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   Undertoad  Friday May 19 12:26 PM

5/19/2006: Near miss

From MSNBC Week in Sports Pics. I think the title is everything I have to say about this one. Speaks for itself.

Pancake Man  Friday May 19 01:20 PM

All I can say is: OWNED!!

Is it just me, or does it look like an arrow pierced his side?

glatt  Friday May 19 01:26 PM

too bad he missed. Look at the blood running down the bull's back. This guy had it coming.

capnhowdy  Friday May 19 01:56 PM

Not that I am really wild about bulls, but this sport seems awfully cruel to me. I wish the poor bull hadn't missed. But thats just me talkin'.....

BigV  Friday May 19 02:07 PM

Folks, that's a near HIT, not a near miss.

Emrikol  Friday May 19 02:22 PM

Didn't you just yesterday say that you post cutesey friday images?

capnhowdy  Friday May 19 02:39 PM

What's not cute about an asshat getting in the ring with a mad bull, waving capes and chunking spears nearly being castrated as a result? C'monnnnnn......

I'm still waiting for someone to be dense enough to call this an accident.

Emrikol  Friday May 19 03:16 PM

an assident?


Flint  Friday May 19 03:19 PM

Whadda you expect, wearing pink socks?!

mickja1  Friday May 19 03:23 PM

One word.. "cup" !

xoxoxoBruce  Friday May 19 04:06 PM

Originally Posted by Flint
Whadda you expect, wearing pink socks?!
My thoughts, exactly.

Elspode  Friday May 19 04:08 PM

They were white until he was anally gored by that bull, man.

Flint  Friday May 19 04:12 PM

White? After Labor Day?

Trilby  Friday May 19 05:03 PM

Those g*ddamn Spics! i hope that bull gorges that mofo. *mad*

Happy Monkey  Friday May 19 05:08 PM

Originally Posted by Happy Monkey
Originally Posted by Happy Monkey
He is into extreme sports. If he were human, he'd be a base jumper.
Or maybe a matador...

footfootfoot  Friday May 19 06:22 PM

Damn! that monkey has brass ones. See what boredom can do to you?

I have to find the image of the matador who was "horribly gored" I doubt if he survived, if he did, he probably wished he hadn't.

From the picture, it looked like he was justfinishing giving birth to a bull who came out tail first, if you get my picture.

footfootfoot  Friday May 19 06:26 PM

found it. horrendous, not horrible.

Trilby  Friday May 19 06:35 PM

serves his ass right.

footfootfoot  Friday May 19 06:39 PM

I have more respect for the monkey.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday May 19 08:56 PM

See 3foot, it's those damn pink socks again.

footfootfoot  Friday May 19 09:34 PM

/throwing away ALL my pink socks right now!

milkfish  Saturday May 20 06:54 AM

But the shoes, they are sensible at least.

Skunks  Saturday May 20 08:20 AM

It looks as though he also nearly gored himself with his sword-thing.

I wonder if bullfighter school includes being trained to instinctively tuck your pointy blades under your arm when large, angry mammals bowl you over.

footfootfoot  Saturday May 20 10:21 AM

Originally Posted by milkfish
But the shoes, they are sensible at least.
as usual, funny as hell.

chrisinhouston  Saturday May 20 04:42 PM

Oh and there are more images out there!

romuh doog  Saturday May 20 09:20 PM

I belive this is the Spanish version of "What not to wear." (They're just so much more violent about fashion in Spain)

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday May 20 11:32 PM

Originally Posted by chrisinhouston
Oh and there are more images out there!
Uh,....where did you get the first picture?

skysidhe  Sunday May 21 12:04 PM

Saknussem  Sunday May 21 02:21 PM

Wow, that was almost a hole in Juan.

AureliusVin  Sunday May 21 03:38 PM

mitheral  Tuesday May 23 02:04 AM

Originally Posted by skysidhe
Is that pic legit?

Griff  Tuesday May 23 07:43 AM


BigV  Tuesday May 23 10:34 AM


Ibby  Tuesday May 23 10:38 AM


dar512  Tuesday May 23 12:04 PM


BigV  Tuesday May 23 12:53 PM

Originally Posted by Ibram
It's ok, you're new here.

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Jun 8 10:47 PM

But Sir, the bull does not always lose.

glatt  Thursday Jun 8 11:16 PM

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

It makes me cringe, but the guy had it coming.

Ibby  Friday Jun 9 04:50 AM

Totally deserved it.

All that blood?

Doubt it's his.

milkfish  Friday Jun 9 06:23 AM

That most recent picture appears to show a young Prince Charles or an amazing simulation. Also John Bull.

I bet his cleaner hates to have to wash and sew up the spangly suits afterwards.

footfootfoot  Friday Jun 9 10:17 PM

I think after a person dies there is a special bench, like the group W bench, where people who died doing stupid, and pointless things have to sit until they are rehabilitated.

Spangly suit? Check.
Waving red flags at enraged bulls? Check.
Trying to stab aforementioned bulls, not in self defense? Check.

OK sir, if you'll just have a seat over there. Yes, next to the bungie jumper.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Jun 9 10:40 PM

I'll bet he's wearing pink socks, too.

Johnny Staccato  Friday Jun 9 11:43 PM

Does this make you horny?

jtm  Saturday Jun 10 10:27 AM

Originally Posted by mitheral
Is that pic legit?
Apparently it is.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jun 10 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by Johnny Staccato
Does this make you horny?
Welcome to the Cellar, Johnny.
To answer your question, no.....but it reminds me how dangerous horny males can be.

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