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   Undertoad  Saturday Sep 23 04:03 PM

September 23, 2006: Tunick in Duesseldorf [NSFW]

Been a while since we had a Spencer Tunick item. I guess it was played out for a while? Maybe it still is, you be the judge. Mr. Tunick specializes in photography of nudes in outdoor settings and this has now turned into photography of thousands of nudes.

In this case they're at the Ehrenhof museum complex.

And clearly the point here is for the live, present day, current nudes to recall the general theme of the ancient artwork.

Setup of the outdoor shot.

Another possibility.

Down with the haters, I like Tunick's work. Just like Wegman will forever be photographing his weimaraners, Tunick will forever be photographing his nudes, and they both give the artist the productive confinement of a theme. Er, or something.

Slight  Saturday Sep 23 05:14 PM

notice the baby in the corner of the second shot (my favorite)

rkzenrage  Saturday Sep 23 05:39 PM

What is that top one, Rape of the Sabines?

9th Engineer  Saturday Sep 23 05:59 PM

Photography of nudes is one thing, but is it just me or is a mountain of naked women on their backs with their legs in the air speaking to something a little different. Last shot with them curled up ass-to-the-camera is little better

sandypossum  Saturday Sep 23 06:48 PM

is it just me or is a mountain of naked women on their backs with their legs in the air
Yes, it's just you - it's a mountain of naked women and naked men, and it's their arms in the air.

And maybe it's just me, but when I see a corridor of bums, like the last photo, I can't help wondering: if one of them farted, would it set off a chain reaction? (Just read "The Day My Bum Went Psycho" so that probably doesn't help.)

vrai_rennx  Saturday Sep 23 07:06 PM

Hmm, I seem to remember this Tunick guy doing something around where I live... There was an article in the paper about it, and a big uproar with people who were for/against it. Me, I admire the people who have the guts to pose for him. I never could, I'm way too self-conscious.

9th Engineer  Saturday Sep 23 08:24 PM

It's still just a bunch of naked people lying there, nobody ever thought a frat house on Sunday morning was art...

TropicFever  Saturday Sep 23 09:09 PM

I'm guessing somewhere off on the side there is a mountain of clothes? Someone should be taking advantage of that, and calling it art.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Sep 23 09:43 PM

He always picks gray overcast days. I suppose it's for better pictures without shadows and hot spots, but it always looks like an uncomfortable day to be naked.

incommunicadocat  Saturday Sep 23 11:10 PM

I was in one. The Melbourne shot, which was apparently the largest turn out he'd ever had. For and half thousand, I think. (Just confirmed that, over 4.5 thou. Beaten by 7,000 in Barcelona, 2003. Well, that's Spain for you. I mean, think of the tomatoes!) But back to being nude amongst thousands at 4am in rainy Melbourne.
It was a fuggin' incredible experience!
Everybody was naked, everybody was different, there were fat people, hairy people, tattooed people, no one oggled anyone or did naughty stuff. That many people standing naked in a group generated an extraordinary warmth, and as we were directed to different areas and accidentally brushed up up against each other nobody freaked about being touched. And naked people are soft! It was all very... pure. Innocent, even. When it was time to get dressed everyone just spontaneously turned around and hugged the people near them, cheering.
I don't think much of the 'artworks' themselves, but I wouldn't have missed the experience for the world. It was one of the nicest things I've ever done.

Elspode  Saturday Sep 23 11:10 PM

I rather like like gallery shot. In fact, I think it is possibly the best Tunick shot yet.

wolf  Sunday Sep 24 03:16 AM

If it's art, is it really NSFW?

Ibby  Sunday Sep 24 05:19 AM

Better safe than fired...

Griff  Sunday Sep 24 08:15 AM

Originally Posted by Elspode
I rather like like gallery shot. In fact, I think it is possibly the best Tunick shot yet.
That really is good, the lighting makes it.
In general, I think Tunick has found an amusing little niche but pictures of numerous chilly Europeans tends toward an unattractive purplish hue that just reminds me that we need clothes in these climates.

limey  Sunday Sep 24 01:18 PM

Incommunicadocat's post reminded me of when I went to the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Not my usual choice of entertainment and it's not important how I ended up there, but I (a woman, for those who don't know) found looking at the rows of topless dancers a liberating experience (no pun intended). Their breasts were all shapes and sizes, and the sight of this variety brought home to me in a very comforting way that any shape is a good shape for a breast. It's difficult to explain, and I can see all you guys (yes, YOU, LJ) saying "Doh! Of COURSE!" to me, but the media in general presents the idea that there is a "standard" shape, an idea which the ladies at the Moulin Rouge dispelled for me forever. I wish I could explain better ...

Ibby  Sunday Sep 24 04:25 PM

A boob is a boob. Some are exquisite, some are... well, not. But there is no 'Standard', not by a long shot.

Sundae  Monday Sep 25 11:15 AM

My 60 year old friend posed for Tunick in Newcastle. It was a wonderful experience for her, as she is originally from there, and found it liberating at 60 to be walking around stark naked with thousands of other people.

She isn't easy to spot in the artwork, but she managed to get on the blown up section that was featured at the launch. AND in the information brochure.

Good for her I say.

Shawnee123  Monday Sep 25 11:26 AM

They must have got a LOT of beads!

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 25 09:09 PM

Originally Posted by Ibram
A boob is a boob. Some are exquisite, some are... well, not. But there is no 'Standard', not by a long shot.
That's true, but most people have a favorite "style".

My favorite style is......available.

Your reply here?

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