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   monster  Friday Feb 8 12:43 AM

February 8, 2008: Extinction on Film

Frogs Legs for Friday.

David Attenborough's latest nature spectacular captures frogs who use sign language to communicate over the hullaballoo of the mountain streams. Sadly, for these frogs -this wave is a farewell. The last few were taken into captivity by scientists in an attempt to avoid a fungus that killed the rest.

BBC story and video

deadbeater  Friday Feb 8 01:51 AM


classicman  Friday Feb 8 08:43 AM

That totally sucks. Maybe in the future we'll find that there were more in some obscure, remote place.

lookout123  Friday Feb 8 10:42 AM

or maybe we'll find out that their death was a necessary step in evolution that we just totally effed up by "helping" mother nature again.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Feb 8 11:19 AM

Not our fault, it was a virus killing frogs.

lookout123  Friday Feb 8 11:28 AM

but what if the virus was supposed to kill all the frogs so that the next big step could take place? Or worse, what if their extinction was necessary to prevent some horrible thing from happening? What if the survivors evolve into some supersmart race of signlanguage using frogs that can outsmart man? What if they breed and overtake our population and enslave us all?

I, for one, welcome our new slimy signing overlords.

OB  Friday Feb 8 12:06 PM

I find it more likely that the fungus had been introduced by humanity.

They should get these frogs a-humpin' so they can reintroduce them back in the wild where they belong!

morie  Friday Feb 8 01:27 PM

sign language? are we sure that frog can move the fingers? and if there are a few left, they're not extinct yet. anyone up for eating this iotd so we can make sure they're really extinct?

mickja1  Friday Feb 8 02:17 PM

How can I go on living without any more yellow spotted frogs? Goodbye, cruel world.

beauregaardhooligan  Friday Feb 8 04:35 PM

The fungus has more than likely been around for some time. It's just that all the crap we humans have dumped in the enviroment has lowered their resistance to the point where they are now susceptible.

PS: don't let the door hit ya where the god lord split ya, mickja.

Clodfobble  Friday Feb 8 04:42 PM

Aside from whether it's our fault they're dying, there's a good reason to save them: several of the extremely venomous frogs that live in these areas have very interesting medicinal possibilities. One, for example, doesn't even make its own venom--it eats ants, and collects their venom inside itself until it is of lethal concentrations. That ability to extract and concentrate ingested poison is one of the things they desperately want to study, but you can't exactly decide to dissect one when there are only a handful left.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Feb 8 11:37 PM

Chytrid Fungus. (pdf)

Gravdigr  Saturday Feb 9 05:33 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Not our fault, it was a virus killing frogs.
I thought it was a frog killing virus...

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Feb 9 06:34 PM

I thought I read it was a virus, but it appears it's a fungus. That's why I posted a correction.

SPUCK  Monday Feb 11 05:43 AM

One frog signs to another...

There is fungus among us!

SPUCK  Monday Feb 11 05:43 AM

Its been said that if frogs were the size of cows humans never would've had a chance since frogs are so indescriminately ravenous.

SPUCK  Monday Feb 11 05:45 AM

I think they'd go well next to asparagus tips..

TheMercenary  Monday Feb 11 09:04 AM

Frog Gang Signs.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Feb 11 10:49 AM

Originally Posted by SPUCK View Post
Its been said that if frogs were the size of cows humans never would've had a chance since frogs are so indescriminately ravenous.
Naw, we'd have hunted them to extinction, like every other human predator.

Your reply here?

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