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   Undertoad  Friday Dec 22 11:44 AM

December 22, 2006: Bonus image: a temporary cross-species adoption

Wolf pointed out in today's previous IotD that I'd not posted an animal image, and here it's Friday. My mistake! First such mistake ever! The holiday season threw me off.

As a bonus then, here is this very fine shot which comes with no further information. It's not typical IotD fodder since this adoption is probably not a permanent arrangement, which turns this from mind-bogging into merely cute. But that's good enough for a bonus image. Happy Friday.

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 22 11:48 AM

I love it. I don't care what anyone says...cows are totally cute!

LabRat  Friday Dec 22 11:51 AM


When'd ya change your sig line???

barefoot serpent  Friday Dec 22 11:52 AM

and speaking of Wolf...

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 22 12:07 PM

What sig line?

Just messin' Couldn't help it.

Elspode  Friday Dec 22 12:12 PM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123
I love it. I don't care what anyone says...cows are totally cute!
And tasty!

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 22 01:11 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode
And tasty!
I knew that was coming.

wolf  Friday Dec 22 01:50 PM

moo cow and lambie ... awwwwwwww.

Got mint jelly?

footfootfoot  Friday Dec 22 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123
What sig line?

Just messin' Couldn't help it.
Your sig line: Writer's Almanac? I told everyone I could about that line.

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 22 03:00 PM

If you mean the current Flaubert one I have it hanging in my office; not sure where I got it.

The one LR was referring to was my spoof on hers. Better left un re-said.

footfootfoot  Friday Dec 22 03:04 PM

Yeah, Flaubert was on writer's almanac the other day.

Shawnee123  Friday Dec 22 03:06 PM

Oh...great quote, huh?

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 22 04:51 PM

Originally Posted by Shawnee123
I love it. I don't care what anyone says...cows are totally cute!
But the sheep sucks.

Sheldonrs  Friday Dec 22 10:29 PM

"And the lion shall lay down with the lamb"...especially now that he's milk fed and extra tender.

tulzscha  Saturday Dec 23 12:19 AM

Yeah, but the problem with the Capitoline Wolf is that while the wolf itself may date to the 5th century BC (Etruscan bronze), the infants Romulus and Remus were added in the 15th century AD... It's like drawin' a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Which might be cool to do, admittedly, but it's sorta historically inaccurate.

CaliforniaMama  Saturday Dec 23 02:08 AM

Originally Posted by Undertoad
[snip] this adoption is probably not a permanent arrangement [snip]
So that would make this a foster arrangment . . .

Just letting you know that "adoption" is on out-going term, soon to no longer be used in situations other than in the adoption of a child due to many vocal and active PCKeepers in my vicinity. To the point where they have changed policies of huge companies who used to "adopt" families at Christmas, etc. Companies have completely reworded policies, etc., to appease the PCLords and Ladies. You can no longer "adopt" a road, "adopt" an animal and attitudes must be copped, not adopted.


SPUCK  Saturday Dec 23 06:22 AM

You want to know why the cow is letting the sheep do that?

Well do you!? Punk!

It's because that chain is too tight...

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Dec 23 07:16 AM

They let me do it without a chain. All I needed was a bucket and stool.

Sheldonrs  Saturday Dec 23 08:50 AM

Maybe the cow has just been watching too many gossip tv shows. She's copying what she has seen Madonna and Angelina doing.
Next week, the cow is planning a trip to Borneo to adopt a Tree Sloth.

rkzenrage  Saturday Dec 23 11:36 AM

I want to be adopted by a Silver-back Mt. Gorilla for a while, just for the hell of it.

richlevy  Saturday Dec 23 11:44 AM

Originally Posted by barefoot serpent
and speaking of Wolf...
So, do all Wolfs have eight tits?

Sheldonrs  Saturday Dec 23 12:10 PM

Originally Posted by richlevy
So, do all Wolfs have eight tits?

Yes, 2 on the back for slow dancing. lol!!

wolf  Saturday Dec 23 02:35 PM

yeah, it's true. It's hell buying bras.

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