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   xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Nov 8 10:44 PM

November 9, 2008: Pigeon Print

After something crashed into Diana Matthews' conservatory window, it didn't take a genius to work out what it had been. Leaving a perfect bird-shaped imprint on the glass, it was clear that a clumsy pigeon had lost its way. Mrs Matthews, who lives in Bedworth, Warwickshire, noticed the imprint on the window in the morning sunshine.

'It was so detailed it was almost like an engraving,' she said.
'It was almost as if it had been dusted in talcum powder before it hit.'
She was so impressed by the imprint which the bird left behind that she took this picture.
She added: 'There was just one single feather left outside, but no evidence of the bird.'

Oh noes, that poor little birdy... one of God's gentle creatures.

Uh wait, it was a pigeon? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

monster  Sunday Nov 9 12:05 AM

Gas Mark 5, 60 minutes, then Gas Mark 7 for 20.

Cloud  Sunday Nov 9 12:09 AM

it's too bad that pigeons have become demonized as flying rats. They're really pretty.

newtimer  Sunday Nov 9 01:42 AM

The house has right-of-way, since it is much less maneuverable than the selfish, T-boning pigeon.

amykins  Sunday Nov 9 02:10 AM

Hey...maybe it was just the pigeon's way of leaving its mark? Y'know... "Pigeon was here."

Sheldonrs  Sunday Nov 9 02:51 AM

At least now we know why Jesus keeps appearing in so many places. He keeps slamming his face into toast, Doritos and walls.

SPUCK  Sunday Nov 9 04:45 AM

Originally Posted by newtimer View Post
The house has right-of-way, since it is much less maneuverable than the selfish, T-boning pigeon.

footfootfoot  Sunday Nov 9 09:17 AM

Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
it's too bad that pigeons have become demonized as flying rats. They're really pretty.
No no no. You're confusing them with Rock Doves.

sweetwater  Sunday Nov 9 09:17 AM

The pigeon was making a glass of itself. Naw, it's hard to joke about because a kingfisher flew into our window yesterday and sat, stunned, for a long time. I'm happy to report he lived.

hipshot  Sunday Nov 9 11:52 AM

What? Nine posts and no one has mentioned squab or cornish game hen "on the glass"?

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Nov 9 12:45 PM

Well there was only the imprint, and one feather, to be found in the morning. That's not very nutritious.

Maybe the pigeon escaped?... maybe a denizen lurking in the night got 'em? Only the Shadow knows.

monster  Sunday Nov 9 01:16 PM

oh, and.... shopped.

Diaphone Jim  Sunday Nov 9 07:01 PM

The only clear part of the image is the bill and it is NOT a pigeon bill.

Clodfobble  Sunday Nov 9 07:11 PM

Looks pretty pigeon-y to me...

ZenGum  Sunday Nov 9 07:59 PM

Originally Posted by monster View Post
oh, and.... shopped.

Oh, and that pigeon was lucky! Or unlucky, depending on your personal preferences.

Gravdigr  Sunday Nov 9 09:22 PM


dar512  Sunday Nov 9 10:14 PM

Mrs. Matthews doesn't look the photoshop type.

lumberjim  Sunday Nov 9 10:45 PM

Originally Posted by Diaphone Jim View Post
The only clear part of the image is the bill and it is NOT a pigeon bill.
Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
Looks pretty pigeon-y to me...
i think it looks like a cardinal type bird's bill (D) the pigeon looks more like an (A)

Leah  Sunday Nov 9 11:35 PM

Hi guys, yes I'm back, been so busy, and lazy.
That same thing has actually happened at my parents house when we were all there. It was a wattle bird and it left the perfect imprint on the glass. the bird fell and was stunned for a few minutes so we rested it in a box until it was fine to fly away. It's happened a few times at my parents. They have huge glass windows at either end of their house and birds for some reason think they can take a short cut instead of going around. We've also seen a kookaburra do it, well not really seen it but we saw the imprint and then saw it fly away looking rather giddy. We all just say "not again" and go to see the damage.

P.S. Bruce I still love all my elephant pic's you send me. You're always thinking of me.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Nov 10 02:44 AM

Yeah, well, I have to get those elephants out of my hard drive 'cause they're too heavy for the disc. Nice to hear from you again.

LJ, look at the pigeon in post 14... the beak doesn't hook like (a), it's more like a shorter version of (b).

When I was a youth, we had a Pheasant come through a picture window, and still made it 15 feet across the room, hit the wall, and die on the back of the couch. Must have been really honkin', when it hit.

ZenGum  Monday Nov 10 06:16 AM

Now I understand why folks shoot them.

Maybe it was fleeing the mallard?

Clodfobble  Monday Nov 10 11:55 AM

I hear the birds smack against our upper windows on a pretty regular basis, but we have a lot of trees so they never have much speed behind them.

skysidhe  Monday Nov 10 12:47 PM

How did it make such a perfect imprint?

Undertoad  Monday Nov 10 12:52 PM

It knew it was gonna be eaten as an IotD, so it pre-dusted itself with flour.

barefoot serpent  Monday Nov 10 01:21 PM

many birds have powder-down feathers -- a type of waterproofing -- including pigeons.

whitjohn  Monday Nov 17 04:23 AM

Budgie Print

This afternoon when I came home, I saw a print of one of my three budgies in the dust on the TV screen. Immediately, I thought of the pigeon print I had seen on ITOD and got my camera and took a photo of the very detailed print. There are three budgies that share my home in China and they fly free all day in the house. The usual skeptics and "photoshopper" fans can say what they like but this is for sure a real print left when one of the birds flew into the TV (it was off at the time). All three birds are normal this afternoon so whichever one hit the TV was not hurt.

barefoot serpent  Monday Nov 17 11:05 AM

it looks kinda like a cat face.

and dude, you need to dust more often.

Clodfobble  Monday Nov 17 02:13 PM

Originally Posted by whitjohn
they fly free all day in the house.
Don't you have a problem with bird poop being everywhere?

monster  Monday Nov 17 07:53 PM

Now that's more like it. I've seen prints like this before. But prints with eyeballs?

Your reply here?

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