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   bigw00dy  Tuesday Aug 26 01:30 PM

August 26(B), 2008 : Princeton Black squirrel

While in Princeton doing some work, this little guy came over to check me out. I was doing to the same to him, but I had a camera....

Are these more common than I think?

I heard they may also be found roaming one or both of the Carolina's.

Shawnee123  Tuesday Aug 26 01:41 PM

I've seen black squirrels in the Lake Erie area.

We have some white ones around here.

I wish I could find a picture my ex took of a squirrel he found at work one day. It was bi-colored...whitish with a pattern of reddish brown, like a dog. It was dead as hell, but I have not before or since seen a squirrel like that one.

edit: after I posted this I googled squirrel colors and the first hit was this from the Cellar:

Undertoad  Tuesday Aug 26 01:48 PM

I'm not racist.

Shawnee123  Tuesday Aug 26 02:08 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
I'm not racist.
But do you believe black squirrels should get reparations?

birdclaw  Tuesday Aug 26 02:09 PM

Blackened squirrel? I have always liked Cajun food.

LabRat  Tuesday Aug 26 02:10 PM

I have occasionally seen black ones in Iowa City, though Grey seem to be much more popular around campus. The first time I saw one, I wasn't sure what it was. We also have Fox squirrels. There are a couple huge Fox squirrels that live in the neighbor's trees behind us that we often watch from our kitchen tearing around our backyards chasing each other. I love them, endless free entertainment.

Juniper  Tuesday Aug 26 02:27 PM

There are pockets of black squirrels here and there.

Glendale, a suburb of Cincinnati, has black squirrels. Here is an article I found from the local paper:

What's the story behind Glendale's black squirrels?

• Thomas Carruthers III, a Glendale businessman, brought two pairs of black squirrels to the village from the resort town of Harbor Springs, Mich., in the 1940s, says his son, Tom Carruthers IV.

"He just thought it'd be fun to bring them down here," he says.

Within two weeks, one was shot and its pelt hung up at what is now the Glendale Gaslight Cafe, Carruthers says. Evidently, some combination of the other three went forth and multiplied.

• Black squirrels are Eastern gray squirrels that have a genetic variation called melanism, says Thane Maynard, vice president of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Melanism is the opposite of the rarer condition of albinism, which is the lack of pigment, he says.

Black squirrels and gray squirrels can interbreed, and contrary to popular Glendale belief, melanism is a recessive trait, Maynard says.

• Black squirrels can be found in other areas of the country, including northern Michigan; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Marysville, Kan.; and Kent, Ohio, according to

Marysville has adopted the black squirrel as its official mascot, adopted a "Black Squirrel Song" as its official anthem and holds an annual Black Squirrel Celebration.

Kent State University holds an annual black squirrel festival. London, Ontario, also a hot spot, has a black squirrel Web site, screensaver and downloadable song ( .

• Five competing towns - Olney, Ill.; Marionville, Mo.; Kenton, Tenn.; Brevard, N.C.; and Exeter, Ontario - all pride themselves on their white squirrel populations and celebrate them with festivals, songs and in some cases, laws.

• To Glendale officials' knowledge, no one has ever taken a census of the village's black squirrels. Any takers?
The neighborhood where I grew up has white squirrels, too, though I never remember seeing them till after I moved away. My mom said she saw them all the time.

HungLikeJesus  Tuesday Aug 26 03:00 PM

We have Abert squirrels in Colorado. They're big and black and have bunny ears.

Clodfobble  Tuesday Aug 26 03:01 PM

Yes, it's rare now, but as industrialism spreads the lighter-colored squirrels will stand out more in the trees, and the black squirrel population will flourish.

lookout123  Tuesday Aug 26 03:03 PM

so what you're saying is, these black squirrels were bused in?

WillieO  Tuesday Aug 26 03:13 PM

I'm all for Black squirrels in Higher education. I just want to be sure that a under achiving squirrel did not take the seat of deserving Light Brown squirrel simply based on the color of his or her skin, fur.

sweetwater  Tuesday Aug 26 04:21 PM

Mostly scrawny grey squirrels here (Texas) but I have seen black squirrels. I was living in Canada and saw sinister black shadows loping through the trees. Even after I recognized their squirrel shapes it took me a bit to realize it was the actual squirrel, and not the evil vengeful ghosts from a million road kills. The only white squirrels I have seen were stuffed ones.

Trilby  Tuesday Aug 26 05:02 PM

HA! Good one, WillieO!

I've seen white and grey squirrels but never a black or brown one.
Surprisingly, for a cluttered suburb, we have a lot of coyotes, foxes, falcons and hawks.

Trilby  Tuesday Aug 26 05:02 PM

PS. That looks like some sort of Devil Squirrel to me. Look at it's eyes!

ZenGum  Tuesday Aug 26 09:38 PM

Originally Posted by lookout123 View Post
so what you're saying is, these black squirrels were bused in?
Yes, but they had to sit at the back.

