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   xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Sep 23 01:23 AM

Sept 23, 2009: Red Sydney

Sydney Australia, has been enveloped in red dust...

Dayum, looks like one of those middle eastern sandstorms.

Sydneysiders have woken to a red haze unlike anything seen before by residents or weather experts, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick blanket of dust cloaking the city this morning. Callers flooded talkback radio, others hit social networking sites and scores of emails were received from readers as Sydney residents expressed their amazement at this morning's conditions. "It's just red, red, red as far as you can see," one caller at the Anzac Bridge told 2GB.
It appears to have blown in from the desert.

The fiery haze was the result of the sun hitting the blanket of dust, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jane Golding said.
"The reason for the dust is we had some really strong winds in the inland areas of NSW and in South Australia for a sustained period yesterday," she said. "That's lifted a whole lot of dust off the ground because it's quite dry out there, many of those areas are still drought affected."
Oh, and it get worse.

Weather to get worse

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning across the state because of widespread damaging winds, which are expected to increase in force across Sydney this morning. "It's been close to 60km/h already this morning ... it's just a matter of time before it gets stronger," Ms Golding said.
Wind speeds this morning were expected to average over 65km/h, but there would be gusts in excess of 100 km/h, the Bureau said.
That ought to blow that crap into every nook and cranny.


ZenGum  Wednesday Sep 23 01:32 AM

Holy moly. I reckon that second pic was taken with a filter - I've never seen a dust cloud anything like that shade of red, and I've seen plenty of dust.

That dust came over the mountains, from at least five hundred kilometres away. Damn.

Pearcie (AUS)  Wednesday Sep 23 03:25 AM

Nah, no filter, it's for real. I woke up this morning and my whole appartment was bright yellow. (I don't get up til 8am) but anyone up around the 4am mark was treated to a blood red sky.

Check out the link for more info

My mate just washed his car yesterday too

Aliantha  Wednesday Sep 23 07:17 AM

Brisbane is not much better. There's a front coming across from the desert and it's dropping 16000 tons of dust per hour on Brisbane. There's been a haze across the whole city since about midday today.

It's expected to clear a bit by tomorrow.

Here's what the city looked like in the daylight today.

Attachment 24832

birdclaw  Wednesday Sep 23 10:06 AM

How's the saying go? Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors take warning? Red sky all the time....sailors begin to whine?

spudcon  Wednesday Sep 23 11:25 AM

Originally Posted by birdclaw View Post
How's the saying go? Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors take warning? Red sky all the time....winos drink wine
Fixed it for ya.

Saknussem  Wednesday Sep 23 01:15 PM

The God of Saltwater Crocodiles is PISSED OFF!! RELEASE THE CROCS!! Or at least let them eat those idjits in the tanks.

zippyt  Wednesday Sep 23 01:33 PM

My mate just washed his car yesterday too

Well Now we Know who's fault this is !!!

Wombat  Wednesday Sep 23 09:23 PM

We had orange air in Canberra too. And today the water coming out of the tap is pale orange.

ZenGum  Wednesday Sep 23 09:58 PM

I sit corrected. Seems that colour WAS real; I think the dawn light contributed to the intensity of it.

The dust cloud was in a front 400km thick and almost 2,000 km long. It is expected to reach New Zealand.

It is still early spring, and the inland is totally dry. This summer could well be worse than last summer.

Elspode  Wednesday Sep 23 11:42 PM

Fuck. Now the koala's are gonna be begging water *and* goggles.

SPUCK  Thursday Sep 24 06:28 AM

Originally Posted by Saknussem View Post
The God of Saltwater Crocodiles is PISSED OFF!! RELEASE THE CROCS!! Or at least let them eat those idjits in the tanks.

newtimer  Thursday Sep 24 09:46 AM

Originally Posted by Saknussem View Post
The God of Saltwater Crocodiles is PISSED OFF!! RELEASE THE CROCS!! Or at least let them eat those idjits in the tanks.
As I recall, they especially like Chitos.

TheMercenary  Friday Sep 25 08:05 AM

Global Worming.

Griff  Saturday Sep 26 03:17 PM

How are you guys enjoying Mars Life?

Leah  Sunday Sep 27 07:22 PM

It was horrible, I woke at 5:10am and Michael (partner) freaked out as he looked out side. I'm still dusting to get rid of the red dust. We had a white dust storm hit on Saturday, not as bad as the red dust. Gotta love those country folks and all their soil.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Sep 27 11:33 PM

That stuff must be a bitch to clean up. Is it sandy/gritty or more like dirt/soil?

Leah  Monday Sep 28 12:02 AM

it is a bitch to clean. when you add water it turns to mud, not fun at all. It's really fine dust but a shit load of it. I'm going to hire a cleaning lady, but I'm sure they have all quit their jobs by now.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 28 12:05 AM

They probably all decided to take their vacation (holiday) now.

Leah  Monday Sep 28 12:16 AM

Don't worry, I can wait, and so can all my dust. I'm anoyed cause I only really dust once a year and I only did it last week (Tues), now I have to do it all again. Bugger.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 28 12:23 AM

Put a feather duster on the dog's tail, and dangle some treats.

Leah  Monday Sep 28 12:26 AM

Bugger, now I have to buy a dog. Good idea Bruce.

I could just wrap Alex in a towel and let him roll all around the place.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 28 12:31 AM

Here ya go.

Leah  Monday Sep 28 12:39 AM

You are funny Bruce, good idea. Alex will probably on do the lounge room cause he can't see the TV from any other room. Hang on hang on, I have a portable DVD player I can use. This may just work. is this classified as child abuse????

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 28 12:41 AM

Of course it is, but parents have been doing it forever... consider it tradition.

Leah  Monday Sep 28 12:43 AM

Tradition, I love tradition. Consider it done. I won't tell anyone about it, it's our little secret, oh and Alex.

Pearcie (AUS)  Monday Sep 28 01:01 AM

My Dad always says he only had kids so we could get beer for him. It made me feel good to have a purpose in my little life. Now I need a son of my own to get ME beers and continue the legacy

Leah  Monday Sep 28 01:05 AM

I know what you mean. Alex is ever so close to opening a bottle of wine for me. The champagne will take a little longer to show him and for him to master not spilling it all.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Sep 29 01:11 AM

Sky turning pitch black in less than 15 secords.

SPUCK  Tuesday Sep 29 05:42 AM

That's horrific!!

Like out of some SciFi flick.

Pitch Black.

Griff  Tuesday Sep 29 06:17 AM

I'd start looking at New Zealand's immigration rules.

bbro  Tuesday Sep 29 10:19 AM

Good thing I don't live there. I wouldn't have been able to go outside for that day and one or two after!

Spexxvet  Tuesday Sep 29 10:39 AM


SPUCK  Thursday Oct 1 04:53 AM

Why would you take your lungs and car into that? I don't get it.

ZenGum  Saturday Oct 10 07:56 PM

... at 100kph ... while discussing how other cars around them were pulling over or turning around.

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