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   Undertoad  Sunday Mar 18 03:12 PM

March 18, 2007: Car accident + open paint buckets

From this Brazilian thread, via Neatorama. If you get into even a smallish car accident... and you are carrying open paint buckets in the back... all of the Internet will point and laugh at you.

richlevy  Sunday Mar 18 03:29 PM

Mom, Dad, can I have tacos and a milkshake? I promise I won't get carsick.

Friends don't let friends ride with paint.

If you think that's bad, you should have seen the wallpaper accident down the road.

I guess you could say he had a brush with death.

And of course, "That reminds me. I was planning on watching Paint Your Wagon tonight".

BTW, save this linked pic for a future IOTD.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Mar 18 04:01 PM

They towed the red car out of a junk yard to set up this accident as an alibi for his wife. Actually his mistress did it.

Undertoad  Sunday Mar 18 04:10 PM

Rich, people have sent me that road before, but I can't document it any further than that thread, which is really weak on details IIRC. Either it's very remote and thus rarely mentioned anywhere, or it's a hoax.

piercehawkeye45  Sunday Mar 18 05:12 PM

I wonder who is going to clean that up...

jamamaspoke  Sunday Mar 18 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by richlevy View Post
BTW, save this linked pic for a future IOTD.
Holy Crap!!! Now I want to ride my bike in Bolivia! That is COOL

richlevy  Sunday Mar 18 06:00 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Rich, people have sent me that road before, but I can't document it any further than that thread, which is really weak on details IIRC. Either it's very remote and thus rarely mentioned anywhere, or it's a hoax.
Mystery solved. I am the King of Google.

It's actually in China, not Bolivia.

From here, also here.

Guoliang Tunnel is different from other road tunnels; it is quiet, secluded and mysterious, bright one minute and dim the next, full of twists and turns. The wall of the tunnel is uneven and there are more than 30 "windows" of
different sizes and shapes. Some windows are round and some are square, and they range from dozens of metres long to standard-window-size. It is frightening to look down from the windows, where strange rocks hanging form the sheer cliff above and a seemingly bottomless pit lying below. A village, opposite the tunnel, appears to hang on the precipice.

jinx  Sunday Mar 18 06:16 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Rich, people have sent me that road before, but I can't document it any further than that thread, which is really weak on details IIRC. Either it's very remote and thus rarely mentioned anywhere, or it's a hoax.
There's a road similar to that, although with not nearly as many windows, in Zion. I have some old pictures of it, but there are probably better ones.

footfootfoot  Sunday Mar 18 09:34 PM

It's insane, that guy's paint...

zippyt  Sunday Mar 18 10:05 PM

that looks likr some thing from the Three Stooges or Benny Hill !!!

TorasMommy  Monday Mar 19 03:33 AM

When I saw this I first thought the MythBusters were at it again with trying to paint a room with explosives.

To me it doesn't look like anyone was sitting in the driver's seat when it happened. But what do I know..

SPUCK  Monday Mar 19 04:30 AM

Originally Posted by piercehawkeye45 View Post
I wonder who is going to clean that up...
No one! That car is way beyond a total - paint not included. A lot of cars are considered a total if the air bags go off. They often cost a fortune to replace and the jolt required to trigger them often means the car got really bashed anyway.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Mar 19 05:50 AM

Originally Posted by TorasMommy View Post

To me it doesn't look like anyone was sitting in the driver's seat when it happened. But what do I know..
There was. I saw another picture showing the driver, although he didn't get it that badly, because the paint followed the roof-line. The seat backs and headrests blocked much of the wave.

mlandman  Monday Mar 19 09:42 AM


Reminds me of when I lost my virginity in the back of *my* car....

Spexxvet  Monday Mar 19 09:50 AM

Imagine if the buckets were full of human waste.

AZjanny  Monday Mar 19 11:44 AM

Who the hell rides around with open buckets of paint?

monster  Monday Mar 19 12:11 PM

This is what I used to dread when I brought the preschool fish tanks home for the summer

Clodfobble  Monday Mar 19 12:52 PM

Reminds me of this one...

piercehawkeye45  Monday Mar 19 01:00 PM

Originally Posted by mlandman View Post
Reminds me of when I lost my virginity in the back of *my* car....

monster  Monday Mar 19 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
Reminds me of this one...
Now that is scary!

RellikLaerec  Tuesday Mar 20 01:22 AM

Can you imagine what the scene would of been like if it was red paint instead of off-white? First EMT on the scene would be traumatized thinking it was blood!

TheMercenary  Saturday Mar 24 12:05 PM

Wild. So was it totalled?

zippyt  Saturday Mar 24 12:58 PM

Wild. So was it totalled?

Totalley painted !!!

Cyclefrance  Saturday Mar 24 02:32 PM

Confession time for me also.

Mrs CF was busy painting emulsion on the bedroom walls and was close to running out. I offered to go to the local DIY to pick up a gallon can for her - nice light pinky colour. I usually take my old work-horse Passat for these sort of jobs, but being a sunny day, I decided to jump in the Audi Cabrio, drop the roof to enjoy the sunshine, and use that instead.

I knew there was risk attached to doing this, but so long as I took it steady and didn't break too hard I was sure I'd be OK. Wrong decision.

I bought the paint - the tin even had those little extra retaining clips all round the lid. I placed the tin in the front passenger well where I could see it and moved the seat as far forward and as close to the tin as I could to improve stability, and off I went.

