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   Undertoad  Sunday Apr 30 12:45 AM

4/30/2006: Vacation

IotD is on vacation this week. It shall, one expects, return next week with more daily images to enjoy.

Meanwhile please enjoy the IotD Archives - over five years during when I didn't take a break from it.

skysidhe  Sunday Apr 30 01:08 AM


zippyt  Sunday Apr 30 01:43 AM

I beleve the song goes " Have Drink on me !!!"
Take your time , LOTS has been going on here , Lots of weird and wild stuff , Lots of new fokls and Lots of going's on .
I don't blame you , I would need a break as well ,
Go fly fishing ,
drink a beer beside a clod stream with trout in it ,
howl at the moon ,
Breath some freash air ,
Chill and relax .
see you after a while .

DucksNuts  Sunday Apr 30 02:19 AM

Zippy - I think I have a crush on you, you say the nicest things

Ibby  Sunday Apr 30 04:39 AM

In the mean time, with permission of course, I may have to post some of the amazing pictures I've taken here in Thailand the past two days. I'll be here another week, too.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Apr 30 11:44 AM

Of course before leaving on vacation, UT goes to church this morning.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Apr 30 11:48 AM

Then, after church, it's off to the airport to borrow LJ's plane......the "Rearing Stallion".
Wonder where he's going?

skysidhe  Sunday Apr 30 11:58 AM

Bruce, re: (your signature)
I'll take humor over smarts anyday. You funny mister.

For UT [edit to note who the post was for]

Ten Signs Your Partner Needs A Vacation

10. Every Tuesday he insists it's his turn to be the siren.
9. He is starting to develop a crush on one of the transvestite hookers he arrested.
8. He wants to transfer to a K-9 unit because he thinks he'd look good in a collar.
7. He wants you to call him "Judge Dredd", and he insists that all suspects should be executed right there on the spot.
6. He talk to himself. Half of him is the "good cop", and the other half is the "bad cop".
5. He keeps asking you if his bullet proof vest makes him look fat.
4. He is exchanging donut recipes with complete strangers.
3. The perpetrators beg him to stop talking about his hemorrhoids.
2. He wants to hear less talk and more music on the police channel.
1. He keeps handcuffing himself by accident!!

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Apr 30 06:46 PM

Somebody told me he might be going to the Goatse Museum.

Too bad they can't see these pictures in the Blog View....gotta come inside.

Kagen4o4  Sunday Apr 30 08:24 PM

nice one bruce. have you been to he goatse museum? i hear its very warm this time of year

skysidhe  Sunday Apr 30 08:32 PM

ok, I've been looking at some pictures. There seems to be a common theme here. hummm

Kagen4o4  Sunday Apr 30 11:14 PM

you googled goatse didnt you? you poor soul

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Apr 30 11:17 PM

How do you get that or any common theme from a church, airplane and museum?

btw, that should be marked NSFW.

Kagen4o4  Sunday Apr 30 11:25 PM

you dont know what goatse is xoB? google it, or look here...(warning do not look there)


skysidhe  Sunday Apr 30 11:32 PM

@ Bruce, the common theme of goatse silly! You knew that.

Yes I did kagen, my eyes are burnt now.....oh and btw.....happy birthday kagen....I would go to your birthday thread but I've been instructed not to post much or often.

Kagen4o4  Sunday Apr 30 11:44 PM

birthday?? what makes you think its my birthday? my bday isnt for months

skysidhe  Monday May 1 12:04 AM

sorry, this is why I really need my glasses. I am far sighted

Someone was wishing someone a happy birthday. ! I thought it was you.

* is really embarrassed*

DucksNuts  Monday May 1 12:25 AM

OMG...I feel all dirty now, I had no clue what goatse was either. I need to wash my eyes with something.

Kagen4o4  Monday May 1 01:07 AM

i was wishing lookout123 a happy bday

skysidhe  Monday May 1 01:14 AM

yeah, thank you kagen for that.

@ ducknuts. I love your signature! It gave me a chuckle. I think if people could read my mind they would hear things that would suprise them too. I think I look all put together 'cept when I have those blond moments. hehe

DucksNuts  Monday May 1 01:33 AM

Sky - its actually a line from one of my fav songs, so I cant take the credit, but its really fitting :p

xoxoxoBruce  Monday May 1 04:54 AM

Originally Posted by Kagen4o4
you dont know what goatse is xoB? google it, or look here...(warning do not look there)
Yes I know what (who) that is. I also didn't show a picture OR link to him. I wouldn't put that in IOtD........duh. Use your head.
I don't see a common theme to pictures of a church sign, an airplane and a Chinese blast furnace.

