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   xoxoxoBruce  Friday Jun 5 12:47 AM

June 5, 2009: White Lions

White Lions, not albino but white fur and blue eyes, were technically extinct in Africa.
They're considered sacred by the native tribes, but a prized trophy by big game hunters, and they were almost wiped out.
The Global White Lion Trust gathered the remaining cats and have been breeding them in captivity. Now they are ready to
release the second pride back into the wild.

"Our team, led by Jason Tuner, has worked tirelessly to ensure the lions are ready for their reintroduction and the tagging
is an important part of the process as it will help to monitor the pride's hunting behaviour."

The Cubs are fitted with tracking systems under their skin so growth can be monitored.

I'm sure these cats will be tracked/monitored to the max, and good luck to them.


BeltNah  Friday Jun 5 02:14 AM

They tag them so if they come accross them in the wild they know if they have the white ones or the wrong ones.

Aliantha  Friday Jun 5 04:04 AM

lol...nice one Beltnah.

Those animals are beautiful. I wonder what sort of precautions they have taken to keep them away from poachers.

I hope they survive. The world needs more beauty.

Skylight  Friday Jun 5 04:55 AM

i never know these beautiful creatures existed. thanks Bruce. :]

monster  Friday Jun 5 07:58 AM

So what would you serve with poached white lion?

DanaC  Friday Jun 5 08:01 AM

A nice side salad?

ZenGum  Friday Jun 5 08:28 AM

I thought it was going to be this:

Attachment 23682

Who says spelling doesn't matter?

monster  Friday Jun 5 08:49 AM

Didn't De Klerk and Mandela get rid of the White Lines in Africa? They're gonna be pissed.

Laurie Henderson  Friday Jun 5 09:29 AM

Wait. . . Wait. . . I never had a chance...

Sheldonrs  Friday Jun 5 09:48 AM

Kind of a switch. No coloring inside the lions.

(i kill me)

monster  Friday Jun 5 09:51 AM


Shawnee123  Friday Jun 5 10:27 AM

What beautiful creatures. I have the urge to hug them and pet them and give them snout kisses and and mauled.

dmg1969  Friday Jun 5 10:54 AM

Oh no...not another thread about white pride.

Sheldonrs  Friday Jun 5 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by dmg1969 View Post
Oh no...not another thread about white pride.
Suddenly I feel much better about MY jokes!

blueboy56  Friday Jun 5 01:47 PM

It seems to me that there was another rare feline called
Teralon, the dotted lion.

Shawnee123  Friday Jun 5 01:49 PM

And don't forget Lambert, the Sheepish Lion!

Welcome blueboy.

DanaC  Friday Jun 5 01:53 PM

Well hello blueboy. Welcome to the cellar.

SteveDallas  Friday Jun 5 02:26 PM

Threads like this are the mane reason I can't eat lunch while reading The Cellar.

blueboy56  Friday Jun 5 02:47 PM

If you are implying that there is something distasteful about snorting macaroni and cheese, just ask my two year old grandson.
(And thank you for the pleasant welcome)

Pie  Friday Jun 5 03:47 PM

Steve, you're just lion to yourself.

ETA: what, cat got your tongue?

ZenGum  Friday Jun 5 07:28 PM

at you all.

sweetwater  Friday Jun 5 10:15 PM

They're back?

ETA: my 1,000th post! Now I wish I had put more thought into it and come up with something better.

ZenGum  Friday Jun 5 11:26 PM

Congratulations Sweetwater! You're a kiloposter now!

Clodfobble  Saturday Jun 6 12:14 AM

Which one is Kimba?

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jun 6 02:36 PM

Blondes come in bear models too.

Mama Blonde Black Bear with her black cub.

monster  Saturday Jun 6 05:27 PM

Looks like she ain't relying on her baby-daddy for food....

classicman  Monday Jun 8 07:45 PM

I just happened to notice this white kitty

Cub and kisses : A baby white tiger is held by its minder at the zoo in the eastern German town of Aschersleben

ZenGum  Monday Jun 8 07:48 PM

At last! Der Ubertiger!

Shawnee123  Monday Jun 8 07:57 PM

I want to be a baby white tiger minder!

Clodfobble  Tuesday Jun 9 11:08 PM

I have never seen a zoo worker wear that much makeup. Usually those types of people are more... practical, I guess.

spudcon  Tuesday Jun 9 11:32 PM

Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
I have never seen a zoo worker wear that much makeup. Usually those types of people are more... practical, I guess.
Probably to cover up the white tiger scratches.

classicman  Saturday Aug 21 09:15 PM

An update

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