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   xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jul 28 12:42 AM

July 28, 2008: Remeber

It seems that someone in Iowa, has had their fill of rain this year.
At least had their fill of the mess the rain has made of the roads.

Not all that good at spelling, but retained their sense of humor, at least.

newtimer  Monday Jul 28 01:27 AM

I believe that it was around 1994-1995 that American public schools gave up teaching spelling, grammar, and punctuation to students. But they did start offering a new class called Randomly Inserting "Quotation Marks".
No wonder Spanish is becoming more and more common in this country. At least they teach their kids how to write.

SPUCK  Monday Jul 28 04:06 AM

I forgit.

Sundae  Monday Jul 28 07:42 AM

Ah Bruce I cringed for you when I saw the title. I should have known better! I don't really get the sign, but I like the drowning man motif

I hear a lot about how children today aren't taught to read and write properly.
But the signs I see in shops, the handwritten adverts, the mistakes on pub menu's (deliberate) are all by people 30+.

I also know quite a few men 50, 60, 80+ who are functionally illiterate. Including my Grandad. And my Dad's dyslexia was never picked up at school - which he left at 14 having missed plenty of time due to illness anyway. His spelling is still a wonder to behold.

Just saying.

ZenGum  Monday Jul 28 09:44 AM

The last time I saw a Greengrocer's apostrophe was on the "sale" signs of a major department store. As my eyes rolled, I noticed that the only two signs that featured the stray apostrophes were "Pen's" and "Book's" - both products aimed at the sort of anal nerds who notice such things. Amusing coincidence, or deliberate manipulative marketing?
I fled the store before the subliminal messages in the background music could worm their way into my head, and hummed loudly to block them out as I went. And I needed that new fondue set, anyway.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jul 28 10:19 AM

Originally Posted by Sundae Girl View Post
I don't really get the sign, but I like the drowning man motif
The drowning man is in a mudhole, in the middle of the road. In farm country, a lot of the roads are not paved, better for animals and machinery. But in very wet years, like this one, road maintenance is a full time job. And the sign suggests someone has not been doing that/their job.

Sundae  Monday Jul 28 10:38 AM

But why the "remeber"? It's still 2008. And why the foliage?
I assume it's aimed at the people who maintain the roads - but will they ever see it? In the meantime other road users have to drive around it.

I'm thinking too much aren't I?

We don't have roads like that in the UK.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jul 28 11:01 AM

Remeber = remember this, mark it on your calendar, make a mental note, write it in your diary, save for future comparison, pay attention-quiz later, etc.

The foliage is a warning of a road hazard, marking the mudhole and the two mudholes in the background, so people will drive around them.

If the people that maintained the roads were there to see them, it wouldn't be necessary. The message is for other road users/taxpayers, that employ the people that are suppose to maintain the roads.

Sundae  Monday Jul 28 11:23 AM


Diaphone Jim  Monday Jul 28 11:49 AM

Did the bear that got rescued here a few days ago leave a pile on the hat?
And for ZenGums "anal nerds" here's a web page by two guys who went cross country trying fix typos and such:

fargon  Monday Jul 28 01:57 PM

Spell check is my friend.

Shawnee123  Monday Jul 28 02:14 PM

Remeber the Alao.

artemis05  Monday Jul 28 04:11 PM

good lord

i would be ashamed of my iowa roots if it hadn't been for the way neighbors were coming together to help each other and complete strangers... take that mother nature

artemis05  Monday Jul 28 04:24 PM

are you guys serious?

let me explain this:

first off, part of that foliage is a corn stalk, one of iowa's main resources

second, iowa has been having record breaking weather this summer.
i live in cedar rapids where in 1920, we set our flood record at 20ft. this summer, we broke that with a total of 31ft. people have lost their homes, their crops, their belongings.... everything...

we've had tornado after tornado... we are TIRED of rain! and before someone asks- we stay in iowa because this is home. we'll rebuild.

elsewize, how in tar'nation ar you citee slickerz gonna git yer corn an' pork iff'n we leave?

classicman  Monday Jul 28 04:39 PM

Chill out there buddy - I don't see where anyone is attacking you iowans

Shawnee123  Monday Jul 28 05:05 PM

Man, I'm glad I live in Ohio. Oh, wait...

newtimer  Monday Jul 28 05:51 PM

Originally Posted by Diaphone Jim View Post
Did the bear that got rescued here a few days ago leave a pile on the hat?
If you look closely, you'll see that it's really two piles, one on top of the other, kind of like scoops of ice cream. Such double-dipping could only have come from an animal with two poop-chutes that are close together.
Perhaps a 6-legged deer?

Gravdigr  Monday Jul 28 06:38 PM

artemis dont yew pay them know mine. yew jist gowone and keep a-breedin them corns and a-plantin them their porks,

Elspode  Monday Jul 28 09:35 PM

Anyone who bad mouths Iowa is going to have to deal with me. Finest ass in ten states lives in Iowa.

Hi, LabRat!

Scriveyn  Wednesday Jul 30 05:39 AM

Remeber? These guys go one step further: New Alzheimer's drug called Rember (Associated Press)

nowhereman  Wednesday Jul 30 09:11 AM

Originally Posted by artemis05 View Post
elsewize, how in tar'nation ar you citee slickerz gonna git yer corn an' pork iff'n we leave?
MMMmmmm, pork chops aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Your reply here?

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