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   xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 18 03:46 AM

Nov 18, 2009: Vase

What a beautiful vase, all gold and shiny looking. Precious metals?

Painted Vase
Moulded from the bladder of a camel. From Moultan, Pakistan, mid 19th cent.
Ewww, yucky.


OB  Wednesday Nov 18 04:27 AM

To think, I never knew how beautiful camel bladder really is before now.

spudcon  Wednesday Nov 18 05:01 AM

I always thought they were pink and wrinkly and stinky and full of piss.

Pie  Wednesday Nov 18 09:03 AM

Hey, bladders are great things for holding ... um, liquids.

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Nov 18 09:16 AM

Would this be classified as Mixed Media Art?

Shawnee123  Wednesday Nov 18 09:28 AM

The colors on the bladder vase are so organ-ized.

dmg1969  Wednesday Nov 18 10:35 AM

I'll have to remember that the next time I'm digging around a pile of animal guts. "Oh...look at this stomach. That would make a kick-ass tapestry!"

Cloud  Wednesday Nov 18 12:08 PM

it says moulded from (or, in 'merkin, "molded); it doesn't say the vase is made from camel bladder. Just like papier mache-ing a balloon in kindergarten.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 18 12:12 PM

Don't think so, that's not the natural shape of a bladder, plus the site it's on.

dar512  Wednesday Nov 18 12:21 PM

Boy, I bet that camel was pissed.

Oh wait. That was a bladder. Maybe not.

Sheldonrs  Wednesday Nov 18 12:26 PM

I guess my back would be humped also if i had a bladder like that.

Cloud  Wednesday Nov 18 12:27 PM

you might be right, but why use the word molded in that case? the site says it's a collection of rawhide and leather; perhaps leather molded around the blown up bladder?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 18 12:32 PM

If you blow up a bladder, I doubt it would take that shape. Probably look more like the balloon that was paper mached... mache-ed... mashed... covered.

Cloud  Wednesday Nov 18 12:36 PM

vintage camel bladder vessel

Shawnee123  Wednesday Nov 18 12:37 PM

Vintage? As opposed to all the nouveau camel bladder knockoffs they try to sell you at the mall?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 18 12:42 PM

Yeah, that's what it would look like if it hadn't been molded and gussied up.

Cloud  Wednesday Nov 18 12:52 PM

maybe it just has mold growing on it

Shawnee123  Wednesday Nov 18 12:55 PM

Work your fingers to the bone whaddya get?
Moldy bladders
Moldy bladders

Sheldonrs  Wednesday Nov 18 01:54 PM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123 View Post
Work your fingers to the bone whaddya get?
Moldy bladders
Moldy bladders
Moldy Bladders sounds like a punk band.

Spexxvet  Wednesday Nov 18 02:55 PM

They should have molded it from the camel's sperm ducts. Then it could be a "vase deferens".

Tawny  Wednesday Nov 18 03:51 PM

Yeah, how do we know this isn't a Korean faux camel bladder vase knockoff?

How has this been authenticated?

PS: You guys are so fucking funny. LMAO!

monster  Wednesday Nov 18 04:03 PM

"moulded from" something can be synonymous with "made from".If you were using the camel bladder as the mold, you would be more llikely to say molded on the bladder.

JMO, as someone who regularly molds dishes from clay on plaster molds.

ZenGum  Wednesday Nov 18 07:07 PM

Originally Posted by Sheldonrs View Post
I guess my back would be humped also if i had a bladder like that.
I suspect your back is frequently humped.

Cicero  Wednesday Nov 18 09:15 PM

Yes I definitely see the two faces...and the vase.

spudcon  Wednesday Nov 18 09:36 PM

So one day, some guy was cutting open a camel carcass, sees the bladder, and says to himself "I'll bet if I decorated and stiffened this here bladder, it would make a kick ass vase to put cactus flowers into."

Saknussem  Tuesday Nov 24 02:14 AM

At first I said to my self, You're insane! Then I thought, wow, there must have been a long stream of compliments on that vase. Now, I just think, what a pisser!

Count the puns.

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