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   xoxoxoBruce  Monday Oct 13 01:57 AM

October 13, 2008: Guitar Boat

In fourteen hundred and ninety two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
But his three boats, looked nothing like,
this crazy craft, of Aussie Josh Pyke.

Good thing this was made to look like a Pyke's guitar, 'cause if he played bass,
you wouldn't know if it was a bass boat, or a bass boat.

Agent-G  Monday Oct 13 02:36 AM

I wonder if he can play it while he floats...

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Oct 13 02:37 AM

No, it doesn't play.

newtimer  Monday Oct 13 02:47 AM

"When I told the travel agent that I wanted my vacation to involve boats, sun, and a G-string, this isn't what I had in mind!"

ZenGum  Monday Oct 13 03:34 AM

If I was in that boat, I'd be fretting about making it under the bridge.

spudcon  Monday Oct 13 06:30 AM

Anyone have a recipe for cooking guitar boats?

sweetwater  Monday Oct 13 09:03 AM

Let's see, you have your acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and...gasoline guitars... Huh?

footfootfoot  Monday Oct 13 09:17 AM

Listen to the sustain!

Cloud  Monday Oct 13 09:30 AM

is that Ringo?

Sheldonrs  Monday Oct 13 09:54 AM

Josh Pyke's body was recovered today, 6 days after his ill-conceived "Josh Pyke-Un-Plugged" concert.

Coign  Monday Oct 13 10:17 AM

My guitar amp goes to 11!

Cicero  Monday Oct 13 10:23 AM

lol! I think it's great!! Now I want to see him do a stand-up bass.

dar512  Monday Oct 13 10:26 AM

Originally Posted by footfootfoot View Post
Listen to the sustain!
One long powerchord.

dar512  Monday Oct 13 10:27 AM

I guess this guy plays table.

BigV  Monday Oct 13 10:40 AM

or runs the table, depending...

sweetwater  Monday Oct 13 10:50 AM

I have heard of table rapping but not table playing until now!

Gravdigr  Monday Oct 13 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by ZenGum View Post
If I was in that boat, I'd be fretting about making it under the bridge.
I'd be worried 'bout my nut.

Treasenuak  Monday Oct 13 05:46 PM

okay, while it might be watertight, it certainly isn't STREAMLINED...

barefoot serpent  Monday Oct 13 06:02 PM

50hp whammy bar

Sundae  Monday Oct 13 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by dar512 View Post
I guess this guy plays table.
Sorry to be all Brit-centric and all, but that brought tears to my eyes.
All I could hear in my head was, "Ya can play droms? Ya can play bayse?" from Street Tough by the Rebel MC.


classicman  Monday Oct 13 09:57 PM

You called?

Elspode  Monday Oct 13 11:02 PM

When he does his Transatlantic solo, I hope its Purple Haze.

HungLikeJesus  Monday Oct 13 11:03 PM

I think it should have been a banjo boat, just for the alliteration.

monster  Monday Oct 13 11:20 PM

Originally Posted by Sheldonrs View Post
Josh Pyke's body was recovered today, 6 days after his ill-conceived "Josh Pyke-Un-Plugged" concert.

Shawnee123  Tuesday Oct 14 09:27 AM

He's plucky, that's for sure.

Nirvana  Tuesday Oct 14 12:31 PM

Pumpkin boats! How do they float???

dar512  Tuesday Oct 14 12:39 PM

Flickr picture looks shopped.

Gravdigr  Tuesday Oct 14 04:17 PM

Yep. Ol' Pykey sure can pick 'em.

bobman  Wednesday Oct 22 07:52 PM

Originally Posted by dar512 View Post
Flickr picture looks shopped.

Here's the original:

Sundae  Friday Oct 24 11:52 AM

Ooh that reminds me, Children in Need is coming around again.
I must see what I can do here (not much probably, we already exist in a state of anarchy). Still, I can probably manage something like a cake sale.

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