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   Undertoad  Saturday Nov 7 05:27 PM

Nov 8, 2009: Bald bears

At a zoo in Leipzig, all of the female bears have lost almost all their fur.


Zoo curator Gerd Noetzhold said he had discovered that zoos throughout Europe and further afield had encountered the same problem, but no-one knew why.

One expert suggested it could be caused by climate and the diet of the bears, whose native habitat is South America.

The bears come from the Andean mountains of Ecuador, Peru and northern Bolivia.

Cloud  Saturday Nov 7 05:29 PM

oh, that's really disturbing!

ZenGum  Saturday Nov 7 05:44 PM

The bears come from the Andean mountains of Ecuador, Peru and northern Bolivia.
So, a South American bear got a Brazilian.

Elspode  Saturday Nov 7 06:03 PM

So much for these guys.

Undertoad  Saturday Nov 7 06:10 PM

And there's no picture, but there's a video of a bald hedgehog here:

lumberjim  Saturday Nov 7 06:16 PM

the lady bears are simply following the fashion one likes a big bush anymore.

WillieO  Saturday Nov 7 06:28 PM

I think some Hollywood costume designer just found their next creature.

zippyt  Saturday Nov 7 06:36 PM

Thats Night mare inducing !!!!!

Cloud  Saturday Nov 7 06:37 PM

it seriously looks like a movie werewolf, doesn't it?

Nirvana  Saturday Nov 7 06:40 PM

no one likes a big bush
George W or the other one?

ZenGum  Saturday Nov 7 07:42 PM

Stick a long tail on that thing and it would look just like a giant rat. Seriously, go look again.

monster  Saturday Nov 7 08:04 PM

It's a kangaliopottamus

lumberjim  Saturday Nov 7 09:09 PM

I've always thought that bears were a cross between dogs and people. now i know i was right.

lumberjim  Saturday Nov 7 09:10 PM

although,....there must be an elephant in the woodpile too.

Clodfobble  Saturday Nov 7 09:37 PM

I showed Mr. Clod the picture without any captions... he guessed "a very sick lion, maybe?"

monster  Saturday Nov 7 10:43 PM

bare bears. like balding men, though, they cultivate the beard to distract from the rest

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Nov 8 12:58 AM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
And there's no picture, but there's a video of a bald hedgehog here:

spudcon  Sunday Nov 8 06:37 AM

That hedgehog video makes me sad. Poor little guy.

spudcon  Sunday Nov 8 06:38 AM

Having said the above, how about a recipe for bald hedgehog in a bald bear.

Sundae  Sunday Nov 8 01:11 PM

My cat has a very thin coat. He is accepted by other people because he is still covered in hair, but he does share some of the obvious underlying features of a Rex - compared to Mum's cat for example. The difference is, he is a breed, and he is plainly happy.

It's interesting to see animals without their protective layer. But if they are normal (ie not specifically bred) and lose their hair it is very sad. Surely it can only be a symptom of stress. Global warming has by no means reached a point to make animals shed their fur - the trend might be upwards but is nowhere near consistent enough to affect mammal behaviour. Poor caged bears. And yet where else could they go?

wolf  Sunday Nov 8 06:19 PM

Shame they're trying to get by with the combovers. It doesn't work for Mort from Accounting, either.

(I was assuming either stress or or some kind of mange.)

Diaphone Jim  Sunday Nov 8 06:32 PM

I wasn't sure offhand what bears live in the Andes, but when I found a pic, immediately recognized Spectacled Bears. I have always liked them.

I don't think it is too out-of-line to suggest these are just an extreme example of how animals generally fail to thrive in zoos.

I do have to say that hedgehogs look better with their spines.

sweetwater  Sunday Nov 8 09:41 PM

Fattest chupacabras I've ever seen. But if they are bears then they should have their thyroids checked. Or perhaps they have found a way to keep from becoming rugs?

Cloud  Sunday Nov 8 09:49 PM

I think you're on to something; the zookeepers shaved them and are selling the fur to keep the zoo running

SPUCK  Monday Nov 9 05:50 AM

That's not a bear exactly. This is what happens when a bear mates with a Kangaroo.

wolf  Monday Nov 9 10:36 AM

Showed them to a doctor friend, and who guesses nutritional deficiency.

seakdivers  Friday Nov 13 02:01 AM

I am a total cryptozoology fan (much to my scientist husband's chagrin), not because I believe in bigfoots & sea serpents, but because I believe that many of the "legends" are based on sightings of anomalies & mutations of known species. The bears shown here are just what Im talkin' about. If I saw that in the woods Im not sure I could tell you what in the hell it was!

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Nov 13 02:24 AM

Good point, Londoners didn't know what the Elephant man was, either.

jujuwwhite  Friday Nov 13 06:08 AM

That looks like Mange at it's worse!

capnhowdy  Friday Nov 13 06:28 AM

Definitely unattractive, but you could dip a bear in shit and I'd still want to hug him.

Welome to the Cellar, juju!

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