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   xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 4 01:00 AM

Dec 4, 2009: Bald Emu

Emus are like people, when they're naked they get sunburned during the day, and cold at night.

Michaela had raised her emu Lizzy from the moment she hatched. So when Lizzy began going bald at the tender age of one, it was a real mystery. Lizzy lived in the same enclosure with a couple of kangaroos, and everything seemed to be normal, save for the loss of Lizzy's feathers.

But then one day, Michaela saw her sweet and harmless kangaroo Leah pluck a feather from Lizzy's body and eat it. It was then that Michaela realized that despite all of the feathers lost, not a single one was on the ground. Michaela separated the emu from the kangaroos, and she has since grown back all of her feathers.
How many Emus, will a Kangaroo pluck, if a Kangaroo can pluck Emus?


Tuba Loons  Friday Dec 4 01:35 AM

no no no

How many plucks does it take to get to the center of an emu pop?

wolf  Friday Dec 4 01:48 AM

I didn't think 'roos were in any related to cats, but this makes me wonder.

You can't give siswolf's kitties anything with feathers on it, or allow them near feathers. They eat them in seconds flat. I have bought them several lovely cat toys with feathers, and they chew them off in the first encounter with the toy, which then holds no further fascination for them. I have to feather-proof my room when they come to visit (I have a number of prayer fans and other items with dangling feathers that Misha and Max aren't allowed to play with).

nil_orally  Friday Dec 4 02:14 AM

The goldfish of the bird world. Not that smart, these things. Nothing like seeing a flock of them run across a paddock and see them all trip over the same fence and go tumbling one after the other.

A good friend bought a bright red ute (pickup) from a cocky (farmer) that had mostly sat in a shed since new. He was driving his new pride and joy home the 100km (60 miles) to Balranald, when he stopped to answer the call of nature. He heard a loud bang, and turned around to see an emu stand up and shake itself. Bugger had run smack bang into the side of the front quarter panel and did 2 grand in damage.

There was a European tourist at Healesville Sanctuary that broke a small bit off his lunch to feed one by hand. The bird naturally took the whole hamburger that was in his other one. The tourist grabbed it by the throat to stop it swallowing the stolen food (What was he thinking??? He was going to eat it afterwards?), and the bird gave two swift kicks, one to the groin, and the other to his stomach as it couldn't reach the groin because he was doubled over. Stupid birds and stupider tourists are not a good mix for each other, but often provide unintentional entertainment for others.

capnhowdy  Friday Dec 4 07:46 AM

We should have cooked that bird before the feathers grew back. Why didn't you give us a heads up, Bruce? Now YOU can pluck him. I'll start the fire....

Gravdigr  Friday Dec 4 09:09 AM

I'll bring beer...

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 4 11:59 AM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy View Post
We should have cooked that bird before the feathers grew back. Why didn't you give us a heads up, Bruce? Now YOU can pluck him. I'll start the fire....
It's not my fault, UT found it, but by the time he told me and I got half way 'round the world, they'd grown back. So it's his fault, dontchano.

TheMercenary  Friday Dec 4 12:16 PM

Emu meat is good to eat.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 4 12:21 PM

I was surprised I didn't like it. It tasted OK, but I couldn't get my head around the color. I realize that's really stupid, and I kept telling myself that at the time. Maybe Probably if I didn't know it was a bird, I'd have liked it.

capnhowdy  Friday Dec 4 12:26 PM

What color is it?

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 4 12:29 PM

It's red meat, unlike other birds.

capnhowdy  Friday Dec 4 12:32 PM


They can dance too.

TheMercenary  Friday Dec 4 01:12 PM

In one survival school we had to kill the bird, clean it and make it last for 8 or 9 people for one week. We cut it up into little bits and smoked it in a makeshift smoker made with a parachute, strung the bits up on trip wire and made jerky out of it. It was very good. It lasted about 3 days.

Queen of the Ryche  Friday Dec 4 01:19 PM

I prefer ostrich. With fava beans and a nice chianti.

monster  Friday Dec 4 10:46 PM

I always knew Emu would go bald before Rod Hull

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