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   SPUCK  Saturday Aug 16 07:00 AM

August 16, 2008: Fun on the tundra!

Let the pictures speak for themselves.
I find this both funny and chilling.

birdclaw  Saturday Aug 16 10:07 AM

Kinda looks like a deadly game of peek-a-boo. I see you....don't eat me , don't eat me!

HungLikeJesus  Saturday Aug 16 10:51 AM

I think we've seen these pictures before. You have to wonder about the photographer, though.

zippyt  Saturday Aug 16 11:13 AM

oh the ohotog was safely in an armored truck , I wounder about the dude being chased ,
did he get away , or did he get eat ????

richlevy  Saturday Aug 16 11:14 AM

Hey BooBoo, I'm smarter than the average bear.

Griff  Saturday Aug 16 11:18 AM

Okay, which one of you monkeys locked the door?

tulzscha  Saturday Aug 16 11:22 AM

"shoot the bear! SHOOT THE BEAR!"
"I can't, I can't, I'm laughing too hard!"

Silly Alaskans! (at least, "guys with Alaskan license plates")

I think they must be photographers of some kind, based on the heavy video tripod leaning on the truck. And it seems like the guy taking the snaps is a ways away with a decent telephoto. And, laughing his butt off.

richlevy  Saturday Aug 16 11:42 AM

Rule #1: Don't mess with any threatened species that weighs almost half a ton. This does not include snail darters.

FStop  Saturday Aug 16 01:38 PM

This was definitely a case of *run* "shitshitshitshitshit"

TheMercenary  Saturday Aug 16 01:56 PM

Those bears are actually quite dangerous. I think the bear wants to know if the guy is soft or crunchy on the inside.

newtimer  Saturday Aug 16 01:59 PM

I'm reminded of the scene in Monty Python & the Holy Grail when the castle guard sees the enemy knight running towards him across the field.
When he saw the bear 50 yards away, why didn't he open one of the truck doors, just in case?
When he saw the bear approaching, why didn't he get into one of the trucks, just in case?
When the bear was just 10 yards away, why didn't he shut himself in the truck and start the engine, just in case?

Instead, this moron stood there like an idiot, watching the bear plod along closer and closer until it was right there next to him. And THEN he tried to get into one of the trucks? And all 3 of the trucks are locked??? Why would anybody out in the uninhabited tundra lock all of their trucks' doors?
This fool deserves to be bear-snack and then honored with a Darwin Award.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Aug 16 02:22 PM

I don't think he had 50 yards to think about it. It looks to me like they are bear watching/photographing, at the town dump, which is a common, and usually not dangerous, practice in the great white north.
Usually the bears are too preoccupied with the good smells of garbage to pay much attention to the tourists. Unfortunately that leads to a false sense of security, and further leads to tourists putting themselves in harms way.
After all, a couple of great Polar Bear pictures would pay for a nifty funeral.

Scriveyn  Saturday Aug 16 02:57 PM

Don't worry - he just wants to playyyyYikes!

Stress Puppy  Saturday Aug 16 04:54 PM

If that bear wanted him, being in the car won't help that much. A black bear can get through a car door, so a polar bear might just remove it.

jinx  Saturday Aug 16 05:22 PM

It's quite a bit easier to drive away from inside the car though...

spudcon  Saturday Aug 16 11:51 PM

It's also easier to run over the sucker from inside the truck. That'll learn him!

sweetwater  Sunday Aug 17 01:33 PM

I love the way their movements duplicate the other's. "Stepping off the right rear foot now! Now stand up. Now peek over the vehicle!"

Scriveyn  Sunday Aug 17 02:08 PM

Playing musical bears?

dar512  Sunday Aug 17 02:34 PM

Originally Posted by Scriveyn View Post
Playing musical bears?
It looks more like Marco Polar.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Aug 17 04:51 PM

Wouldn't that be Panda bears... or is that his brother?

Sheldonrs  Monday Aug 18 09:59 AM

Thoughts from the bear:

"I like it when they play hard to get."

ZenGum  Sunday Aug 31 07:32 AM

When I view these photos, I get a Benny Hill kazoo soundtrack in my mind.

seakdivers  Friday Sep 5 01:24 AM

That is not an adult polar bear. It's a youngster probably just playin' with the photog......that is/ was until mommy comes along.

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