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   Undertoad  Monday Feb 13 11:35 AM

2/13/2006: Splashing molten metal as folk art

I wish this shot were larger. It would be much cooler-looking if it were about twice this size. But the most amazing thing is what the guy is doing: he's splashing molten iron into the air.

He's only wearing a wet sheepskin coat to protect himself, too. It turns out this is a folk art called "Dashuhua", and it's performed here to celebrate a lantern festival.

moonspider666  Monday Feb 13 11:50 AM

ppl do strange things

glatt  Monday Feb 13 12:18 PM

Cool picture.

I wonder where you get a bucket of molten iron? I assume the festival is not held inside a steel mill.

SeanAhern  Monday Feb 13 12:43 PM

Originally Posted by glatt
I wonder where you get a bucket of molten iron?
The microwave ovens around my office would probably suffice. At least, it feels like I'm drinking molten iron when I use them to heat my coffee, soup, etc...

Trilby  Monday Feb 13 01:17 PM

The steelworkers are NOT gonna like this.

glatt  Monday Feb 13 01:55 PM

Xinhua - English Version has a little more information and a small slide show:

A man performs Dashuhua, a traditional folk art with a history of some 300 years to celebrate the Lantern Festival, in Yuxian, a county in east China's Hebei Province, on Feb. 11, 2006. The performer wearing a sheepskin coat and a wet terai scoops out molten iron with a special wooden spoon and slosh it on the rampart, splashing colorful sparkles.

Trilby  Monday Feb 13 02:00 PM

Oh! This is China! No OSHA worries, then! Carry on!

(the lantern festival bit really should have tipped me off, but it didn't.)

capnhowdy  Monday Feb 13 06:02 PM

hmmmm.... 'art' these days.......

Wombat  Monday Feb 13 06:24 PM

hmmmm.... 'art' these days.......
a traditional folk art with a history of some 300 years

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Feb 13 07:35 PM


Aliantha  Monday Feb 13 07:49 PM

I don't think workplace health and safety would allow that here...

smillie  Monday Feb 13 08:24 PM

You can get a very similar effect by throwing a snowball into a pot of molten metal. The steam explosion can empty the pot. One guy put an ingot of aluminum into a pot without properly warming it. When it got hot enough to turn the moisture inside the ingot to steam, we got an aluminum coated ceiling plus aluminum rain. Only the guy loading the pot was nearby and his burns luckly turned out to be minor. The metal went mostly up instead of at him. He got a few pieces of rain on his head which gave him some unusual bald scars.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Feb 15 07:20 PM

Lead too.
Found another WaPo picture.

zippyt  Friday Feb 17 08:28 PM

You can get a very similar effect by throwing a snowball into a pot of molten metal. The steam explosion can empty the pot

I do Lots of work at a few steel mills in this area , I can atest to Aluminum poping with moisture , and I have see some one throw a full can of WD40 in to a slag trough ,
big boom !!!
But the All time best I have see was a LARGE slag pot dumped in the winter at nite , oh did I for get to mention that the operators had put a full gallon jug of water in the hole where the moltent slag was dumped , follow me here , cold ground , moltent slag and a jug of water , the slag covers the water that super heats and the steam has no where to go untill the slag gives way from the pressure , I was about 1/2 mile away and had to duck flying stuff , HELL of a lite show and a BIG BOOM !!!

wolf  Saturday Feb 18 01:42 AM

OSHA would be appalled. But it does sound cool. From far away.

zippyt  Saturday Feb 18 02:43 AM

I will try and get pics of them dumping slag Minus the water jugs ( Yes the saftey dept made them quit ), after one nite , one cold and snowy nite when I55( the MAIN N-S coridore ) was shut down because of snow and ice , they dumped a bucket of slag ( with a jug of water under it ) , Yes it was a big resounding BOOM !!!( I was there ) So big infact that the rescue squad ( from town) came running because they thought that with THAT big a BOOM some one was SHURELY Fucked up , after the 5th fire truck left it was desided that THAT Would NEVER Happen again .
But DAMN !!!!!! You should have seen the light show at nite in the winter !!!!!!

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