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   xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Oct 22 12:20 AM

Oct 22, 2009: Baragami

Bara (noun, Welsh language) "bread"
Gami: derived from origami, the art of paper-folding or paper-sculpture.

Baragami is the ancient Welsh decorative art of "toast arranging".

First documented in Aberystwyth, Wales, baragami involves the presentation of toast in intricate and preferably topical arrangements. Just as haiku should have a reference to the seasons, a skillful baragami endeavours to make reference to current affairs although there are a number of classical toast arrangements. An example of the "topical" aspect of baragami would be the classical "falling house" arrangement, popular after the Word Trade Center disaster. Alternatively, a concept or emotion may form the basis of the pattern.

The actual date of origin of this nearly extinct art, prior to its rediscovery in Aberystwyth, has not been authenticated, having been lost in the mists of Plynlimon Fawr. Historians have proven that toasting bread was a common activity in Roman times: the Latin root of the word toast being "tostum", which means to scorch or burn. Early cave markings in Ogof Pant y Llyn, Dyfed illustrate that early Welsh nomads prolonged the life of bread by toasting it. Simply impaling a lump of bread on a forked stick or extended fork in front of an open fire permitted a few basic designs, but was not really conducive to the flowering of baragami as an elaborate art form. The heyday of baragami required the invention of the electric toaster (Crompton & Co, England, 1893) and the development of the machine that sliced and wrapped bread (Frederick Rohwedder, Chillicothe, Missouri, 1928) to produce the larger quantities of toast required. Early toasteddfods relied on the wives and daughters of baragamists to hand-slice large quantities of bread and toast it on racks suspended in front of a fire. The standard square loaf removed the need to trim irregular slices to a workable standard shape and size.

In spite of better slicers and toasters and even home breadmakers that allow the production of interesting textures and colours, baragami is in decline and is now practised by only a few enthusiasts. Practitioners can be found among Welsh ex-pats worldwide, but with fewer youngsters taking up the art, their numbers are dwindling. A Welsh heritage organisation are considering teaching baragami in schools alongside the Welsh language and urge the development of a computer package allowing virtual baragami, perhaps in a worldwide online community.
I'm sure you're gob-smacked by these photographs, but realize these represent only flat arrangements. The 3-D arrangements are stupefying.


SPUCK  Thursday Oct 22 05:28 AM

Now we're jammin!

Sundae  Thursday Oct 22 07:29 AM

There are very restricted opening hours for the pubs in some parts of Wales...

capnhowdy  Thursday Oct 22 08:16 AM

Finally..... an IOTD that comes ready to eat.

glatt  Thursday Oct 22 08:53 AM

I usually prepare my kids' waffles this way. I've cut them up into bite sized pieces since they were little, and I build card houses or bridges or something like that with syrup slathered all over everything to hold it all together. One of the more memorable recent ones was to cut the waffle into a spiral and then use a stack of other waffle pieces to prop the spiral open like a mountain with a winding road going up to the top.

boodoggy  Thursday Oct 22 08:59 AM

I would expect no less from the people who give us extreme sheep herding

birdclaw  Thursday Oct 22 10:07 AM

Are you trying to butter me up with delicious toast pictures? Not going to work, I have a very dry sense of humor.

monster  Thursday Oct 22 11:54 AM

Watch boodoggy's link, it's hysterical. can't believe i haven't seen it before

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Oct 22 01:25 PM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy View Post
Finally..... an IOTD that comes ready to eat.
Yes, but I think these guys, and their affiliate the Toast Leaners Club, have their tongues planted so firmly in their cheeks, they can't chew.

ZenGum  Thursday Oct 22 08:16 PM

Are you sure that isn't the Toastmasters club?

Sperlock  Thursday Oct 22 10:18 PM

Heywood Banks - Toast

Cloud  Thursday Oct 22 10:21 PM

um. toast? in bars?

monster  Thursday Oct 22 11:38 PM


xoxoxoBruce  Friday Oct 23 01:19 AM


ZenGum  Friday Oct 23 08:17 AM

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Oct 23 10:43 AM

What's that got to do with toast?

Kasszia  Friday Oct 23 01:33 PM

Originally Posted by monster View Post
Watch boodoggy's link, it's hysterical. can't believe i haven't seen it before

Now I know what androids dream about.

Shawnee123  Friday Oct 23 01:34 PM

My sis-in-law commented that baragami would require actual folding of the toast: this is really Toast Shui.

ZenGum  Friday Oct 23 08:29 PM

It was a development of the sheep meme. I guess it was a bit of a stretch.

monster  Friday Oct 23 10:14 PM

Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Ewe were delibaarately ramming the welsh/sheep connection into this thread when you shoudl be lamb-enting the quality of the baragami.

Gravdigr  Saturday Oct 24 05:40 AM

Wait, what? Did I limp to my living room for interpretive toast arranging?

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