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   Undertoad  Thursday Jul 13 01:48 PM

7/13/2006: Arrow-shot ibis lives, evades helpers

Yet another tale of man's inhumanity to animals...

According to this full story, two days ago they were trying to catch this poor bird for quite a while. From the story:

Usually, injured birds are willing to give themselves up, the volunteers said. Hunt and Camp have rescued many birds with broken wings or who have gotten tangled in fishing lure.

But this is a traumatized and very young ibis, probably born this spring because its feathers are still brown. Adult white ibises are all white.

Ibises are wading birds that hunt for small fish. The injured bird is believed to be a part of a flock that looks for dinner in the retention pond between Gladiola Avenue and Nova Road.

The injured bird was first reported on Thursday night, according to the Bird Rescue Center.

"He is one lucky bird," Camp said, because the arrow appears to have missed the vital organs and chest muscles used for flying.

From the angle of the arrow, it looks like somebody shot at the bird while it was on the ground. The arrow pierces the bird's body at a diagonal.

The arrow also looks like a target arrow, or the type shot at barrels of hay, volunteers said.

wolf  Thursday Jul 13 01:50 PM

Looks like an Easton Gamegetter II. Aluminum Shaft, plastic fletching.

Undertoad  Thursday Jul 13 01:52 PM

I was thinking ibis from the long beak and legs as long as the body, but you may be right.

Happy Monkey  Thursday Jul 13 01:55 PM

He's into extreme body modification.

Trilby  Thursday Jul 13 02:14 PM

I'm am seriously contemplating becoming a vegetarian.


If I DO turn PETA on your asses it will be YOUR OWN FAULT!

capnhowdy  Thursday Jul 13 02:25 PM

According to the full story link, that area is swarming with sicko animal abusers. Even players on the local ball team. Yikes.

grazzers  Thursday Jul 13 02:48 PM

I got into archery last september and shoot for my university team, and enjoy it a lot, but I only use standard targets, why would you want to shoot animals? As this shot shows, its not nearly as humane as shooting the animal with a high accuracy rifle (which I still disapprove of, but at least the animal is dead before it can feel anything.)

No, I'm not vegetarian, but killing livestock for food is slightly different to shooting a bird for the fun of it.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Jul 13 03:12 PM

Damn dirty indians.

capnhowdy  Thursday Jul 13 03:53 PM

I think they were actually injuns.

LabRat  Thursday Jul 13 05:00 PM

Poor bird makes me think of

richlevy  Thursday Jul 13 10:13 PM

Actually, this reminds me of something that happened to me a few decades ago.

I was a camp counselor in Pennsylvania. I had some free time, so I took my bow, which was a cheap fiberglass recurve that was still better than the camp ones, and went to the archery range.

The targets were set in front of hay bales. I was using a standard target point, a blunted cone. After shooting, I went to get the arrows out and found one had gone in all the way into the target up to it's fletching. Pulling the arrow out normally would have ruined the fletching, so I followed standard practice and walked around back to pull it out by the point.

I saw the point poking out of the hay bale and gave it a good yank. In less than a second, the snake that my arrow had shot through flopped out of the hay bale and onto my wrist.

I don't know exactly how loud I screamed, but I'm sure they heard me in the next state.

The snake was black and about a foot long. The arrow had gone through the skin about halfway down the body but pushed aside all of the organs. It was not poisonous, but it was pissed. I took it to the nature hut and they put it in a terrarium with some other snakes, which it ate.

footfootfoot  Thursday Jul 13 10:33 PM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy
I think they were actually injuns.
Pesky Redskins, I believe. Probably en route to Goshen.

xant  Friday Jul 14 11:09 AM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy
According to the full story link, that area is swarming with sicko animal abusers. Even players on the local ball team. Yikes.
Hard to believe virtuous players of ball could be capable of bad things.

BigV  Friday Jul 14 11:12 AM

That bird is such a poser--look at how he aligns the arrow with the telephone wire. He *know* the camera's on him. Bird like that is just begging for attention.

wolf  Friday Jul 14 03:26 PM

Local news usually has at least three of these a year, most often ducks or Canada geese, but I kind of recall one swan from a few years back.

It's hard to hit a vital organ with a target point.

IIRC, blunts are preferred for small game and birds, but you usually end up having to bludgeon the animal to death because they're just stunned.

capnhowdy  Friday Jul 14 04:33 PM

I think the target point pushes the vitals out of its way as it penetrates.

Ooooooh... I said penetrate.

Ibby  Friday Jul 14 04:41 PM


(The Rototron Cornbobber!)

Shawnee123  Friday Jul 14 05:00 PM

The Arrow And The Song
Poem lyrics of The Arrow And The Song by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.

Yeah it hit a bird, ya idgit!

footfootfoot  Saturday Jul 15 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by BigV
That bird is such a poser--look at how he aligns the arrow with the telephone wire. He *know* the camera's on him. Bird like that is just begging for attention.
And now my impression of Phillipe Petit...

Undertoad  Monday Jul 17 06:58 PM

Via Fark, the ibis is still not captured:

"Hunt and partner Marilyn Camp have spent hours chasing the bird from tree to tree. They threw fish on the ground to lure it down, and twigs to rattle it off a perch. But the bird would simply climb to a higher branch or flutter away as they advanced.

"Workers from the Marine Science Center and Holly Hill police have also tried to no avail to rescue the ibis."

capnhowdy  Monday Jul 17 10:02 PM

to hell with the arrow..... " here comes Mongo!"
I wonder if maybe they should just leave him alone.

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