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   Undertoad  Thursday Oct 18 11:54 AM

October 18, 2007: Naked guinea pig


The Sun has an item on this beast, a bald guinea pig. Fur-less rodents have been developed for a long time, usually around in order for testing labs that want to check out skin reactions. Now, apparently, they've caught on as pets. But according to the article, they have to be carefully maintained... or they catch cold in the winter and get sunburnt in the summer.

monster  Thursday Oct 18 12:00 PM

Great! Now no-peel for faster preparation

BigV  Thursday Oct 18 12:27 PM

Comes in family size too!

Emrikol  Thursday Oct 18 12:29 PM

Holy crap! They're still cute, even bald!

findpolitics  Thursday Oct 18 12:39 PM

I can't decide whether to post a picture of Wilfred Brimley and say "at least they left him with a moustache"


a picture of bald Britney Spears, speculating "maybe THAT's where she got the idea"

LabRat  Thursday Oct 18 12:51 PM

Bald animals make me laugh, they're just not natural.

Sheldonrs  Thursday Oct 18 01:04 PM

Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
Bald animals make me laugh, they're just not natural.
Hey!!! Bald is BEAUTIFUL!

Kitsune  Thursday Oct 18 01:08 PM

Guinea pig thread? Time for a flood.

Wee weee weeeeee!

LabRat  Thursday Oct 18 01:16 PM

That video makes me sad...Tuesday Miss Piggy went to her new home.

ZenGum  Thursday Oct 18 02:08 PM

I guess it is just the way the little fellow is sitting, but s/he looks as fat as hell. Fat, bald ... and wayyyyyy cute. I want one.

On naked animals... have we had a naked mole rat picture lately? And the award for "the animal most closely resembling a penis with teeth" goes to .... the envelope please .....

EDIT:Note, Pics from Wikipedia

barefoot serpent  Thursday Oct 18 02:13 PM

meh... naked lab rats... seen one you seen 'em all.

But snakes can swallow them head first or tail first; makes no difference.

lookout123  Thursday Oct 18 03:04 PM

meh... naked lab rats... seen one you seen 'em all.
hmmm, we must test this theory of yours. now if only we had a thread dedicated to this purpose...

LabRat  Thursday Oct 18 03:08 PM

Aren't you supposed to be working??

ZenGum  Thursday Oct 18 03:16 PM

It was naked mole rats people.
Or was it all a plot to see Labrat naked... oh damn I blew it...

lookout123  Thursday Oct 18 03:26 PM

i'm willing to work hard to get some new photos in that thread.

glatt  Thursday Oct 18 03:59 PM

He has his priorities straight, that lookout.

LabRat  Thursday Oct 18 05:00 PM

OK, naked animals are funny, but naked animals in knitted sweaters are freaking hilarious.

zippyt  Thursday Oct 18 05:18 PM

so fried or steamed ???

spudcon  Thursday Oct 18 09:08 PM

Originally Posted by zippyt View Post
so fried or steamed ???
Guinea pig ka-bob with barbque sauce.

SPUCK  Thursday Oct 18 10:12 PM

That movie reminds me of the rats that came pouring out of my chicken coop after I shot one standing next to it.... I had NO IDEA!

zippyt  Thursday Oct 18 10:15 PM

Guinea pig ka-bob with barbque sauce.

Meranaded in what though , soy , terayaki , or ????????

Oh I got it Dry rub !!!!!!!!

Elspode  Thursday Oct 18 11:05 PM

The naked guinea pig looks like it comes in Neopolitan flavor.

Spectacle  Friday Oct 19 03:58 AM

What was that oversized guinea pig, something related to a sloth or anteater or something? Anyway it has fur/hair, actually.

ZenGum  Friday Oct 19 04:07 AM

I think its a tapir.

binky  Friday Oct 19 12:15 PM

My 11 yr old saw the guinea pig and wants to add one to our zoo(2 cats, 2 fish, 2 snails for the fish bowls, one hamster, and one adopted desert tortoise). Oh YAY!!!

Sarasvati48  Friday Oct 19 07:40 PM

G-Pigs are eaten in their country of origin...

rkzenrage  Friday Oct 19 07:44 PM

They are the favored food in the mountain region of Peru, not the urban areas.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Oct 19 08:47 PM

Originally Posted by binky View Post
My 11 yr old saw the guinea pig and wants to add one to our zoo(2 cats, 2 fish, 2 snails for the fish bowls, one hamster, and one adopted desert tortoise). Oh YAY!!!
They are only $300..... plus sweater & sweat pants.

Sundae  Saturday Oct 20 05:50 PM

I'd quite happily eat guinea pig. Haven't a couple of Dwellars done so already? Am thinking of those in the Forces for some reason.

I can imagine guinea pig as a tapas dish, in a lightly spiced sauce

binky  Monday Oct 22 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
They are only $300..... plus sweater & sweat pants.
Oh thanks Bruce, that will be my easy way out

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Oct 22 06:32 PM

You could save on the wardrobe, if you bread it.

cubberly  Tuesday Oct 30 10:04 AM

Paris Hilton needs one of these!

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