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   Undertoad  Sunday Jul 1 09:20 AM

July 1, 2007: Rescue robot

The innovative Japanese have done it again with this item, which xoB points out from Neatorama via the Tokyo Times blog, where there is already plenty of snark to go around. "...rumours that the robot is able to 'digest' those who don't make it and has been bought in bulk by a certain fast food restaurant chain have yet to be confirmed," says the Times. Good snark, that.

If you're curious as to what the machine does when the person is not lying down flat, or when the person is not oriented north-south to the machine so that it can drag them into its slidey bit, or what happens with spinal injuries, well that's a lot of questions we won't be able to answer. Still, it's nice to see progress being made.

Wendalz  Sunday Jul 1 10:33 AM

Hurrah, first post!
This reminds me of how the Japanese whaling ships work... but less bloody and lacking the harpoons.
But trust the Japs to think of something like that!

Gravdigr  Sunday Jul 1 02:44 PM

Alright, I ain't scared, I'll say it: "Danger Will Robinson!! Danger!! Danger!!" I, for one, do not want to be eaten by a robot. Blown, or laid, maybe, but not eaten...

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Jul 1 03:21 PM

 It gets near from the head of the main point rescue person who to the land has collapsed. Continuing, it extends the arm left and right and grasps the clothes around the shoulder of the main point rescue person.

The main point rescue person accommodation tray which to the [robokiyu] itself central part is provided outside, the arm left and right is used and the main point rescue person is inserted in the tray.

It is in a state where the main point rescue person is accommodated inside [robokiyu]. Inside [robokiyu], it is designed in such a way that the person and the conversation which are operated can do. In addition, in order to be able to supply oxygen even, it has become.
Wouldn't it be quicker, more versatile, and cheaper to hire 2 illegal immigrants with a stretcher?

spudcon  Sunday Jul 1 05:38 PM

Wouldn't it be quicker, more versatile, and cheaper to hire 2 illegal immigrants with a stretcher?
Bruce, I think you've stumbled on the solution to a number of problems.

richlevy  Sunday Jul 1 09:19 PM

"All your body belong to us."

SPUCK  Monday Jul 2 04:29 AM

That is just sooo ... um... lame?

rkzenrage  Monday Jul 2 04:33 AM

It looks like it will crush my head like it is doing to that other dummy.
Can I just fend for myself?

Coign  Monday Jul 2 10:42 AM

I for one, welcome our body snatching robot overlords.

ferret88  Monday Jul 2 02:38 PM

How the heck is it ... what the heck is it grasping onto in order to drag the body? Looks like clothing, but that doesn't seem too terribly Unless the designers were looking to undress the ..uh...victims...
Nah, couldn't be. Could it?

ferret88  Monday Jul 2 02:41 PM

Occurs to me the cartmen ("Bring out your dead!) from Monty Python and the Holy Grail could have used one of these.

justush  Tuesday Jul 3 02:57 AM

Inspired by this Manual:

Attachment 13487

Silazius  Thursday Jul 5 10:28 AM

Soilent Green anyone?

I would be really freaked out if I saw Chaz Heston in the background...

TheMercenary  Friday Jul 6 09:19 AM

TheMercenary  Friday Jul 6 09:20 AM

Sundae  Saturday Jul 7 03:48 AM

Originally Posted by Coign View Post
I for one, welcome our body snatching robot overlords.
That gave me a real belly laugh, thank you

SPUCK  Thursday Jul 12 06:27 AM

But why would Overlords have to resort to 'snatching'??

Don't they just snap their fingers and traitorous humans in their employ do it?

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Jul 12 05:16 PM

Because they can.

Coign  Friday Jul 13 11:24 AM

If you can't do your own snatching as an evil overlord then really what point is there to being an evil overlord? Snatching is half the fun.

Kingswood  Sunday Jul 22 09:02 PM

These robots don't look like they move so fast. I believe the only way that they can snatch people is if the intended victim is willing to co-operate by lying still for an hour or so.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jul 23 07:05 PM

Body snatching, doesn't require live people.

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