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   Undertoad  Tuesday Oct 10 10:06 AM

October 10, 2006: Guy's arm attached to his groin

In one of those "it's going around" items, Neatorama got this from Spluch which got it from here which probably got it from here.

Israel Sarrio had a problem. His arm was torn off in a car accident in Spain. Doctors tried to re-attach the arm, but there was a problem... the stump developed an infection.

There was no choice but to remove the arm, but they decided to do a groundbreaking, first time ever surgery, where they would attach his arm to arteries in his groin in order to keep it alive while the infection in the stump could be treated.

For nine days he stayed in this condition, until the infection cleared up and the docs were able to successfully reattach the arm. At the time they figured he'd be able to use it and everything, although with less mobility in the fingers. There hasn't been an update on his story in two years, but somehow the photo has made it out to the net and so here it is.

Emrikol  Tuesday Oct 10 10:28 AM

That's one heck of a surgeon! Let's give him a hand!!!


barefoot serpent  Tuesday Oct 10 10:38 AM

Originally Posted by Undertoad
At the time they figured he'd be able to use it and everything, although with less mobility in the fingers.
I can understand the blood flow but what about the nerves? Did the arm just move into a single... ummm... priapic position from time-to-time?

Beestie  Tuesday Oct 10 11:14 AM

Poor guy, now he's gonna end up with hair on both palms.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Oct 10 11:17 AM

Is that a forearm in your pocket, or are you... Holy crap!

Shawnee123  Tuesday Oct 10 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by Emrikol
You mean *groin*?

xant  Tuesday Oct 10 12:07 PM

Brings a whole new meaning to "fingerbang".

Now he can finally scratch whenever he needs to and nobody will notice.

I wonder if he's into "fisting".

Brings a whole new meaning to "Shaking hands with Mr. Happy."

etc etc.

Spexxvet  Tuesday Oct 10 12:13 PM

Excuse me, but get my hand off my thigh!

BigV  Tuesday Oct 10 01:12 PM

Read the title and my post was instantly:


You meant the *other* end of his arm, though. Ok, that's news.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Oct 10 08:29 PM

I'm surprised at that last link to those photo thieves....I'm tellin'

Leah  Tuesday Oct 10 09:44 PM

All I can say is that it's lucky they decided to stitch the arm on with the hand facing down next to his knee. If it was stitched in the other direction he'd have a continuous smile on his face. It could even possibly set a trend and guys would be asking for it.

findpolitics  Wednesday Oct 11 11:11 AM


What's going on in the inset photo?

glatt  Wednesday Oct 11 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by findpolitics
What's going on in the inset photo?
I think this is the "after" shot, where the doctor is examining the patient's arm after it has been reattached and has had a chance to heal for a while.

BigV  Wednesday Oct 11 12:32 PM

checking for hair on the palm...

mrnoodle  Wednesday Oct 11 02:58 PM

If I ever had my weener severed in a car accident, I'd want them to attach it to my hand.

and especially

rock9995  Wednesday Oct 11 08:21 PM

sick sick sick

I especially (and just now) joined this forum just to say that YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK SICK SICK AND THE WRATH OF GOD WILL BE SMITTEN UNTO YOU FOR ETERNITY and..and...umm...other stuff that could be even worse, maybe.

God is gonna smite me, too, for laughing my ass off at your TWISTED, SHAMEFUL remarks!!

Or, what the hell, maybe I'm just easily amused.

Ibby  Thursday Oct 12 07:09 AM





Beestie  Thursday Oct 12 07:29 AM

Originally Posted by rock9995
God gets mad at us; he just can't stay mad at us.

milkfish  Friday Oct 13 11:03 PM

This would be a great idea for a Halloween costume.

joelnwil  Sunday Oct 22 08:24 PM

OK, guys and girls, here is the follow-up:

He is going to be OK.

I did not actually read all of the article since the whole thing makes me queasy.

But it was a good outcome!

Let's cheer for that.

Sheldonrs  Monday Oct 23 06:42 PM

I wonder if after they removed it from his groin, did he suffer from phantom hand jobs?

classicman  Thursday Nov 27 02:56 AM

bump --- ewwww ---- lol

Emrikol  Thursday Nov 27 10:49 AM

Originally Posted by classicman View Post
bump --- ewwww ---- lol
zombie thread back from the dead

Gravdigr  Thursday Nov 27 11:51 AM

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SteveDallas  Thursday Nov 27 12:08 PM

Mom always said something like this would happen if I didn't stop.

Cicero  Thursday Nov 27 12:24 PM

God I hope if something that embarassing happens to me no one is around to snap the photo. The people's right to know.....I guess.

Undertoad  Thursday Nov 27 12:24 PM

Pics of the operation and everything, ew:

BrianR  Sunday Nov 30 12:45 AM

reminds me of these two kooks.

Crimson Ghost  Sunday Nov 30 02:24 AM

Gives a whole new meaning to "Say 'Hello' to my little friend!"

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