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   xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Jan 4 11:02 PM

Jan 5, 2009: Vick's dogs

You remember Mr Vick don't you? The Atlanta Falcons sure do.
Well, seeing how Mr Vick is kind of unavailable for awhile, the authorities were left with 10 dogs to care for.

They were in a quandry because everyone knows Pit Bulls are blood thirsty father rapers.
But euthanizing involves all that paperwork and expense, so they just gave them away.
Here's Teddles.

Sports Illustrated has this picture and pictures of 9 more here.
Just be careful when you go there because those dogs will rip your throat out.

monster  Monday Jan 5 12:24 AM

Recipe for Pitbulls:

Take 1 human

dmg1969  Monday Jan 5 07:39 AM

Yep...looks REALLY vicious!

I still say Vick should have been wrapped in bacon and thrown into a pit of food deprived animals...preferably the dogs he had been fighting.

My wife and I own a pit bull mix (our second) and they are wonderful dogs. She is a pit/rottweiler mix and is just great. We had a pit/shepherd mix for 13 years until she died of cancer. She was awesome as well. They have a bad image because of idiots like Vick and the guys from the 'hood who use them to protect their crack houses.

chrisinhouston  Monday Jan 5 01:00 PM

I hope that's his tail cause if it's you know what it doesn't look to well.

capnhowdy  Monday Jan 5 06:25 PM

I'm very happy the dogs didn't catch runoff from the owner's idiocy. Justice would be to pit I mean Vick for a death match every day and let him survive as long as he could (which prolly wouldn't be long). But wait. Two wrongs don't make a right. Or does it?

DucksNuts  Monday Jan 5 06:55 PM

Wow, Teddles looks indentical to my Clyde.

Same look on his face n all.

Elspode  Monday Jan 5 08:55 PM

No bad dogs. Just bad owners.

Pit bulls are *awesome* dogs. No dog is more loyal or loving, in my experience. I've never owned one (Selene is terrified of them), but I have several friends who are pit owners, and their dogs are all like giant poodles.

A few months ago, we were at a friend's house, and headed back to the car. There were three dogs in the front yard, two were chained, and the third, a young pit bull, was not. They were all barking, and the free range pit was coming toward us at a trot. Everyone else freaked. I just walked up and gave the dog the attention she wanted. She was a big wuss, and just wanted some companionship. I think she would have gotten in the car with us if we'd let her.

TheMercenary  Monday Jan 5 09:16 PM

I say the same about parents every day.

Clodfobble  Tuesday Jan 6 12:25 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode
No bad dogs. Just bad owners.
Absolutely. But you have to admit... mistreat a poodle, and it just becomes a scared, scrawney poodle that yaps a little extra. Mistreat a pit bull, and it might tear your face off. There is a much greater potential for danger with some breeds of dog, and I for one am not inclined to trust that some stranger I don't know well is inherently a great dog owner.

footfootfoot  Tuesday Jan 6 01:13 PM

Those dogs would make a tasty snack for these dogs:

Shawnee123  Tuesday Jan 6 01:22 PM

"It's just some dawgs, man."

Wombat  Wednesday Jan 7 06:37 AM

Originally Posted by Elspode View Post
No bad dogs. Just bad owners.
Please remember: every dog is a carnivorous hunter. EVERY dog. Even the little cute ones. There is a reason we keep hearing in the news about kids getting mauled by dogs: it's because that's what dogs do naturally. Yes we can trick them into thinking that we are their mummies, and we can train most of them to behave well most of the time, but none of that changes their true nature: they are all vicious killers. Every single one of them. Never forget that.

Griff  Wednesday Jan 7 07:08 AM

Originally Posted by footfootfoot View Post
Those dogs would make a tasty snack for these dogs:
That reminds me of a little bit of an interview with K'Naan the Somali rapper. He was mocking American tough guys and their rough neighborhoods. It is all perpective.

[croc]Now that's a dog.[/dundee]

capnhowdy  Wednesday Jan 7 07:10 AM

On the other hand, so are we. (vicious killers) Thank the stars for evolution. Some dogs (and humans) just seem to have flashbacks from prehistoric eras.

Coign  Wednesday Jan 7 11:15 AM

Originally Posted by footfootfoot View Post
Those dogs would make a tasty snack for these dogs:
In those pictures I would be much more afraid of the big freaking baboon. Those things regularly eat babies.

Shawnee123  Wednesday Jan 7 11:25 AM

No, a dingo ate your baby.

wolf  Wednesday Jan 7 02:14 PM

We had the hyenas.

seakdivers  Wednesday Jan 7 02:43 PM

I love the pic of the dog & the boy reading a book. Too cute!

dar512  Wednesday Jan 7 04:17 PM

The wild dogs cry out in the night...

Scriveyn  Friday Jan 9 09:14 AM

deleted, will have to re-word this.

dar512  Friday Jan 9 10:32 AM

Originally Posted by dar512 View Post
The wild dogs cry out in the night...
Too obscure?

Shawnee123  Friday Jan 9 10:38 AM


Had to google. I thought maybe it was a White Fang or Call of the Wild ref.

Good one.

My head was running

Tyger Tyger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

footfootfoot  Friday Jan 9 10:40 AM

Isn't it
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Shawnee123  Friday Jan 9 10:40 AM

In the last paragraph it is.

In the first it is not.

footfootfoot  Friday Jan 9 10:45 AM

I see what he did thar

dar512  Friday Jan 9 10:52 AM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123 View Post
Tyger Tyger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
oooh. I like that one too.

Shawnee123  Friday Jan 9 11:04 AM

Originally Posted by footfootfoot View Post
I see what he did thar

Me too dar!

Your reply here?

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