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   Undertoad  Thursday Dec 14 12:07 PM

December 14, 2006: Dolphins saved by world's tallest man

Veterinarians at the oceanarium in Fushun, China had a problem. Two of their dolphins had taken up the habit of eating pieces of plastic off the edge of their pool. And some of the pieces were so large they couldn't be digested. The dolphins went off their food and became depressed.

The vets tried to retrieve the pieces with surgical tools, but the dolphins' stomaches would constrict, making the job impossible.

Then someone had a brilliant idea: let's get Xi Shun, the world's tallest man. at 7'9" (2.36m) and with arms 41 inches long (1.06m), and recognized by Guinness as the tallest living human, he should be able to reach right down in there.

And so they wrapped towels around the dolphins' teeth and sent in Shun. And he pulled out the biggest pieces that were causing the dolphins trouble.

The result: the dolphins are back to health. Well done.

dar512  Thursday Dec 14 12:14 PM

And they all lived happily ever after.

Ibby  Thursday Dec 14 12:18 PM


just... wow.

Griff  Thursday Dec 14 12:20 PM

Its good to be the hero!

Sheldonrs  Thursday Dec 14 12:21 PM

What are they gonna do if the dolphins get sexually frustrated?
I'm guessing that Xi Shun will run for the nearest airport then.

lumberpoet  Thursday Dec 14 12:26 PM

troubled dolphin that nibbles plastic
has fading health and beeding soul
tall guy called for measures drastic
quick put your arm down its pie hole

Spexxvet  Thursday Dec 14 12:29 PM

He could just be stuffing that dolphin, before it gets roasted for dinner. A nice sage stuffing would be ideal for dolphin, don't you think?

Elspode  Thursday Dec 14 12:32 PM

I think that's a shark.

skysidhe  Thursday Dec 14 12:49 PM

If I swallow anything evil put your fingers down my throat....

...some things inspire songs!

yay for the dolphin and the guy with long arms!

bbro  Thursday Dec 14 12:59 PM

Originally Posted by Elspode
I think that's a shark.
No, sir, I'm just a dolphin *ba dum ba dum ba dumbadumbadum* AHHHH!!!

milkfish  Thursday Dec 14 01:09 PM

It's the Abbas Giant, this time with his clothes on!

Tuba Loons  Thursday Dec 14 01:46 PM

Dolphin: Thanks for the so long, now I can have a fish.

(long time lurker, thanks for all the coolness, I just had to post that in honor of Douglas Adams)

Pancake Man  Thursday Dec 14 04:35 PM

Am I the only one thinking of Robert Wadlow?

pdaoust  Thursday Dec 14 06:23 PM

no, you're not the only one, except I couldn't remember his name, so I was thinking of "____ _____" instead.

rfoxx  Thursday Dec 14 06:30 PM

Tall people really are kinda freaky. You want to be polite and not make a big deal about it, but sometimes it's hard. I was in a sandwich shop once and there was a really tall guy working the cash register. He looked close to seven foot tall. Anyway, when someone gives you your change back, you kind of expect them to lean over the counter a bit to reach you. But this guy just stood there straight and sent his arm across like it was some construction crane coming at me. I almost jumped back.

SeanAhern  Thursday Dec 14 07:24 PM

Welcome, Tuba Loons!

capnhowdy  Thursday Dec 14 07:52 PM

Along with the good hearted save the animals thingie I bet the dude is well endowed as well. Anyway what woman would be looking at his face?

....leans back in chair and tries to come up with a recipe for pool plastic since the fish will survive......

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Dec 14 10:03 PM

Probably the only guy on earth, not impressed by the whale penis.

magilla  Thursday Dec 14 10:23 PM

That guy has a nice enough smile, but my word, look at the shnoz on him (middle pic). Wow.

The trainer in the dry suit is awfully cute, though.

The poor guy cannot stand well, it seems. When you are growing and making too much growth hormone, you become a giant like Xi Shun. If the hormone imbalance continues after you stop growing, you get something called acromegaly, and his features look kinda distorted to me. I bet he's got it. That's what gave Abe Lincoln his "shovel hands" and huge chin.

SPUCK  Friday Dec 15 06:34 AM

Go figger, a country with notoriously short people has the tallest man on earth...

SPUCK  Friday Dec 15 06:42 AM

Sorry dolphins eat
but plastic clogs the plumbing
we thought they were smart


SPUCK  Friday Dec 15 06:45 AM

WHOA!!! I just got a yardstick and held it up to my long arm.. Try it and then think 5 MORE inches.. It is unimaginable... Really, go now! Get stick! Report back!

Sundae  Friday Dec 15 07:21 AM

Originally Posted by Tuba Loons
Dolphin: Thanks for the so long, now I can have a fish.

Tomtheman5  Friday Dec 15 04:40 PM

Wait wait, hold the phones...

The world's tallest man is Asian?

Wow, that's gotta'd be hard enough being that anywhere else in the world... but in China?!

ferret88  Friday Dec 15 05:59 PM

Originally Posted by Tuba Loons
Dolphin: Thanks for the so long, now I can have a fish.

(long time lurker, thanks for all the coolness, I just had to post that in honor of Douglas Adams)


Wish I had thought of that.

rkzenrage  Friday Dec 15 06:58 PM

I'm in yur gut!

chrisinhouston  Saturday Dec 16 08:13 AM

This whole story brought back a memory. My uncle (he now about 82) told me how when he was about 5 and growing up on the farm, his dad came to him in the night and told him he was needed to save one of the cows. She was calving and the calf got stuck. He said he had to stick his arm up in her as far as he could and turn the calf's head. When he did it, the calf came slithering out.

He told me how he raised that calf up to be a big cow and took special care of it. Then one day it was gone. Grandpa decided it was just right for market.

I just about lost it!

barefoot serpent  Wednesday Mar 28 10:19 AM

And now that The Cellar has made him famous...

he's getting hitched!

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