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   Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 7 08:20 PM

Jan 8, 2009: President, ex-Presidents, and future President meet

- GHWB gives BHO the real deal on White House protocol - which salad fork to use
- BHO listens intently to the only guy in the room who knows exactly who should run the CIA, but only talks about salad forks
- GWB masters that "doof" look, arms dangling forward while he turns his left foot just so. awkward
- WJC masters looking Presidential at all times when a camera is present
- Nobody will stand right next to JEC, Uncle Jimmy, so he just grimaces, all frumpy in his ill-fitting suit

It ain't exactly Dogs Playing Poker, but what do you make of it?

Beestie  Wednesday Jan 7 08:35 PM

They play poker, drink whiskey and agree that "fooling all of the people some of the time" is the best strategy.

corydodt  Wednesday Jan 7 08:49 PM

My god, the only one of them who doesn't need permission to be in that room is GWB, and he's the one who looks most like a retarded tourist on vacation in DC.

classicman  Wednesday Jan 7 08:56 PM

WJC looks like he's reminiscing bout some gooood times had in that room.

Griff  Wednesday Jan 7 09:28 PM

I say we go box and one and man up on the black kid.

richlevy  Wednesday Jan 7 09:34 PM

If I were standing between the two Bushes, I'd be protecting my groin, too.

At any point during lunch, do you think Bush Sr. said "Let's all discuss how we can keep Jr. out of jail".

Actually, Bill looks like the most poised one in that group. Of course, he's also the only one who's hands we can't see. I don't think I need a body language specialist to explain that.

classicman  Wednesday Jan 7 10:19 PM

Bill is the most poised in that group - Carter and GW look like buffoons and Obama and GHWB are actually talkin about the back nine at the presidential golf course.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Jan 7 10:31 PM

Beestie  Wednesday Jan 7 10:39 PM

xoB that is freaking hilarious!

Oh, and Griff, you man up on Obama-not-yo-mamma and we'll zone out the three-point set shot boyz.

Oh, xoB - one thought... Bush's bubble (W not GHWB) could also say:

[Calienda]"I can't wait till January 20th. I can haz LIQUOR! I can haz DRUNK. I can't haz pronounce big words for $hit anyway - might as well can haz some drunkification. Hehehe." <expressionless smirk waiting for applause that never comes>[/Calienda]

Clodfobble  Thursday Jan 8 12:09 AM

It's interesting that Carter and Clinton ended up standing next to each other, since they're reportedly the two out of the group who like each other the least.

Shawnee123  Thursday Jan 8 08:20 AM

OK...I have to leave for a while...bruce's post has me laughing so hard I'm going to get caught playing.

soooooo funny.

lookout123  Thursday Jan 8 02:12 PM

GHWB: and I just held the back of her head and wouldn't let go...
BHO: uh, Mr Bush? The microphones are on.
GWB: huhhuh, he'll never find the shrimp in the curtain rods.
WJC: dumbasses never even cleaned that couch stain. ah, mon...
JEC: I'm committing lust right now and they don't even know.

Shawnee123  Thursday Jan 8 02:24 PM

G-dub in that pic puts me in mind of when Andy Kaufman did Mighty Mouse "Heeerrrrre I come to save the dayyyyyyy."

spudcon  Thursday Jan 8 04:31 PM

The real conversation.

capnhowdy  Thursday Jan 8 07:12 PM

Looks like a bank robbery in progress. In a way I guess it is/was.

lumberjim  Thursday Jan 8 08:48 PM


lumberjim  Thursday Jan 8 08:52 PM

look at the 4 and 1 line up

Undertoad  Thursday Jan 8 09:07 PM

Poor Jimmeh... pants always either too long or too short.

TheMercenary  Thursday Jan 8 09:51 PM

Pretty funny. Carter is an outcast. As he should be.

TheMercenary  Thursday Jan 8 10:10 PM

{shamelessly lifted from another post}

GB Sr: "Yea, we used to have a little colored boy that would mow our grass in the summer...he was 'bout this tall and fast..."
Obama: "Uh-huh..."
GWB Jr: "Dad, they like to be called darkies"
GB Sr: "...I think his name was Jerome, Jesse, something like that. Do you know him, Barry?"
Bill: "I knew a couple in Arkansas, Barry, maybe, their name was Jefferson, or you know them?
Jimmy: "We knew a few back in Georgia, but they only had first names...Rasmus, Remus, Uncle George...."

Gravdigr  Friday Jan 9 12:00 AM

Looks like The Five Stooges to me...or suspects in a bank fraud investigation.

HungLikeJesus  Friday Jan 9 12:49 AM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Poor Jimmeh... pants always either too long or too short.
They're the same pants, but he's been shrinking.

I think they're lined up according to tie color.

chrisinhouston  Friday Jan 9 08:59 AM

And all of the security team members got to have lunch in the White House cafeteria and swap war stories about their jobs protecting these guys.

Undertoad  Friday Jan 9 12:49 PM

Obama loves GHW Bush. That there is a look of love.

Shawnee123  Friday Jan 9 12:50 PM

He wants to marry him and have, like, 10,000 of his babies.

dar512  Friday Jan 9 12:56 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post

Obama loves GHW Bush. That there is a look of love.
See. That looks more, to me, like he's thinking, "Look at that earwax. Doesn't that guy ever use a Q-tip?"

Pie  Friday Jan 9 01:33 PM

BHO: "I wonder if he can braid his ear-hair into cornrows?"

capnhowdy  Friday Jan 9 06:21 PM

Dub is thinking "Old Bama thinks daddy did it." heehee

spudcon  Friday Jan 9 09:12 PM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy View Post
Dub is thinking "Old Bama thinks daddy did it." heehee
Cap'n, that was the funniest caption of all of them!

capnhowdy  Friday Jan 9 09:22 PM


wolf  Saturday Jan 10 02:10 AM

Bob, the Crazy Guy Who Sleeps on the Porch Sometimes, was very focused on the tie colors tonight. It was our topic of conversation for about 15 minutes.

Then we switched over to something having to with his mom, his dad, and a fairly large amount of money that just never got around to making any sense.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jan 10 02:46 AM

TheMercenary  Saturday Jan 10 08:31 AM

Obama and defected to the Repbulickins by wearing a blue tie. Clinton and Carter were pissed.

chrisinhouston  Saturday Jan 10 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Pretty funny, Carter looks like he's a midget left over from The Wizzard of Oz!

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