No problems. I was going slow and steady. I pulled up smoothly at the T-junction near the DIY place where I had to turn right. As we drive on the left, this entailed crossing to the far side of the road to get into the left side lane. Luckily the road had a centre lane for traffic turning from the left into the road I was in taking those cars across my path.

The road to my right was completely clear - no problem there. Two cars were coming from the left. The first, a VW Golf, was in the far lane and clearly going straight on. The second, a Volvo, moved into the centre lane to turn into my road. He slowed down and signalled to me to go out in front of him, so I acknowledged him and started to move out.

I'd been looking at the Volvo driver all this time and turned my head now to the front, only to see that at the last second the VW driver had decided that he didn't want to go straight on at all, but actually had meant to turn right into my road. He was now coming across and directly in front of me!

Annoying , but no real problem, I thought, as I was only do 5 mph, so I braked quickly to ensure I stopped and he waved thanks to me, smiled, and drove past me and into the road I was leaving.

What he coudn't see was the slow-motion action of a gallon tin of pink emulsion tipping forwards and hitting the floor. Then, as it hit the floor, discarding the retaining clips around its lid, which were suitably and immediately followed by the lid itself, as if chasing after them!.

Time then decided to come out of slow motion and I was aware of the front passenger well filling rapidly with a gallon of pink emulsion! Panic! What to do - If I touched the tin I would get paint on my hands and then without doubt I would get paint everywhere else as well!

I watched not knowing at that stage and for about five seconds that seemed like five minutes what I should do. My emotions were telling me to chase after the VW driver to give him a piece of my mind for causing this accident. My common-sense side was luckily assessing the situation differently. The paint was being contained inside the well. There was a strengthening bar ridge running laterally across the car stopping the paint going anywhere else. Home was 5 minutes away, so that was the place to head. The sight of pink emulsion reflecting gently in sunlight, however, wasn't the calming influence it might have been in other circumstances, but I somehow managed to keep cool and to get home without further mishap.

Mrs CF wasn't amused! After some suitable discussion about the incident, which I think resulted in her going inside the house slamming (make that welding) the back door shut as she did so, and me obsessively muttering obscenities under my breath, there was nothing left but to proceed with baling pink emulsion out the car well.

First job was to rescue the tin. That went OK - a bit messy but nothing to add to the present chaos. Then it was a case of scooping out the paint as much as I could and returning it to the tin. Amazingly, I managed to recover about three-quarters of the tin. I suppose, that if looking for that elusive silver-lining to the event. the only good thing about it all was that it was emulsion, so water soluble - I could now set to cleaning the well out properly.

Two hours later, with bowls of water first, and eventually hose going full blast going on the mats, I had more or less cleaned them so that they were just slightly off their original beige/oat colour. In the end, as the sun set, there was just one awkward splash inside the car that just wouldnt budge, but that was up and behind the botteom of teh dashboard, so I left it there.

So there you have it - it happened to me even with the lids on. To cap it all, though, our neighbour owns a paint store - he was away at the time, otherwise I would have bought it from him. The main difference then would have been that he ALWAYS makes sure that any tin of paint being transported by a customer in their own car, is secured inside a clear and water-tight plastic bag first.

Now why didn't I think of that....?

Clodfobble  Saturday Mar 24 08:51 PM

Originally Posted by Cyclefrance
...the tin even had those little extra retaining clips all round the lid.
You guys have weird paint cans over there. Our paint can lids are the same metal as the can, hammered into place, and require a separate metal key to get them off. I have personally thrown a full paint can onto the cement (well not intentionally, I was swinging my arm and it slipped out of my hand) and it didn't come open.

SPUCK  Sunday Mar 25 02:23 AM

Well I had a quart of custom industrial tan paint(enamel), I brought into my work office onto the tile linoleum squares. I had to look up something about spray gun settings on my computer. As I approached my desk I dropped it... It lit on the floor and that hammered on lid - burst - clear off and rolled across the floor... I stared in dismay and uncertainty at that 6 foot diameter puddle now surrounding my office chair's rollers. I didn't even possess a rag. I ran to the store bought a case of paper towels and ran back. I took two rolls and completely unrolled them onto the now 8 foot diameter lake. I dragged in a garbage can, picked up the whole dripping mess and shoved it into the can. The fumes were so bad I had to wear a chemical respirator. Once I had the bulk up there was a drying sticky layer left on my nice aqua blue linoleum. The only thing I could do was pour lacquer thinner all over and then wipe the new mess up. This stripped the top off the linoleum leaving flat aqua blue sans the colorful accent flecks... I then had to abandon the office for two days while fans tried to clear the stink out, hoping the whole time nothing would spark and blow the roof off.

Now there is a dirty brown circle 8 feet in diameter in the middle of my office floor as every dirt molecule in the area sticks to this dull finish.

So! Ican attest to the fallibility of hammered on lids.
And my own lack of coordination...

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Mar 25 01:34 PM

No container is klutz proof.

jinx  Sunday Mar 25 08:03 PM

The Kilz colored paint comes in containers with screw caps. Genius.

Elspode  Monday Mar 26 12:11 AM

I spilled a full gallon of very expensive latex paint in the back of my Explorer when I had to make a hard brake last year. American can, lid hammered on, yaddayadda. Hell of a mess, but just one more in a long series of indignancies that my poor truck has suffered.

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