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   Undertoad  Monday Mar 20 01:33 PM

3/20/2006: Penis art [NSFW]

Artist Cees Krijnen has collaborated with with Freundenthal/Verhagen, Jason Wallis-Johnson and Oscar Süleyman to create this striking image which is both fantasy based and humorous. The work injects the penile imagery and literally sugar coats it in order for it to compliment its surroundings. This piece tackles the issues of virility and fantasy in a naive manner.
So says style/trendspotter blog The Cool Hunter. I for one couldn't use the phrase "injects the penile imagery" and get away with it; it takes that level of cool. Anyway, it's an interesting work, whether you examine it seriously... or just like thinking about some chick on a beach leapfrogging over increasingly firm units.

Elspode  Monday Mar 20 02:00 PM

I wonder how long before some European art critic calls this sculpture a "whimsical erection"?

Karenv  Monday Mar 20 02:30 PM

Interesting hurdles to jump!

Highriskgeo  Monday Mar 20 03:13 PM

So imagine you and the family enjoying a nice day at the beach....and you yelling at the children to be careful and stop standing on the head

barefoot serpent  Monday Mar 20 03:35 PM

Ceci n'est pas une penis.

Cyclefrance  Monday Mar 20 04:15 PM

Testy colour

Promenea  Monday Mar 20 05:12 PM

It would be better if the woman was part of the artwork.

Kagen4o4  Monday Mar 20 05:51 PM

i can see her "accidently" not making it over the last one and landing on it.

capnhowdy  Monday Mar 20 06:43 PM

"'s's twoo........"

Kagen4o4  Monday Mar 20 06:47 PM

at least i know now that there must be more guys out there like me with blue peni' with pictures of clouds on them

SteveDallas  Monday Mar 20 07:23 PM

The phalluseses would be an interesting art installation by themselves, but the leapfrogging woman just makes the photo.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Mar 20 08:29 PM

Pick up a six-pack for the weekend.
It's not just a "Guy" thing, anymore.

Elspode  Monday Mar 20 11:28 PM

Bruce...did you notice that it is entitled "Cock Blok"?

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Mar 21 04:31 AM

Yes. I wondered if they were alluding to a block of or for blocking?

Trilby  Tuesday Mar 21 08:02 AM

i am pretty sure that, so far, only MEN have responded to this heady thread (my sincere apologies if one of you is a woman. I doubt it, though)

I saw this 11 minutes after UT posted it yesterday and I was so traumatized I had to log-off and watch cartoons for the rest of the day.

SteveDallas  Tuesday Mar 21 09:13 AM

Really? What cartoons do you like?

Trilby  Tuesday Mar 21 09:48 AM

Originally Posted by SteveDallas
Really? What cartoons do you like?
I've Rocco's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Johnny Bravo, Harvey Birdman-Attorney at Law, Space Ghost, Duckman, and Mel Blanc's Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck.

magilla  Tuesday Mar 21 09:56 AM

That's not art. It's just a freud.


Kagen4o4  Tuesday Mar 21 05:35 PM

ive never seen such a small penis!!

im going off to cry now...

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Mar 21 06:52 PM

Oh really?

Undertoad  Tuesday Mar 21 07:03 PM

I SO did not to see that (and I've marked the thread NSFW)

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Mar 21 07:34 PM

Sorry about that. When I tried to edit so I could add a NSFW title, it wouldn't let me add a title in the edit.
Of course I should have thought of it first time around but it's really not big enough to offend.

jojo  Tuesday Mar 21 07:53 PM

HOLY SH_T!! let this be a lesson to all of us who decide to check in at work!!! (my co-workers couldn't figure out what happened to me! )
of course, now i think it's hilarious that i opened it at work

Elspode  Wednesday Mar 22 01:53 AM

Originally Posted by Brianna
I saw this 11 minutes after UT posted it yesterday and I was so traumatized I had to log-off and watch cartoons for the rest of the day.
Good lord, woman...what do you do when you see a *real* pale blue penis with clouds painted on it?

barefoot serpent  Wednesday Mar 22 10:33 AM

Hopefully no one will think those will make a good drinking fountain.

LabRat  Wednesday Mar 22 12:20 PM

Re: #20

I've heard of micro-penii, is this an example? (seriously...) I am at work and can't google it !

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Mar 22 02:14 PM

This one really made me laugh. It immediatly brought back a memory of a hiking trip in northern New Mexico. Hot and tired we disrobed and dived into a mountian lake at about 11,000 ft. elevation. While the air had warmed up by early July the water hadn't. Think I probably resembled this guy when I got out!

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Mar 22 02:18 PM

Just checked out the artists website, he's got some real talent! Here is one called "Golden Garden Sprinkler
Gold-plated lawn sprinkler set with diamond, 2003"

BrianR  Wednesday Mar 22 09:57 PM

It is apparantly safe enough for MY workplace. The waitress happened to be looking over my shoulder and saw the lil fella. Laughed so hard everyone else HAD to see it too.

Even the little old lady at the next table had a good belly laugh.


samothy  Friday Mar 24 12:17 PM

I guess some people are showers, and some people are growers! Haha

wolf  Friday Mar 24 02:20 PM

A truckload of Miracle-Gro and daily prayers to the gods of agriculture wouldn't make that baby any bigger. Trust me. The owner/operator has already tried that.

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