.

jinx  Tuesday Feb 23 12:19 PM

Arriving [late] at work exhausted and drenched in sweat...

Flint  Tuesday Feb 23 12:41 PM

what is this I don't even

dmg1969  Tuesday Feb 23 01:36 PM

Hmmm. So, seeing as it's just me and the wife, we'd have to borrow two people every time we wanted to go somewhere. That would be quite awkward...going over to the neighbor asking to borrow the two strongest children.

Gravdigr  Tuesday Feb 23 04:06 PM

Yeah. That'll be a big hit. Wait and see.

(Don't step in that puddle of sarcasm & ridicule)

TheMercenary  Tuesday Feb 23 04:21 PM

It's all fun and games until you get run over by an 18-wheeler.

ferret88  Tuesday Feb 23 08:18 PM

Originally Posted by Tick View Post
It's going to be great in /snip/ a rain storm anywhere.
Well, it does have the rowing motion covered. Maybe it floats? An amphibi-car?

Adak  Wednesday Feb 24 06:32 AM

I was surprised when I watched the YouTube video, at the rate of speed he seemed to obtain, with only his own rowing.

8-12 mph (just a guess since no speed is shown), doesn't seem bad with just one rower (and he's no athlete in his prime).

OK, drag race, 1/4 mile, for pink slips. Souped up Sedgeway vs. Human Powered Car with 2 rowers!

Spexxvet  Wednesday Feb 24 03:12 PM

My brother had a kiddie car like this in 1960(ish)

Elspode  Wednesday Feb 24 09:18 PM

It will never catch on in LA. It takes two hands to row. How are you supposed to hold the gun?

JuancoRocks  Thursday Feb 25 07:27 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode View Post
It will never catch on in LA. It takes two hands to row. How are you supposed to hold the gun?
and the phone???????

SPUCK  Friday Feb 26 06:09 AM

At the same time!!?

Gravdigr  Friday Feb 26 11:43 AM

Originally Posted by Elspode View Post
It will never catch on in LA. It takes two hands to row. How are you supposed to hold the gun?
Originally Posted by JuancoRocks View Post
and the phone???????
And the lipstick???????

richlevy  Friday Feb 26 09:18 PM

Don't they need a seat for the coxswain?

How about a guy with a drum?


No seatbelts, No rollbar. Too big for a bike path and not street legal to play in traffic. Where do they expect this to be used?

Flint  Thursday Mar 18 05:16 PM

Human Car:

Your reply here?

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