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   xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jan 4 01:05 AM

Jan 4, 2009: Bouba & Kiki

These two white images have names, one is Bouba and the other is Kiki.
Your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to figure out is which is which.

Congratulations, you said Bouba is on the right and Kiki is on the left, right? er, correct?

An example of this is the bouba/kiki effect. In an experiment first designed by Wolfgang Köhler, people are asked to choose which of two shapes is named bouba and which kiki. 95% to 98% of people choose kiki for the angular shape and bouba for the rounded one. Individuals on the island of Tenerife showed a similar preference between shapes called takete and maluma. Even 2.5 year-old children (too young to read) show this effect.
Although that may not be true on the board.

Ramachandran and Hubbard suggest the kiki/bouba effect has implications for the evolution of language, because the naming of objects is not completely arbitrary. The rounded shape may intuitively be named bouba because the mouth makes a more rounded shape to produce that sound, while a more taut, angular mouth shape is needed to articulate kiki. The sound of K is also harder and more forceful than that of B. Such "synesthesia-like mappings" suggest that this effect might be the neurological basis for sound symbolism, in which sounds are non-arbitrarily mapped to objects and actions in the world.
So now you know why boobs are boobs.



Gravdigr  Monday Jan 4 04:14 AM

I would have named them Pointy and Bill.

Gravdigr  Monday Jan 4 04:18 AM

Or Bang! and Kapow!

SPUCK  Monday Jan 4 04:44 AM

no, no: Bang and Splat

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jan 4 09:15 AM

Sturm & Drang?

Trilby  Monday Jan 4 09:21 AM

Tate and Lyle!

monster  Monday Jan 4 10:45 AM

UG and radar!

Sundae  Monday Jan 4 12:10 PM

Ouch and anus?

TheMercenary  Monday Jan 4 12:18 PM

Hmm. My guess was opposit of the research. I guess I tried to assign them male and female traits to the names and named the pointy one the assumed male name and the other to the other. I am in the 2% group.

monster  Monday Jan 4 12:59 PM

yeah, we could have told you that, merc

Cloud  Monday Jan 4 01:05 PM

it's "bouba" not "bubba"

whole thing makes perfect sense to me. "kiki" has sharp, staccato sounds which correspond to the sharp, spiky images

Flint  Monday Jan 4 01:57 PM

It proves that some of our alphabet symbols are synesthetically derived?

Undertoad  Monday Jan 4 02:03 PM

Interesting thought! Did we start with the capital


and find that the sound was more "rounded", when we created the lower-case



TheMercenary  Monday Jan 4 02:07 PM

Originally Posted by monster View Post
yeah, we could have told you that, merc

1. does that make me a two-percenter?
2. am I on report again?

classicman  Monday Jan 4 03:19 PM

Nope - just an extremist

TheMercenary  Monday Jan 4 04:00 PM

Originally Posted by classicman View Post
Nope - just an extremist

spudcon  Monday Jan 4 04:50 PM

I'm in the 95-98% Group. I wanna be in the 2% group.

classicman  Monday Jan 4 06:13 PM

Wait a second here, before I commit is that 2% group at the top or the bottom?

TheMercenary  Monday Jan 4 06:24 PM

Depends on who you ask. Once they see I am in it.

DanaC  Monday Jan 4 06:49 PM

I think that's the group in the cage.

monster  Monday Jan 4 08:25 PM

with the t-r-o-l-l

Elspode  Monday Jan 4 08:28 PM

Originally Posted by classicman View Post
Wait a second here, before I commit is that 2% group at the top or the bottom?
Well, let's see. If you are upstanding and moral, depending on who is doing the judging, you are in the upper 2%. If you are a deviant and a ho, then you're in the bottom 2%...again, depends on who is tallying the whacker, so to speak.

Since boobs are bad, if you picked the rounded shape on the right, you're going to Hell, under current strictures. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

jinx  Monday Jan 4 08:34 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode View Post
Since boobs are bad
Wait, what the fucking hell???

Who is this really?

TheMercenary  Monday Jan 4 08:46 PM

Boobs rock. I'm just saying. I have seen a few pairs.

Sundae  Tuesday Jan 5 10:54 AM

Originally Posted by DanaC View Post
I think that's the group in the cage.
Originally Posted by monster View Post
with the t-r-o-l-l
Nope, with the Phantom Flan Flinger!

Elspode  Tuesday Jan 5 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by jinx View Post
Wait, what the fucking hell???

Who is this really?
I was speaking for the Moral Majority.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Jan 5 07:57 PM

They are neither.

TheMercenary  Tuesday Jan 5 08:35 PM

When I was in college I had a sticker on my VW that said, "Immoral Minority".

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