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   Undertoad  Wednesday May 16 07:37 AM

May 16, 2007: Bear kills moose in driveway

It's another great Wolf find. Dateline Homer Alaska, where there are both bears and mooses and sometimes they'll just do what comes naturally. But in your driveway, 20 feet from your house is not where you expect a full-sized grizzly to drive its paw directly into the chest of the living moose to pull out its heart. From the full story:

Gary and Terri wound up with front-row seats as a brown bear killed a full-grown moose less than 20 feet away from their home.
"I saw this wildlife spectacle of a full-grown brown bear on a moose and the moose fighting for its life," Gary recalled Monday, admitting he was still rattled by the incident.

The couple ran downstairs and got the dog (which was remarkably quiet) inside. Then they got their cameras out.

The bear worked the moose down the driveway and finally killed it.

"She tore apart the chest cavity, ripped out the heart and ate it," Gary said. "It was like she knew that's what kept it alive."
The YouTube vids are not directly linked so that this doesn't become video of the day.

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 16 09:43 AM

Rocky: Hey Bullwinkle, we're in real trouble now!
Bullwinkle: Oh good, Rocky! I hate that artificial kind!

Sheldonrs  Wednesday May 16 09:55 AM

Maybe the bear just wanted to spike his hair.

Spexxvet  Wednesday May 16 09:57 AM

Bullwinkle: Hey, Rocky, we're in real trouble now!
Rocky: What you mean we?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday May 16 12:12 PM

Also an equal opportunity heart ripper outer.

lumberjim  Wednesday May 16 12:39 PM

i love you tube tangents. look what i found:

Shawnee123  Wednesday May 16 12:45 PM


freshnesschronic  Wednesday May 16 01:41 PM

that was the dumbest competition i ever saw. but takeru kobayashi is a baller, but to pit him against a bear? sheeeesh

BeltNah  Wednesday May 16 05:37 PM

Suddenly I feel the need to eat sausages.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday May 16 07:12 PM

Wecome to the Cellar, BeltNah

That's better than the need to eat hearts.

BeltNah  Wednesday May 16 07:56 PM

Thank You

I have been visiting for over 9 months now. The pictures are great and the comments that some of you guys leave are hilarious.

Kumbulu  Wednesday May 16 08:12 PM

Dude needs to learn how to eat the hotdogs whole, like the bear does.

PS Mmmmm...heart....

lumberjim  Wednesday May 16 08:28 PM

i would have liked to see the actual killing of the moose more than the nasty eating of it. ew.

Snapple  Thursday May 17 11:26 AM

Where is this driveway they speak of? The patch of cleared grass? Nice weather they're having. Yikes!

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday May 17 07:49 PM

City slicker.

ogwen69  Tuesday May 22 08:28 AM

I'm surprised no-one has mentionned BBQ's moose for dinner....

Mind you, I think we should wait until the bear has had her fill don't you?

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday May 22 01:03 PM

Unless you want to tartar with one hand and fight the bear with the other.

monster  Tuesday May 22 08:52 PM

I'm thinking more along the lines of bear bearnaise, myself. (of course I gotta wait for one of you gun-types to shoot the bugger first... :p)

TheMercenary  Wednesday May 23 01:20 AM

Ummm... A bear rug in my future!

Cloud  Wednesday May 23 02:55 AM

my mind keeps stuttering over this title and sees something else. Bull Moose? Bear Moose? Moose kills squirrel?

Trilby  Wednesday May 23 05:13 PM

Funniest comment from the commentators: "The bear doesn't know it's a competition!"


TheMercenary  Wednesday May 23 10:21 PM

That bear would be a rug in my house about a week after that pic was shot! Who is to say that next week it will not be back to rip your wife or kid out of the car for lunch?!! I say make him food for the crock pot.

SPUCK  Thursday May 24 06:25 AM

um good point..

A friend of mine, Jay, north of Spokane had a deer hung next to his garage thru a gate across his driveway.

He needed some firewood that evening .
He shouldered his double bladed axe and strolled over to split a few pieces.
He opened his gate... A bear, the size of the one in this thread, was surprised while eating Jay's deer. The bear's hair stood up, he instantly dropped on all fours and charged Jay.

Jay in shock, and only about 6 feet away just grabbed the axe with both hands and swung. Total luck he hit the bear right-between-the-eyes. It crashed into him but never moved again.

He had to call a game warden and report it as a bear is big game requiring a tag etc. The game warden was there in an hour and was amazed. He gave Jay a bear tag on the spot saying he deserved it.

His garbage cans were there also. It could've been anyone just taking the garbage out, unarmed.

Shawnee123  Thursday May 24 09:56 AM

Originally Posted by Brianna View Post
Funniest comment from the commentators: "The bear doesn't know it's a competition!"


LOL...Dogs don't know it's not bacon!

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday May 24 06:09 PM

Right, Spuck. If you feed them, they will come.
Hell, and I was all pissy about getting it from a skunk, while taking the garbage out.

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