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   Elspode  Tuesday Dec 15 07:21 PM

Dec 16, 2009: Octopus Uses Coconut as Shelter

You've gotta be really quick if you're going to post an IOTD here. This is the first I've done since the option for anyone to post them was opened up.

We know octopi are smart. We've already got a video somewhere on here of one opening a jar. But now it seems we're finding out that they snag and use coconuts as shelter.

This *is* a pretty cool revelation, and it is being cited as a unique example of tool use by an invertebrate. Now, I'm no taxonomist, but...what about hermit crabs and the shells they glom onto? Isn't this basically the same behavior?

Nevertheless, it is an interesting view of a critter that we assume to be inferior to ourselves.

Fun video here.

lumberjim  Tuesday Dec 15 07:59 PM


TheMercenary  Tuesday Dec 15 08:03 PM

"Don't Ink Me Bro"

monster  Tuesday Dec 15 08:09 PM

ha! I was just going to post the same thing. That is so cool.

Octopus in coconut mmm-mmmm

ZenGum  Tuesday Dec 15 08:19 PM

Already boneless and in a natural crockpot... and easy.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Dec 15 08:36 PM

An interesting detail is that coconuts don't naturally break like that- those are human-opened coconut husks.

lumberjim  Tuesday Dec 15 08:44 PM

or screw top coconuts

Elspode  Tuesday Dec 15 08:51 PM

I win...I had pictures and shit. NO...wait...I'm not unique and important!!!

Where's that shotgun?

Oh, wait. No, I'm good. I used the proper plural for more than one octopus.

monster  Tuesday Dec 15 08:58 PM

Octopussies is funnier, tho'

richlevy  Tuesday Dec 15 09:01 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode View Post
Nevertheless, it is an interesting view of a critter that we assume to be inferior to ourselves.
No, just tastier.

jinx  Tuesday Dec 15 09:03 PM

No, I'm good. I used the proper plural for more than one octopus.

The term octopus, pronounced /ˈɒktəpʊs/, is from Greek ὀκτάπους (oktapous), "eight-footed",[29][30] with plural forms: octopuses /ˈɒktəpʊsɪz/, octopi /ˈɒktəpaɪ/, or octopodes /ɒkˈtɒpədiːz/. Currently, octopuses is the most common form in the US as well as the UK; octopodes is rare, and octopi is often objectionable.[31]

The Oxford English Dictionary (2004 update[32]) lists octopuses, octopi and octopodes (in that order); it labels octopodes "rare", and notes that octopi derives from the mistaken assumption that octōpūs is a second declension Latin noun, which it is not. Rather, it is a Latinization of Greek third-declension masculine oktṓpous (ὀκτώπους, 'eight-foot'), plural oktṓpodes (ὀκτώποδες). If the word were native to Latin, it would be octōpēs, plural octōpedes, after the pattern of pēs ('foot'), plural pedēs, analogous to "Centipede"[33]. The actual Latin word for octopus and other similar species is polypus, from Greek polępous (πολύπους, 'many-foot'); usually the inaccurate plural polypī is used instead of polypodēs.

monster  Tuesday Dec 15 09:33 PM


ZenGum  Tuesday Dec 15 09:38 PM

Originally Posted by jinx View Post
I think what you have to do is count the tentacles and convert that to the appropriate prefix. Thus:
One creature = eight tentacles = an octopus
Two creatures = 16 tentacles = a hexadecapus
Three creatures = 24 tentacles = a quadricosopus

You have to check carefully to see if one has lost a tentacle.

If you're talking about the species in general, try a plethorapus.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 16 01:04 AM

Balderdash, it's a Squid. :p

SPUCK  Wednesday Dec 16 05:41 AM


Octopi is objectionable...

DanaC  Wednesday Dec 16 07:24 AM

yehbut....what about octo pie? That's just damned tasty.

Trilby  Wednesday Dec 16 07:37 AM

ugh. you nerds are just gross sometimes!

you guys: "Oh, yay! Let's watch Star Trek [or Dr. Who *stares pointedly at Dana*] or some obscure DVD no one but us knows about and eat HIGHLY UNLIKELY things like calamari in coconut shells or deer antlers dipped in Hellman's or Creature of the Black Lagoon canapes and then argue about fractals and blah blah blah!"

Me: (blowing smoke rings with my Marlboro) "you guys are gross."

DanaC  Wednesday Dec 16 08:11 AM


Trilby  Wednesday Dec 16 09:20 AM

nerds are always blinking.

PS I don't really smoke. I just want to look cool in front of the big kids.

DanaC  Wednesday Dec 16 10:35 AM

Originally Posted by Brianna View Post
nerds are always blinking.

That's 'cause we live in semi-darkness.

Clodfobble  Wednesday Dec 16 11:00 AM

No no no. If you blink you might miss something important on the screen.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 16 11:01 AM

In caves.

Gravdigr  Thursday Dec 17 03:33 PM

I lost my octopus on 9/11, you insensitive bass turds.

Sundae  Thursday Dec 17 04:16 PM

Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
No no no. If you blink you might miss something important on the screen.
"Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck."

DanaC  Thursday Dec 17 04:29 PM

*screams in terror*

beauregaardhooligan  Friday Dec 25 04:13 PM

Originally Posted by ZenGum View Post
Already boneless and in a natural crockpot... and easy.
One of my favorite dishes from my years on Maui, and the *best* recipe for "Tako" was cooked in coconut milk.
How con*vie*nient!

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