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   xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Jul 7 01:43 AM

July 7, 2009: I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat

I did! I did taw a putty tat! Two putty tats!

In Russia sometimes they dare to have wild animals like pets.
There are no any law regulations on what pets you can keep and what you can’t, no PETA, no need to pick up
your little friend’s poo in special bags. You can walk with your pet anywhere on the street or public park,
no any single “no pets allowed” signs outside.
Some call it chaos others call it freedom, you decide yourself.

The cat in the apartment (c'mon, you know which one) is a Fishing Cat.

As the name implies, fish is the main prey of this cat, of which it hunts about 10 different species.
It also hunts other aquatic animals such as frogs or crayfish, and terrestrial animals such as rodents and birds.
The inter-digital webs on its paws help the cat gain better traction in muddy environments and water,
like other mammals living in semi-aquatic environments.
Lovely beasties and easy to care for too.

Just throw a fish in the tub........................................... or a rooster in the parlor.

"You don't know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the USSR, yeah"


spudcon  Tuesday Jul 7 07:40 AM

I wonder if his neighbor raises chickens?

Trilby  Tuesday Jul 7 08:09 AM

huh - that's a catfish.

Shawnee123  Tuesday Jul 7 08:27 AM

I don't need Wild Kingdom going on in my home.

Alluvial  Tuesday Jul 7 09:15 AM

^^ Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

ajaccio  Tuesday Jul 7 10:22 AM


That poor tuxedo kitty looks mighty stressed. "What happened to my safe and happy home...?!?!?!"

spudcon  Tuesday Jul 7 11:57 AM

Originally Posted by ajaccio View Post
That poor tuxedo kitty looks mighty stressed. "What happened to my safe and happy home...?!?!?!"
How about the pet fish and the pet chicken?

TheMercenary  Tuesday Jul 7 12:13 PM

Looks like it would make a great pelt on my wall. I wonder if they taste like fish.

Gravdigr  Tuesday Jul 7 03:04 PM

Beautiful cat. Definitely want.

zippyt  Tuesday Jul 7 03:54 PM

Thats One Big Pussy ( cat ) !!!!!!

Eclipse  Wednesday Jul 8 01:17 AM

A fish(ing)cat hunting a catfish.

Slight  Wednesday Jul 8 04:18 AM

In Soviet Russia, rare cat endangers you!

WillieO  Wednesday Jul 8 12:27 PM

For all you baseball fans, that's what you call a "Catfish hunter".

Flint  Wednesday Jul 8 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Slight View Post
In Soviet Russia, rare cat endangers you!

capnhowdy  Wednesday Jul 8 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by zippyt View Post
Thats One Big Pussy ( cat ) !!!!!!
Nah.... now THIS is a big pussy

Attachment 24143

Gravdigr  Sunday Jul 12 04:40 AM

Originally Posted by WillieO View Post
For all you baseball fans, that's what you call a "Catfish hunter".

DucksNuts  Saturday Jul 18 04:57 AM

Grimbley is a decendant of those fishing cats....but waaaaaay prettier.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jul 18 12:34 PM

How big is Grimbley?

DucksNuts  Saturday Jul 18 09:05 PM

He's bigger than a domestic cat...well....a normal domestic cat, not that ginger thing up there.

Bengal's are derived from asian leopards (fishing cats), they have pelt rather than fur and have a ridiculous fascination with water.

Grimbley would be in that bath in a heartbeat, especially if there was a fish in it. He's always tormenting the fish tank and loves playing with the sprinklers.

Cloud  Saturday Jul 18 09:08 PM

what's the difference between pelt and fur?

capnhowdy  Saturday Jul 18 10:08 PM

Fur is a body hair of any non-human mammal, also known as the pelage. It may consist of short ground hair, long guard hair, and, in some cases, medium awn hair.


capnhowdy  Saturday Jul 18 10:10 PM

Fur or pelage, the hair, fur or wool that covers an animal's skin, that has been stripped off the animal.

DucksNuts  Saturday Jul 18 10:32 PM

Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
what's the difference between pelt and fur?
OK, wiki is probably right, I know a lot of it is just usage, but to me....pelt is less allergic than fur. Grim's pelt is shorter, silkier and he sheds a lot less than domestic cats.

Cloud  Saturday Jul 18 10:32 PM

well, but that's not what Ducksnuts said.

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