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   xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Dec 9 02:56 AM

Dec 9, 2009: Stagecoach

Looks like a well preserved example, of an old Wells Fargo stagecoach.

But it ain't.

It may look like a typical stagecoach just waiting for a horse to come pull it along, but that's far from the case. The stagecoach is made exclusively out of toothpicks -- and an awful lot of glue!
Terry Woodling, 72, has been making things from toothpicks since 1981 and got his latest idea after seeing a miniature replica for sale. "I started with the wheels first," Woodling said. That, he says, was the easy part. "It's a little more than a toothpick in length,” he said when describing the width of part of the wheel. It's taken a lot of those little guys: 1.5 million toothpicks to be exact.
It hasn't been cheap, either. That's because Woodling estimates he's spent more than $1,200 in toothpicks alone.
1.5 million! No wonder it took him 15 years.

Terry hopes to donate the stagecoach to a museum. He already has a handful of pieces at museums around the state, like the Elkhart Railroad Museum and the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. Woodling submitted his pieces to the Guinness Book of World Records, but found out it didn’t qualify since it was made with glue.
What, they have a category for stagecoaches made of 1.5 million toothpicks and no glue? I don't get it?


spudcon  Wednesday Dec 9 03:58 AM

"What, they have a category for stagecoaches made of 1.5 million toothpicks and no glue? I don't get it?"

Of course they do. I thought everyone knew that.

SPUCK  Wednesday Dec 9 06:02 AM

A whole new meaning for "splinters in the ass".

ZenGum  Wednesday Dec 9 06:05 AM

didn’t qualify since it was made with glue.
Picky picky.

newtimer  Wednesday Dec 9 09:29 AM

Trivia fact: The glue was made from the horses that were originally intended to pull the completed stagecoach.

Gravdigr  Wednesday Dec 9 10:39 AM

Trivia Fact: The Guinness people are all jagoffs.

Tuba Loons  Wednesday Dec 9 11:34 AM

Clearly the glue is the villain in this story.

Curse you, Glue!

monster  Wednesday Dec 9 03:18 PM

in the UK the main brand of stick glue it/was Pritt stick. Me and my classmates all called it prick stick at least until we could read and realised it wasn't. Good job we had no idea what a prick was then. other than a sharp thing. I bet our parents and teachers giggled like loonies behind our backs. Especially as the second most common brand was UHU (yoohoo). They has very different smells "Hey, can we swap glues? my UHU smell funny and I want the prick stick."

Cicero  Wednesday Dec 9 03:33 PM

The question is: do you think this is what his wife meant when she asked him to take up a hobby?

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Dec 10 01:14 AM

He thought it was unladylike for her to be chewing on a toothpick, so he glued them all together.

Cloud  Saturday Dec 12 02:59 PM

holy bananas. another example of too much time, too little to do. Does it say if that thing is full size?

Elspode  Saturday Dec 12 03:49 PM

It's really not as daunting as it seems. It only works out to an average of 274 toothpicks per day...for 365 days...for 15 years.


xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Dec 12 09:28 PM

Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
holy bananas. another example of too much time, too little to do. Does it say if that thing is full size?
It says 250 lbs, so I'd guess not, but still pretty damn big.

classicman  Saturday Dec 12 10:31 PM

Watch the video in the original link - That baby IS full size!

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Dec 12 10:44 PM

You're right, I didn't watch the video before, because of the Nissan commercial at the beginning. I think the 250lbs is very low, or that happened when it was only partially done.

classicman  Sunday Dec 13 06:32 PM

I dunno - It may weight 250. The glue and a bunch of toothpicks are going have the same density as a coach built with solid oak.

TheMercenary  Monday Dec 14 10:30 AM

What else was a 72 year old to do for the last 15 years?

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Dec 14 12:02 PM

Uh, chase young women?

ZenGum  Monday Dec 14 06:21 PM

They keep getting away.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Dec 15 02:18 AM

Exactly, so he can keep chasing and not have to find something else to do.

ZenGum  Tuesday Dec 15 04:33 AM

Maybe, if he can use the stage coach as transport, he can catch up with them.

casimendocina  Tuesday Dec 22 02:48 AM

He obviously hasn't been chasing any athletes...

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