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   xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday May 20 11:46 PM

May 21, 2008: Moon Shadow

The solar eclipse shadow, tracking across the Earth.

lumberjim  Wednesday May 21 12:09 AM


BrianR  Wednesday May 21 12:12 AM

oh. ic

Cloud  Wednesday May 21 12:23 AM

I'm being followed by a moonshadow . . .

classicman  Wednesday May 21 10:41 AM

Is Van Morrison there too?

el fantastico  Wednesday May 21 10:58 AM

from a nasa page--a satellite orbiting antarctica caught the same phenom.

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 21 11:25 AM

Shopped? How can you say that? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a genuine looking "shadow crossing the moon" shot? Hmmph. Here it is from another angle:

SteveDallas  Wednesday May 21 11:47 AM

Wasn't that from Star Trek, you know, the movie where the Borg go back in time?

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 21 12:13 PM

Cloud  Wednesday May 21 12:52 PM

Van Morrison? Cat Stevens!

Clodfobble  Wednesday May 21 03:01 PM

I have that song on my iPod right now, as a matter of fact.

Flint  Wednesday May 21 03:04 PM

My sister was killed by Cat Stevens on 9/11.

classicman  Wednesday May 21 03:23 PM

Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
Van Morrison? Cat Stevens!
Geez - I am old - I am so embarrassed!

dar512  Wednesday May 21 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by Flint View Post
My sister was killed by Cat Stevens on 9/11.
You mean Cat Stevens who is now Yusuf Islam?

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 21 04:04 PM

Originally Posted by Flint View Post
My sister was killed by Cat Stevens on 9/11.
Dammit, another SCF.

I like the song "Moaning Has Broken"

Clodfobble  Wednesday May 21 05:12 PM


Um... I can't tell if my joke meter is broken or not...

You do know that song is named "Morning Has Broken," right?

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 21 05:25 PM

lol...yes. And your joke meter isn't broken, I was making a very unfunny joke!

My cousin and I heard that song in elementary school, it was the "soundtrack" to some filmstrip (you have to be of a certain age to remember filmstrips!) so we asked for it for Christmas. Grammy got each of us the album. I had no idea what a Cat Stevens was.

HungLikeJesus  Wednesday May 21 05:53 PM

Originally Posted by classicman View Post
Geez - I am old - I am so embarrassed!
Perhaps you were thinking of Moondance.

Tanalia  Wednesday May 21 06:03 PM

Astronomy Picture of the Day, September 26, 2004

dar512  Wednesday May 21 06:17 PM

Actually, I think that's a scene from Independence Day.

Sheldonrs  Wednesday May 21 06:42 PM

Eh. I've seen lots of moons that appear to have holes in them.

And then i fuck them.

classicman  Wednesday May 21 06:44 PM

Originally Posted by HungLikeJesus View Post
Perhaps you were thinking of Moondance.
Exactly, thanks.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday May 21 10:57 PM

Originally Posted by Tanalia View Post
Ah, so that's where it came from. Thanks for the link.

lumberjim  Wednesday May 21 11:21 PM

i used to really like this song. lately i think Cat is a smarmy prick. oh well. innocence lost. i'm so jaded at this point. I need a vacation.

Undertoad  Thursday May 22 12:09 AM

Fuckwad said Salman Rushdie should be killed.

Sperlock  Thursday May 22 12:28 AM

That's no moon shadow...that's a space station!

HungLikeJesus  Thursday May 22 12:53 AM

That's no moon shadow...that's an asteroid about to strike the earth!

(BTW, what's the difference between an asteroid and a hemorrhoid?)

spudcon  Thursday May 22 08:30 AM

Asteroids are big ugly thing on your ass, and hemorrhoids are big ugly thi... never mind.

Flint  Thursday May 22 09:59 AM

Oh... Moon Shadow ... Moon Dance. Never noticed that before.

classicman  Thursday May 22 10:44 AM

Moon Shadow ... Moon Dance ... Dancing with the Stars ...
We should start a thread for that sorta thing!

Shawnee123  Thursday May 22 11:00 AM

I am of the opinion that we should replace anything that ends with "with the stars" with "with the has-beens."

Dancing with the Has-beens

Battle of the Has-beens

Battle of the Network Has-beens

Circus of the Has-beens

Imigo Jones  Friday May 23 08:05 PM

Hear, hear! Furthermore, Shawnee, we should replace anything that ends with "Idol" with "Will-Have-Been" .

American Will-Have-Been

Junior Will-Have-Been

GB original: Pop Will-Have-Been

Polish Will-Have-Been, Swedish Will-Have-Been, etc.

I'd like to see an FCC ban on ads from Oxwill-Have-Been and Mwill-Have-Been.

Hey, is that Sara Swill-Have-Been still on CSI?

Also, until China cleans up its earthquake mess, how about a voluntary, temporary network moratorium on news reports on the Been-Have-Will Lama? :p

skysidhe  Friday May 23 08:41 PM

I like Sara! ( would have been a good wife for what's his name)
I havn't watched CSI since Sara took a taxi out of town.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday May 24 12:35 AM

Don't forget, Sunday evening about 8pm EST, the Phoenix Mars Lander will be touching down. Here's the poop on how to see it on TV or the Internet.

Imigo Jones  Sunday May 25 02:00 PM

I like Sara! ( would have been a good wife for what's his name)
skysidhe, maybe good for Grissom, but would being Mrs. Grissom be good for anybody?
Besides possibly Lady Heather. Sara did, however, always seem to be under a strange cloud and in need of something, like the approval of an emotionally challenged man old enough to be a surrogate for the father who never made her his princess.

skysidhe  Sunday May 25 04:48 PM

good point

they were both messed up ...only Lady Heather had her head on straight.

Cloud  Sunday May 25 04:55 PM

I was sooo hoping for a Grissom/Lady Heather 'ship!

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