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   Undertoad  Monday Nov 23 10:16 PM

Nov 24, 2009: Gecko found inside ordinary chicken egg

This will put you off eggs for a while, I imagine, or maybe you'll just say we have here a built-in omelet filling. It's actually a gecko, and it was actually found inside an egg purchased in a supermarket, in the NW territories, AU.

Even more grim is the theory of how it got there. Finder Dr Peter Beaumont thinks the gecko crawled into the hen while the egg was forming, in search of a lovely chicken embryo meal... and got stuck and died there, and the egg formed around it.

The gecko was embedded between the inner shell and the egg's membrane -- proof that the beast hadn't gotten into the egg after it was cracked.


Kasszia  Tuesday Nov 24 12:25 AM


You know, like turducken?

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 24 02:08 AM

Oh, oh, I get to say it for a change... shopped.

SPUCK  Tuesday Nov 24 05:37 AM

We have to stop the Collider now!

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 24 11:43 AM

See, this is why, you teach your children not to crawl up chicken butts.

dar512  Tuesday Nov 24 11:55 AM

"Hell, if I could find my keys we could drive out of here."

ham4art  Tuesday Nov 24 01:18 PM

no way

I've kept chickens for 30 years and seriously doubt this story. Lizards are not hanging around looking to go up some random chicken ass. Someone just wanted publicity.

Queen of the Ryche  Tuesday Nov 24 01:43 PM

That's not a gecko! It's Jesus!

classicman  Tuesday Nov 24 01:47 PM

I thought it was Elvis

Shawnee123  Tuesday Nov 24 01:50 PM

But that chicken just saved a bunch of money on her egg insurance!

Queen of the Ryche  Tuesday Nov 24 01:56 PM


Gravdigr  Tuesday Nov 24 05:49 PM

Originally Posted by dar512 View Post
"Hell, if I could find my keys we could drive out of here."



Thunder.gryphoN  Tuesday Nov 24 11:11 PM

When insertion play goes wrong.

ZenGum  Wednesday Nov 25 07:24 AM

That's why you should only ever use hamsters or gerbils.

Although, does

in the NW territories, AU.
mean the Northern Territory, Australia (they have geckos there), or the North-West Territories, Canada?
I know, we foreigners all look the same to you, don't we, sahib?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 25 11:26 AM

We know where you are.

toranokaze  Wednesday Nov 25 11:33 AM

Somewhere there is an old rooster complaining about miscegenation

Undertoad  Wednesday Nov 25 11:39 AM

My mistake Zen, the guy is in Darwin.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 25 11:49 AM

Darwin? Then maybe this egg is the origin of a species?

Aliantha  Wednesday Nov 25 04:17 PM

I think this story is bogus. There's no way a chicken would sit still while a gecko crawled up its arse. The gecko would be lunch way before it even got a wiff of stinky chook poo.

Sundae  Wednesday Nov 25 04:40 PM

Originally Posted by Kasszia View Post
You know, like turducken?
That's my Christmas lunch! Turducken, not gecken. Although it would be gechook in Aus...
Originally Posted by dar512 View Post
"Hell, if I could find my keys we could drive out of here."
Is that a bit like the tractor joke? "Never mind your watch, where's my bloody tractor?!"

Gravdigr  Friday Nov 27 02:38 AM

Originally Posted by toranokaze View Post
Somewhere there is an old rooster complaining about miscegenation
[O Brother Where Art Thou]Them boys is misejinated!![/O Brother Where Art Thou]

rachele  Thursday Dec 3 05:32 AM

Oh wow. Gecko? That's weird. Didn't know that was possible.

Ordinateur portable pas cher

ZenGum  Thursday Dec 3 06:29 AM

Well that's a change. Le spam a la rachele.

Sundae  Thursday Dec 3 06:32 AM

I misread it first time. I thought it was le sperm a la rachele.
What does it say that I went back and opened the link I'd previously ignored

wolf  Thursday Dec 3 10:26 AM

Although I couldn't find it, I could swear we've had a lizard in a chicken egg IOTD before ... was that a generic lizard rather than a gecko, perhaps?

Last night I was talking to an insurance company guy. My patient was crazy enough to get paid to keep, and he was giving me an authorization number. Most of the care managers are pretty conventional when they ramble off the letter-number combo, and stick to the usual phonetic alphabet, you know, A-Alpha, B-Bravo, C-Charlie kind of stuff. Last night, the guy on the other end of the phone was about as dry as dust. Straightlaced. So it was really unexpected when I got my auth number and he said "G as in Gecko, J as in Jump ..."

wolf  Thursday Dec 3 10:29 AM


xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Dec 3 11:02 AM

Thank God it's the same one, and not a trend.

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