Kagen4o4  Monday May 1 05:31 AM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
Somebody told me he might be going to the Goatse Museum.
that is the reference you made

Beestie  Monday May 1 09:06 AM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
Of course before leaving on vacation, UT goes to church this morning.
Ok. I've read this thread over and over and have made some decisions and drawn some conclusions. But since your posts are uncharacteristically vague, I'll lay out my thoughts which you can either: ignore, correct or respond to.
  1. Bruce is very not happy with UT's decision to ban Mari (even temporarily). This is a matter of record.
  2. Bruce seems to think UT has turned into LJ's henchman.
  3. Bruce seems to think UT is being judgemental.
  4. The church reference in this thread is troubling.
  5. The stallion reference is very troubling.
  6. Posting UT's pic in the above pics is deeply troubling.
  7. The goatse reference is unknown to me and I'm not inclined to follow any of the links right now but, based on the follow up comments, I'll guess that I would probably find it downright offensive.
  8. Bruce is of the opinion that softball "feel-good" responses to Brianna are "enabling" but considers hardball responses to Mari to be unfair and judgemental. Bruce is hereby advised that Brianna deserves all the support she gets because she is brutally honest with herself and does not shield herself from candid replys. One who is not afraid to admit to and confront his or her own frailties requires not bludgeoning but a measure of support. Denial, on the other hand, requires a firmer response. While you might think Mari is "consistently confused," I and others find her to be a serial misrepresentationalist (yes, I just made that word up).
  9. Bruce may have forgotten that while he is a senior member of this forum, he is still a guest and whatever the circumstances, I still think that if a guest has a problem with the host he should take it up with him in private and not try to publicly challenge and embarrass him.
But, like I said, I could be wrong about all of this given the oblique nature of what I'm responding to.

skysidhe  Monday May 1 09:25 AM

Very well said Beestie.Id say that was a very astute. I happen to agree with one and two possibly three and overall I like this thread. It seems a friendly roast. A well deserved one too since I have been on the henchmans ( lj) watchlist myself. I like UT. I told him so myself and told him also I didn't appreciate the put downs to my rep by lj. Those offending posts have been deleted. Well most of them. I think this is pretty mild even if it does seem disrespectful. Maybe he has lost some of that respect? Maybe there was a good reason for it.

@ Bruce. You keep asking what is the connection between church,airplane and furnace? I feel like I am failing first grade but there really isn't any past the connection you conspire? I was looking at the goatsi and said, humm I see a common theme here. ( meaning goatsi and not your thread)

The goatsi has one theme and one theme only. I appologize for posting that pic.

capnhowdy  Monday May 1 08:54 PM

Happy Vacation, UT....
Sometimes we all need to back away from things so we can see them from a distance.
And things have been rather pesky as of late. I've backed off a lot myself. This isn't the Cellar I knew years ago. Nothing ever remains the same. A good thing? I reckon we'll see.
Enjoy yourself, Tony. You deserve it.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday May 1 09:14 PM

Originally Posted by Kagen4o4
that is the reference you made
I'm well aware of word, no link, and a picture of a Chinese blast furnace.
It was a joke, one word joke, no more, no less.....not an attempt to start a Goatse fest.
I apologize, I'm sorry you didn't get it.

Beestie, let's take it to Meta.

skysidhe  Monday May 1 10:18 PM

Kagen4o4  Tuesday May 2 12:37 AM

you've been seeming a little edgey lately bruce. you havent got your period have you?

did you intentionally make the furnace look like a goatse picture? because that was the impression i got.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday May 2 04:57 AM

Wrong again.

Kagen4o4  Tuesday May 2 05:29 AM

damnit bruce! start making sense!

Happy Monkey  Tuesday May 2 08:10 AM

I thought it was pretty clear. The only edit was adding UT. The furnace looked goatsey all on it's own.

busterb  Tuesday May 2 08:46 AM

OK ya'll get off my friend Bruce's ass, or I promise I'll dig up a photo of every do-dad on this place and eat all the bandwidth.

Beestie  Tuesday May 2 10:48 AM

Originally Posted by Beestie
But, like I said, I could be wrong about all of this
Let the record show that I was wrong. In the follow up discussion here, Bruce set the record straight and I apologized for mischaracterizing his posts.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday May 2 04:44 PM

Thanks beestie, and thanks for alerting me that my posts were being misconstrued.

Buster, put down the camera and back away....were all friends here.

Kagen4o4  Tuesday May 2 07:01 PM

Originally Posted by Happy Monkey
I thought it was pretty clear. The only edit was adding UT. The furnace looked goatsey all on it's own.

but he just said that wasnt his intention

Happy Monkey  Tuesday May 2 07:44 PM

No, it wasn't his intention that any of the other photos evoke goatse. He also didn't edit the furnace pic to be more goatsey, he thought it looked goatsey already.

Kagen4o4  Tuesday May 2 09:43 PM

im...just...going to walk away now.

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