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   xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Aug 17 03:02 AM

August 17, 2008: Yucky Snake Guts

Hey, I warned ya.
Sometimes when you eliminate an immediate danger, you unknowingly eliminate a much larger potential danger.
Rattlesnakes, being Vipers, give birth to live young complete with fangs & venom, and ready to bite.

Yeah yeah, control rodents, part of the ecosystem, blah blah blah. So are muggers.

zippyt  Sunday Aug 17 03:14 AM

A whole Buffet !!!!!

SPUCK  Sunday Aug 17 05:40 AM

That is a shame..

TheMercenary  Sunday Aug 17 08:56 AM

Looks like about 18 baby snakes.

Griff  Sunday Aug 17 09:30 AM

I'd go stir fry, but it looks like they're already on the griddle.

birdclaw  Sunday Aug 17 09:43 AM

Holy crap. That just gave me a bad case of the willies. Having encountered a few snakes in my day I have a healthy respect (read fear) of all snakes.

Clodfobble  Sunday Aug 17 10:15 AM

Wow. I didn't realize they had so many at once.

Griff  Sunday Aug 17 10:19 AM

This reminds me of True Grit when the horse shooter from Texas ...

HungLikeJesus  Sunday Aug 17 11:26 AM

Originally Posted by Griff View Post
This reminds me of True Grit when the horse shooter from Texas ...
Thanks. I just added that to my NetFlix que.

birdclaw  Sunday Aug 17 12:47 PM

Ya know come to think of it, those would come in very handy when cooking. When a recipe calls for something to be wrapped in bacon and secured with toothpicks...ta da! Built in toothpicks. I don't think they would be salty enough. May have to brine them first.

sweetwater  Sunday Aug 17 12:52 PM

Rattlesnakes, being Vipers, give birth to live young complete with fangs & venom, and ready to bite.
And these babies come with their own rattles, too.

FTR, I believe in live and let live when possible. Rattlesnakes at least attempt to warn you of their presence while muggers try to avoid detection.

dar512  Sunday Aug 17 01:30 PM

Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
Rattlesnakes at least attempt to warn you of their presence while muggers try to avoid detection.
♫ Just a jackknife has old MacHeath dear. And he keeps it out of sight. ♪

sweetwater  Sunday Aug 17 01:39 PM

I love that song. Can't help it, I do! Something about the "scarlet billows all around" strikes me as hilarious.

Sundae  Sunday Aug 17 04:10 PM

Reminds me of the Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom scene with the baby eels.
Just about had me sick in my lap.
I don't remember when I left exactly - probably about the same time as Willie.

TheMercenary  Sunday Aug 17 08:27 PM

We have eaten them. Neighbor shot one a few years ago and I taught my Dau how to skin it, she was like 9. I have a great pic of her skinning them. They have to be cooked in a deep fry to taste decent. We tried to cook it on the grill, didn't work out so well. But you could certainly eat it if you were in a survival situation without a problem.

I will have to find those pics and post them. It was in 2002.

Bibliomaniac  Monday Aug 18 02:16 AM

A few years ago, I brought home a harmless garter snake I had caught on the golf course. As we already had quite a zoo at our house, we set it up in a large tank and it seemed quite happy living there munching on the worms and feeder fish we provided it.

A few weeks later, we came home one night to find the snake out of its tank and on the kitchen floor. No big deal--but, when we went to put it back in the tank, that's when we noticed the dozens of baby snakes squirming around!

We had no idea the snake was a pregnant female! Because the adults will sometimes eat their young, we had to set up a separate tank for the little ones.

They were so cute! Honestly--they were about the size of worms and had little yellow stripes like their mother. (I know you snake haters are gagging right now.) But, they were truly just adorable.

Eventually, we released them all. It was quite fun having a snake nursery for a while.

Gravdigr  Monday Aug 18 03:32 AM

Sounds like a good place for a hand grenade.

SPUCK  Monday Aug 18 05:49 AM

Our 7 foot boa would sit in its cage on our kitchen table(lol) moving every so little unless out on a walk. But if we ever went on vacation leaving my Mom to watch the house. Badda bing badda boom he'd escape promptly. We'd get the Call, "He's not in his cage and I'm not going in there again!!" Luckily he'd always end up under our gas water heater as a giant dust ball.

The chickens all thought he was quite interesting too. But that's a different story.

TheMercenary  Monday Aug 18 11:18 PM

Ok here they are. My kids learning to use every thing that is killed. Waste not want not.

TheMercenary  Monday Aug 18 11:22 PM

TheMercenary  Monday Aug 18 11:24 PM

TheMercenary  Monday Aug 18 11:27 PM

HungLikeJesus  Tuesday Aug 19 12:50 AM

That's a good girl that can skin a rattlesnake.

DucksNuts  Tuesday Aug 19 05:47 AM

I'm assuming that pink goo is placenta?

Imagine carrying those little wrigglers around.

I had my first encounter with a harmless snake, a garter, in my ex mother in law's backyard...I wanted to go all steve irwin and pick it up...I'm not used to snakes that dont want to chase you down and kill you.

footfootfoot  Tuesday Aug 19 07:43 AM

I want Merc on my team.

Shawnee123  Tuesday Aug 19 10:35 AM

Your kids will be killer when they're old enough to be on Survivor! Gotta love a little girl who doesn't get the ickies!

PS She kind of looks like my 8 year old niece!

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