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   xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 5 04:52 AM

Dec 5, 2008: Dreadlocked Donkey

The Poitou comes from the Equus asinus species and is - basically - a donkey with dreadlocks. It looks as if it could have been genetically engineered to satisfy the faddish longings of a billionaire's daughter but has in fact been living and working in this region of France for hundreds of years. The Poitou was bred exclusively to be used in the breeding of mules (one of the traditional activities of the region) and as such was exported throughout the world in numbers.

With the advent of industry and mechanized farming, the call for the Poitou declined and as demand fell, so did the numbers of this amazing looking beast. The species went in to what looked like a terminal decline with many local farmers either selling their herds - fate unknown but use your imagination - or exterminating the animals themselves. The Poitou was, it seemed, history.

Then, in 1977 a survey revealed that there were only twelve stallions (the locals call them baudets) and thirteen mares (likewise, known as anesses) left. Local authorities, keen to retain this unique but vestigial remnant of local history, together with the French National Parks, breeders and scientists, joined together to create a studbook. This would list all known full and part bred examples of the species so that liaisons between stallions and mares could be arranged and - after the donkeys had played their part - the species could be raised almost from the dead.

Thanks to this programme there are now over one hundred Poitous of each gender in their native region alive and well and ready to breed some more. Worldwide there are around a thousand.
Good for them, it's nice to have something distinctive, and unique, to your reagion.
Most prized are the animals with the most distinct dreadlocks - the trademark of the Poitou. The species is gaining popularity because of its highly docile nature. Unlike many species of donkeys, this one is fun loving and is able to form loving relationships with its owners.
Hey now, we're getting kinky here. Oh, it's France... nevermind.
True, it is only for the wealthy - each Poitou can cost up to five thousand dollars. And don't expect to be able to keep one in your back yard, either! The beast can grown up to sixteen hands in height, which is around one and a half meters, making it quite a statuesque example of donkeyness in the donkeyworld!
Ahh, no wonder they produce such good mules, but "...statuesque example of donkeyness in the donkeyworld!"? Sheesh


spudcon  Friday Dec 5 06:19 AM

(snip)"The species went in to what looked like a terminal decline with many local farmers either selling their herds - fate unknown but use your imagination - or exterminating the animals themselves."(snip)
Sacre bleu, Time for donkey l'orange X 1000!

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 5 08:24 AM

What an ass.

Pie  Friday Dec 5 08:38 AM

Fine piece of ass, that.

Trilby  Friday Dec 5 09:31 AM

Stevie Nicks donkeys! Cool!

sweetwater  Friday Dec 5 09:48 AM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123 View Post
What an ass.
And at 16 hands, it's a BIG ass, too!

I can make fun of the critter, as a human with *ahem* my fair share of steatopygia.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 5 11:52 AM

Yeah, even Goatse only had two hands.

WillieO  Friday Dec 5 11:52 AM

And I thought I had a hairy ass!

limey  Friday Dec 5 01:43 PM

I've seen one of these for real - it was quite a size!

Elspode  Friday Dec 5 06:45 PM

Anyone ever see the extras on the first Shrek DVD, where they show how they did hair on the hairy critters? Like Donkey?

Looked a lot like that at one point.

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