Stonan  Tuesday Aug 26 10:31 PM

Come to Vancouver, British Columbia. We have black and gray ones all over the place. My Jack Russell terrier keeps 'em running!

monster  Tuesday Aug 26 11:18 PM

We have Squirrels of Color here too. There are more 40 miles away in Canada. Rumors that they went over to visit the casinos and drink and were not allowed back into the US due to the terrism-related tightening of border controls are unconfirmed.

newtimer  Tuesday Aug 26 11:32 PM

Now, comrades, we have all seen Squirrel. But where is Moose?

darkwing duck  Tuesday Aug 26 11:41 PM

Washington, DC has quite a few of them, too. From a story I read in the Post, they were originally brought down from Canada to go in the National Zoo. (apparently they didn't stay there.)

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 27 01:33 AM

Yeadon, PA has had black ones for years, but they don't seem to have migrated into the surrounding burbs.

Ibby  Wednesday Aug 27 03:42 AM

UMD is full of them...

SPUCK  Wednesday Aug 27 05:56 AM

We usually have about three squirrels that hang out in our walnut tree and bomb the crap out've us when ever we try to barbecue.

Last time as shredded walnut husks poured down on me I took the garden hose to him. He moved about 2 feet to the side and the raining husks never even slowed down. Anyway last year we had a coal black squirrel as one of the crew. Much blacker than either of the above ones. Haven't seen him this year.. Maybe a hawk saw him first.

Sundae  Wednesday Aug 27 06:03 AM

Originally Posted by Juniper View Post
There are pockets of black squirrels here and there.
Don't keep them there! They'll go for your nuts

Ibby  Wednesday Aug 27 06:46 AM

UMD is full of them...

spudcon  Wednesday Aug 27 08:39 AM

Originally Posted by Sundae Girl View Post
Don't keep them there! They'll go for your nuts
Good one!

dar512  Wednesday Aug 27 11:21 AM

Originally Posted by Ibram View Post
UMD is full of them...
University of Mass Destruction?

wolf  Wednesday Aug 27 01:27 PM

There was a black squirrel that used to raid my birdfeeder at my old townhome, and there are white squirrels at work. The campus is known for them.

Bullitt  Wednesday Aug 27 01:32 PM

Originally Posted by birdclaw View Post
Blackened squirrel? I have always liked Cajun food.
not as tasty looking as you'd think

This one got in a fight with an electrical step-down transformer on campus.. he came, he grabbed, he couldn't let go.

tombstone  Wednesday Aug 27 02:17 PM

Re: "While in Princeton, doing some work, this little guy came over to check me out." So--what sort of work was this little guy doing in Princeton?

Trilby  Wednesday Aug 27 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by wolf View Post
...there are white squirrels at work. The campus is known for them.
I recall some white deer around your campus as well.

Do you attach any mystical significance to this?

Coz I do.

lookout123  Wednesday Aug 27 02:23 PM

oh sure, the white ones are all important and powerful... where's the aclu when you need them?

wolf  Wednesday Aug 27 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna View Post
I recall some white deer around your campus as well.

Do you attach any mystical significance to this?

Coz I do.

Most folks, however, attribute it to the Haldol and Thorazine in the groundwater.

hipshot  Wednesday Aug 27 08:49 PM

"little guy"? Take a closer look at that "little guy's" belly.
That there's a MAMA squirrel!!!!!!!
Now, the question is, are the little one's black?

TheMercenary  Wednesday Aug 27 09:36 PM

Lots of people eat squirrels around here.

Etoile  Wednesday Aug 27 10:47 PM

I'm new to the Cellar, I signed up for one specific reason: to share my albino squirrel pictures. She was a mama too, actually. Sorry the pictures aren't better, this was pre-digital camera!

wolf  Thursday Aug 28 01:52 PM

Yikes, Demon Squirrels!

frankchicarelli  Thursday Aug 28 03:32 PM

pressed squirrel

This morning, my wife told me there was a dead squirrel at the end of the driveway. 20 minutes later when I was leaving for work, I saw that he was still alive. Just barely. He looked like he was in a lot of pain and would never be able to walk again. So guess what I did with my car?

lookout123  Thursday Aug 28 03:56 PM

drove him to the vet's?

Cloud  Thursday Aug 28 04:29 PM

Etoile, very cute!

"Be like the squirrel!"

Aliantha  Thursday Aug 28 05:37 PM

Welcome to the cellar Etoile, and thanks for sharing those pics with us. We don't have squirrels in my part of the world, so ordinary pictures of them are interesting to me, but to see a white one is awesome.

DanaC  Thursday Aug 28 07:21 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna
I recall some white deer around your campus as well.

Do you attach any mystical significance to this?

Coz I do.

Most folks, however, attribute it to the Haldol and Thorazine in the groundwater.
That made me laugh. I can imagine it being delivered deadpan.

Hallo Etoile! Thanks for sharing those with us. Welcome to the Cellar. Just one quick question:

What sauce would you recommend for albino squirrel? I mean, would you go for the same as usual, or something more more white winey?

Bibliomaniac  Saturday Aug 30 12:30 AM

We used to live near Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue, Nebraska (next to Omaha) and often saw black, gray, and red squirrels. (That's three different kinds of squirrels--not tri-colored ones.)

Never saw a white one though. Thanks for the cool pics!

Hertzie  Saturday Sep 13 12:14 PM

Lol, I seriously didn't think these were rare at all, but now that I think of it, when I go to the U.S. I barely see them. I live in Southern Ontario though and it's a rare day if you don't see one.

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