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   xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Sep 25 12:55 AM

September 25, 2008: Jalalabad Camera

Any Cellar regulars know who Michael Yon is.
UT and myself have linked to his reports form Iraq and Afghanistan dozens of time.
You may remember UT mentioning I gave him one of Mr Yon's framed photographs.

Here is a picture of a Jalalabad, Afghanistan, street photographer, that Mr Yon took, and was gracious enough to give me permission to show it to all you IOtD visitors.

I strongly urge you to see the rest of Mike's Jlalabad marketplace pictures. (Antique guns, guys. )

While you're there, check out the rest of his site and read the "Death in the Corn" series about the Brit troops he's been embedded with currently.
(Beefcake for the ladies, too. )

footfootfoot  Thursday Sep 25 09:01 AM

I think he's got a polaroid SX-70 in that box. Look at the typical washed out color flash pictures on the side.

Can I get a witness?

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Sep 25 09:19 AM

I wonder if the pictures on the side of the camera are people that gave him bad checks?

Diaphone Jim  Thursday Sep 25 07:01 PM

Bruce: I guess I am enough of a newbie that today's IOD was an introduction to Michael Yon and I thank you for it.
I read the first two parts of "Death in the Corn" this morning and the last this afternoon. His writing reminds me of the best that came out of "my" war forty some years ago, thinking of David Halberstam et al.
His photographs are as clear and informative as his prose.
Getting him a wider audience in the US would be great.

TheMercenary  Thursday Sep 25 07:07 PM

Yon rocks. If you can support him with a donation. The Merc.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Sep 25 11:35 PM

Originally Posted by Diaphone Jim View Post
Bruce: I guess I am enough of a newbie that today's IOD was an introduction to Michael Yon and I thank you for it.
Glad to be of service.
When you get a chance, dig into his archives on Afghanistan and Iraq.
Being on good terms with the knowledgeable commanders, and having the balls to go everywhere with the fighting men, carrying only a camera, has produced some amazing pictures, and spot on commentary.

Over the years, his accuracy and honesty, whether the news was good or bad, has found him quoted more and more by the main stream press, while their own people lounged in the green zone.

You can be informed and entertained, simultaneously.

sztin10  Monday Sep 29 08:00 AM

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HungLikeJesus  Thursday Oct 23 11:43 PM

I think the photographer is wearing one of those fake Halloween beards. It's attached to his ears with a piece of string.

And he's got Flint's mustache.

TheMercenary  Saturday Oct 25 12:38 AM

Originally Posted by HungLikeJesus View Post
I think the photographer is wearing one of those fake Halloween beards. It's attached to his ears with a piece of string.

And he's got Flint's mustache.
It is Flint.

Your reply here?

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