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March 3rd, 2015: Woodpecker in Flight

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   xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Mar 3 02:45 AM

March 3rd, 2015: Woodpecker in Flight

Woodpecker in flight, an afternoon delight...
This isn't the best picture of a Woodpecker in flight, but probably the most unique because the Woodpecker is wearing fur.

Maybe not wearing fur exactly, more like carrying fur... with a weasel in it.
A guy named Martin Le-May took the picture and a Jason Ward put it on twitter.

From the tweet, embedded below, it appears the weasel was probably trying to eat the woodpecker, but that's only one interpretation. None of us were there, after all. The weasel and woodpecker could be great friends (children's book authors, you are welcome) and this could be just one of their many amazing journeys, all part of one Neverending Story.
They could be bros, maybe be even kinky lovers, who's to say for sure.
But knowing a little about weasels, I'm in the weasel riding his lunch camp.

glatt  Tuesday Mar 3 08:22 AM

That's incredible. I love it so much that cameras are so ubiquitous now that stuff like this is actually getting captured.

And I understand that the part of the brain devoted to vision is huge for birds and the other parts are pretty small. Maybe that's why Woody doesn't just fly upside down for a few moments. Bird brain didn't think of it.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Mar 3 02:28 PM

Ah ha, here we have proof Mr Woodpecker and Mr Weasel, were not bros on an adventure.
Mr Weasel is undeniably an agent and minion of the evil Putin.

I'm glad to hear Mr Woodpecker escaped, but I worry Mr Weasel will end up in a Siberian Gulag for his failure.

lumberjim  Tuesday Mar 3 02:56 PM

Gravdigr  Tuesday Mar 3 05:40 PM

What Jim said.

Attachment 50519

Weasels-on-a-woodpecker!! is my new exclamatory phrase of choice.

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