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   Undertoad  Friday Apr 14 12:57 PM

4/14/2006: Sheep advertising

Favored daily place Neatorama sets this one up for the easy choice, especially since they found it at other favored daily place We Make Money Not Art. A fine Friday image, but it does make me a little sad that... well, it comes to this. When everyplace else is coated with ads, the livestock can't get off free.

And it's reminiscent of the sheep poetry IotD which generated some fine discussion. I suppose I'd rather have the sheep make poetry than simple commerce. I suppose the sheep don't give a crap.

Why does buddy in the front there not get a sign though?

CharlieG  Friday Apr 14 01:32 PM

That's just Baaaaaaaaa-d

glatt  Friday Apr 14 01:38 PM

OK. So they are getting some exposure here on the Cellar and maybe elsewhere on the internet for now. But once this coverage dies down, how many people are really going to see these ads? It's got to cost at least $10 or so for each of those blankets. I bet it's even more. Are these blankets for sheep along the edge of a highway? You won't be able to see them as you speed by. Maybe for some sort of petting zoo? I just don't see how this advertising could be worth it.

And I don't like it. Too many ads out there already.

Pancake Man  Friday Apr 14 01:55 PM

They need to do this with some of those fainting sheep, so the advertising can be seen from the air!

capnhowdy  Friday Apr 14 03:24 PM

The one in the front is trying to get noticed harder than the others. Hell, he's STREAKING.

Now that's advertising.

richlevy  Friday Apr 14 05:26 PM

I guess it is true. Putting on some clothes is sexier than going naked.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Apr 14 07:49 PM

They look like they've just been shorn. I'd guess they will only wear them a little while.... keep them warm until they get adjusted to the crew-cut.

capnhowdy  Friday Apr 14 07:56 PM

I can't decide whether their mouthes look like a t-heinie or a cameltoe.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Apr 14 07:57 PM

Is that because they both arouse you?

sandra77  Saturday Apr 15 11:44 AM

Blankets can serve purpose on lambs besides keeping them warm. They also can keep most of the fleece clean which makes the fleece more valuable. They also can help to keep the meat in a meat lamb in better shape.

I am real sure that isn't the main reason these lamb are wearing blankets but it could be for a dual purpose.


wolf  Wednesday Apr 19 01:34 AM

Here in America, we do not dress our sheep (unless you count the little paper booties on the rack of lamb). There is a lot I do not understand about other cultures.

gen131  Friday Apr 21 12:53 PM

It almost makes them to cute and cudly to kill and eat.

well... almost.

ok. Maybe not.

Rack of lamb sounds good.

Lisascenic  Friday Apr 21 01:31 PM

Actually, it is pretty common to put jackets on sheep to keep dirt and plants out of the wool. This makes the wool more valuable for spinning, since less effort has to be made to clean the wool.

When sheep are shown at fairs, farmers often put "fancy" jackets on them and little hoods, which look to my eyes like the sheep belong to the the Ku Klux Klan.

For more info on sheep jackets, and a really funny photo of measuring your sheep:

The photo looks like the hotel ads are just tied on top of existing sheep jackets (which are lighter blue, and have cutesy ribbon trim).

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Apr 21 10:38 PM

Welcome to the Cellar Lisascenic.
If you get them black leather models with zippers and studs, you could retire the dog, 'cause they'd scare the crap out of the wolves.

seakdivers  Friday Apr 21 11:59 PM

Did you know that one of the original "uses" for the standard poodle was to shave/ carve advertisements into their fur?

dar512  Sunday Apr 23 02:01 PM

Originally Posted by seakdivers
Did you know that one of the original "uses" for the standard poodle was to shave/ carve advertisements into their fur?
Citation please.

seakdivers  Sunday Apr 23 02:27 PM

I'll have to borrow the book from my sister. There were some old black & white photos where they had a bunch of black standard poodles with ads shaved into their fur. I'll see if she still has it, and I will scan the pics in.

*** edit *****
You can find a reference to it here:

It says "Victorian merchants often had advertisements cut into the coat of a Poodle and hired someone to walk around with the dog. Sort of a living billboard."

Unfortunately there aren't any pictures.

milkfish  Tuesday Apr 25 07:10 AM

Some officials have gotten hot about the subject:

Dutch company baa-ttles local mayor over ads on sheep

A Dutch Internet hotel bookings company said yesterday it is doing its best to make the mayor of a small town look sheepish after he threatened a 50,000 ($70,441) fine if the company doesn't remove advertisements on livestock in his district.
I would think that if there is a law against putting up ads beside the freeways, then there really isn't total freedom of speech there and the hotel company will lose.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Apr 25 08:30 PM

Is the issue free speech or money talks?

Spexxvet  Wednesday Apr 26 07:30 PM

Originally Posted by wolf
Here in America, we do not dress our sheep (unless you count the little paper booties on the rack of lamb). There is a lot I do not understand about other cultures.
I always dress my sheep, take her out for a nice dinner, maybe a show, then back to the boudoir.

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