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   Undertoad  Monday Jan 1 10:20 AM

January 1, 2007: Oh deer

It's the Cellar IotD / Neatorama image of the week!

No further information on this shot found by xoB, except a lonely caption: "Dinner Time in Eagle River, Wisconsin. These people living in Northern Wisconsin put some corn out in the dead of winter to sustain the area deer. When I said the deer up here were as thick as cats and dogs, I wasn't far off. Wisconsin community of Eagle River.'

Googling for the caption finds the shot in two other places, so it's not really 'going around' as I sometimes say, but it's interesting.

All I did to prepare them was to take them down to 800 wide; the original 1280 wide are here and here.

And as always, do check out Neatorama for more interesting items!

Pie  Monday Jan 1 10:45 AM

Large brown rats. Varmint.
(Yes, I did hit one in my new car. Why do you ask?)

Sheldonrs  Monday Jan 1 10:50 AM

Come for the food, stay for the buck shot.

Trilby  Monday Jan 1 12:10 PM

This morning I saw seven deer in the backyard--I think it's good luck!

Happy 2007!

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jan 1 12:30 PM

I wonder who scoops the poop?

zippyt  Monday Jan 1 12:55 PM

MMMMMMM !!!!!!
Venison chilli !!!!!
or is it Chilly venison ???

SPUCK  Tuesday Jan 2 05:17 AM

Not a single buck.... Must be kickin back somewhere.

SPUCK  Tuesday Jan 2 05:21 AM

reminds me... When I lived in Germany the army used to go out and feed the deer with helicopters.. An army sergeant fell out of the feeding copter about 3,000 feet. He landed in a big snow bank and broke only both legs.

Deep philosophical question:
Would this be termed as he was lucky?

OwenKL  Tuesday Jan 2 12:55 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad
All I did to prepare them was to take them down to 800 wide; the original[s are] 1280 wide...
Say, how about taking them down to 780 in the future? The border & scroll bars take up 20 pixels of my screen's 800 width, and so your captions always bleed off the edge of the screen, and it's maddening to have to scroll back and forth to read every line of print.


Undertoad  Tuesday Jan 2 01:32 PM

One solution for those kinds of things: use Firefox, and install the "Image Zoom" extension. You can then right-click on images and reduce their size for your monitor.

Or you could just ebay a 1024x768 LCD screen for less than $50 with shipping*
* with no power cable or video cable?

I hear you, and in the future I'll try to reduce to 780. It's hard to remember how everyone consumes these things - and how it'll change in the next few years.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Jan 2 03:45 PM

Or for slightly more, a Dell 24", 1920x1200, monitor.,00.asp

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Jan 2 04:15 PM

I want it...

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Jan 2 04:36 PM

Only one?

ferret88  Tuesday Jan 2 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by zippyt
MMMMMMM !!!!!!
Venison chilli !!!!!
or is it Chilly venison ???
Bravo! :

ferret88  Tuesday Jan 2 05:16 PM

Originally Posted by SPUCK
When I lived in Germany the army used to go out and feed the deer with helicopters..
First time I read that, I missed the "with" and wondered about feeding helicopters to deer.

capnhowdy  Tuesday Jan 2 07:57 PM

Buck way back in woods....hard to see......gottem cock caught in underbrush.....

Those puddles make 'yellow snow' look like a bananna lollipop.

Victoria_Mom  Thursday Feb 14 11:17 AM

Did anyone else notice the coyotes or some type of big cat in the background?

lumberjim  Thursday Feb 14 11:32 AM

that's a dolphin

Aliantha  Thursday Feb 14 04:46 PM

you think you're funny don't you jimbo?

lumberjim  Thursday Feb 14 04:48 PM


Aliantha  Thursday Feb 14 04:50 PM

thought so. It's ok. I'll bet your mum says you're funny.

lumberjim  Thursday Feb 14 05:38 PM

you want me.

Aliantha  Thursday Feb 14 07:15 PM

you want me.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Feb 14 10:43 PM

Originally Posted by Victoria_Mom View Post
Did anyone else notice the coyotes or some type of big cat in the background?
Welcome to the Cellar, Victoria_Mom.
The one closest to the house, I thought was a dog at first, but the big ears make me think it's another deer.

sweetwater  Saturday Feb 16 07:59 AM

"pick me, Santa, pick me!"

TheMercenary  Friday Feb 22 10:41 PM

There is a lot of meat to be eaten there.

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